Quick and Easy Skillet Paella Recipe

Skillet Paella Recipe- Deliciousness doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. It should just be deliciousness! And while my quick and easy skillet paella recipe requires a little bit of prep, it will still take less time than you think to have this restaurant style dish on your table at a fraction of the cost of eating out. I was … [Read more...]

Pork Fried Rice and Chinese Barbecued Pork

For years I made Fried Rice and it never came out quite right.  Then I decided to do some research and found out why my fried rice had been suffering...sigh. The answer was simple.  First of all I was using the wrong kind of rice.  My beloved Uncle Ben's just wasn't cutting it, I needed to use Jasmine Rice. My other discovery was … [Read more...]

How to Make Pan Seared Scallops with a Summer Corn Medley – Around the Kitchen Table

It's officially summertime and that means eating lighter.  But that doesn't have to mean eating less delicious meals, on the contrary with all the fresh produce in the markets there's an abundance of flavors availble for you to share with your family and friends. So' don't be afraid to experiment and blend ingredients together. It's no … [Read more...]

How to make Root Vegetable Paella – Around the Kitchen Table

A few weeks ago I made my version of a Tex-Mex Jambalaya on Around the Kitchen Table and during the show the question came up about Vegetarian Options for the dish and I mentioned a Root Vegetable Paella.   I had never made this version of Paella and although I strayed considerably from the Classical Interpretation of this dish it proved to be … [Read more...]

How to Make Tex Mex Jambalaya

How to Make Tex Mex Jambalaya Living in Florida has certainly enhanced our menu options with the wide variety of Regional and Southern cooking available.  When I shop I find different cuts of meat, tropical produce and a wealth of Latin ingredients to spice up my dishes! We still enjoy going out to dinner and experimenting with new restaurants … [Read more...]

Portobello Mushroom, Zucchini and Sage Risotto with Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

Some weeks I just don't know where the times goes...sigh   I guess in a way it's a good thing, because that means were a week closer to better weather and summer break is only 3 short months away! But it is the end of the week and that means its Guest Post Friday!  Today my friends, its my pleasure to introduce another of my friends from the G+ … [Read more...]

The Collingswood Farmer’s Market is Open!

If I could pick a week of my life to sleep through without question it would have to be last week.  It's no secret that Mr. Murphy has been my constant companion this year, but last week he brought in relatives to help wreck havoc!  It wasn't bad enough that it was the busiest week of the year for me,  he had to throw in a few more zingers just for … [Read more...]

Turkey Milanese, Cranberries with Two Sides of Romanesco and Ask Chef Dennis

While shopping last week a few weeks ago I happened to see a strange looking Broccoli.....hmm, it had a pointed top.   While standing in front of the display, smart phone in hand googling Romanesco, unnoticed one of Wegman's produce employees had come up along side of me.   As he spoke there was no need guessing what part of the world he came from, … [Read more...]

Pan Seared Scallops with a Summer Corn Medley

I guess at this point it's safe to say we survived Hurricane Irene!  I didn't want to commit too early, since high winds were still expected.   Let's just say that so far, so good.  We seem to have come out of this storm in much better shape than a lot of our neighbors to the south and to the east.   We did receive 8 more inches of rain from the … [Read more...]

Chicken Teriyaki and Ask Chef Dennis

I have gotten a few emails lately asking if dinner at my house is always an event.  Well I hate to disappoint everyone but it certainly isn't, but I do try to have one really special dinner a week. We have also been trying to eat more seafood, which can be difficult with prices of seafood as high as they are.  We do eat Clams and Linguine once a … [Read more...]

Paella, Because I’m Just Mad About Saffron!

I remember the first time I had Paella it was on a school trip to New York, so long ago that it is just a faded memory.  Spanish class had taken a field trip and lunch was at a Spanish restaurant where we sampled Paella.  Through the years I had Paella when ever I found it on a menu, but it wasn't until a trip to Nice that I really learned to … [Read more...]

Corvina Vera Cruz

In my quest to eat more fish this year, I have been working my way through the different types of fresh fish at my Wegman's.  This week as I approached the counter, the fish monger was busy cleaning a fish I had never seen , I asked him what it was and he replied Corvina.  Now that told me absolutely nothing, I had never heard of it so I had no … [Read more...]

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