My Seven Favorite Meyer Lemon Recipes!

My Seven Favorite Meyer Lemon Recipes One of my favorite times of year is when the Meyer Lemons start coming into season and I've begun to see them in my area supermarkets again so that means its time to getting cooking with Meyer Lemons!   Meyer Lemons made their first appearance in the United States in 1908 when Frank Meyer introduced this … [Read more...]

Peach Pecan Pound Cake

We have been so lucky this past week enjoying near perfect weather this week, although I don't think anyone would mind if the rain slowed up a bit.  Normal for this time of year since June is 8 inches and we've had about 28 inches this season already!  But this week has been glorious!   No humidity and temps dropping into the 6o's at night, just … [Read more...]

Apple Butter Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Buns

One of the great joys of life has got to be sticky buns warm from the oven!  Especially since they tease you as they bake, with that delicious aroma making its way through out the house.....sigh.   Life is good!  And someday's it gets even better! Last month I attended the Big Summer Potluck and one of the sponsors was Musselmans , and one of … [Read more...]

Pull Apart Rolls with An Italian Cooking in the Midwest

What a week it's been,  I haven't really gotten much done, but I certainly have caught up on my sleep and my back feels so much better without the strain of standing on those tile floors all week (not to mention lifting everything  that comes in).  Sometimes it's really nice to do nothing and I think the Italians say it best with their phrase, Il … [Read more...]

Orange Cinnamon Vanilla Twisted Sister Pastry ………… with fat pig in the market

It's finally Easter break.....sigh, I think I needed this break more than I have in quite some time!  The only disheartening thing about our Easter Break is that when we come back we don't have another extra day off until Memorial Day!   I know what you're thinking, when I was in the private sector, I had holidays like most normal workers,  but let … [Read more...]

Blueberry Oat Banana Bread with Pecans

Why is it no matter how many banana's you buy, you always have a few left over that just aren't appealing? I think that everyone really enjoys a good banana, and unfortunately that window of opportunity for that really good banana is only two days tops.....when you get down to it, it's really only a day, but there's there is always an acceptable … [Read more...]

No Knead Artisan Bread

Just when I thought I had made it to my break and I could rest, the unexpected happened.  Lisa and I are fortunate to have two of the sweetest dogs ever put on this earth, both Bernese Mountain Dogs.  Lucy we had since a puppy, and she has never know a day of pain or suffering, but our big guy Beau was a rescue, saved by Barc (Bernese Auction … [Read more...]

Berry Citrus Bread with Eat. Drink. Love.

It's hard to believe that I've been blogging for over two years,  my blogoversary is technically back in November, that's when More Than A Mount Full went live.   Well, Live might not be accurate, lets say it was up and running, because I don't think there was much life in it....sigh    It was just there, ugly as sin, almost no pictures and the … [Read more...]

Aalu Methi Naan with Sunshine and Smile

It seems as though the weather has taken a turn for the worse in my neck of the woods, its been raining all day, as the winds gust and the chill sets in.   I know my friends in Colorado saw quite a bit of snow already, but folks here in New Jersey it's just too soon!   This is our time to enjoy hot chocolate and drive through the country side … [Read more...]

Potica with Cooking Healthy For Me

This week more than ever you get that feeling of fall, the nights are brisk and houses are decorated with mums, pumpkins and corn stalks.  It's  the time of year for quiet walks along the lake, holding hands and remembering how much we have to be thankful for.  It's the time of year to share happy moments with friends and family over pumpkin cake … [Read more...]

Pan Dulce { Brioche dough part 2 }

Spending the early part of my childhood in Texas one of my fondest memories was of Pan Dulce, and if anything could transport me magically through time it would be those sweet rolls.   My grandmother would often have them on hand or send me to Alejandro's on the corner,  and if I was lucky he would still have a few left....sigh   It's been years … [Read more...]

It’s Guest Post Friday with In Katrina’s Kitchen

It's been a busy week for Chef Dennis but then again it is that time of year.  While the month of May signals the close of the school year is near,  it also means that the busiest catering month of the year is upon us, and that means that my culinary team gets a chance to show what they've learned through out the year.  I promise to have more on … [Read more...]

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