My Ricotta Cheesecake…. A Red, White and Blue Dessert!

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about a Ricotta Cheesecake, I originally planned on using cherries for my topping, but my wife ate them before I had a chance to make it…..don’t get me wrong she didn’t eat them all in one sitting, it was over 3 or 4 days, but of course I didn’t notice until I was ready to make the cake.
But the good news is I made the Pomegranate Mousse Cake instead!! Which was a very good thing!
So I bought more cherries, but I also bought strawberries and blueberries, and while I was pitting  the cherries for the cake (eating more of them then I should), I decided on strawberries an blueberries instead!
This would be my fourth of July dessert!  How cute!!
So as I  looked for a recipe that included ricotta and marscapone,I wasn’t happy.  I really couldn’t find anything in any of my cookbooks that sounded good to me.  But I had a pretty good idea of what should go into the cake.  So I figured I would just wing it.  I knew I wanted it to be creamy but also had to have that ricotta base, so I added a little of this a little of that and my new love Greek Yogurt!
I wanted the crust to be a little different, and as luck would have it,  I found digestive biscuits and pistachio’s in my pantry…..perfect!!  If your not familiar with digestive biscuits I like to think of them as Adult Graham Crackers!
So here is my version of an Italian Ricotta Cheesecake, and I do hope you enjoy it!!
Ricotta Cheesecake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 12
Crust for Cheesecake
  • 12 Digestive Biscuits or one pack of Graham Crackers
  • ½ cup Roasted Pistachio's
  • 1 stick of Unsalted Butter (melted)
  • ¼ cup of Sugar
  • Ricotta Cream
  • 16 oz Ricotta Cheese
  • 16 oz Mascarpone
  • 8 oz Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 6 Large Eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons Flour
  • grated peel of one Lemon
  • Juice from one Half Lemon
  • 1 Tablespoon Pure Vanilla
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
Topping for Cheesecake
  • Topping for Cheesecake
  • one pint of fresh Strawberries whole
  • ½ Pint of Fresh Blueberries
  • 1 cup of Red Fruit Juice
  • Juice of one Lemon
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1½ Tablespoon of Corn Starch
Crust for Cheesecake
  1. In a food processor, grind up the pistachio's and then the digestive biscuits to fine meal.
  2. Melt one stick of Butter and add the butter and sugar to the ground pistachio's and digestive biscuits, mix well
  3. The mixture should be wet enough to form, but not so wet that it oozes butter.
  4. Form crust into your spring form pan and bake at 375 degrees for about 7 minutes. Let cool.
Ricotta Cream
  1. In your mixer blend together the Ricotta Cheese, Mascarpone, and Greek Yogurt, blend until smooth.
  2. Add eggs one at a time until well blended.
  3. Add sugar, Flour, salt, grated lemon peel, lemon juice, and vanilla.
  4. Blend well until very creamy. Pour Mixture into prepared Spring form pan and Bake at 375 degrees for 50-60 minutes in a conventional oven or until the cake has set in the middle.. The top of the cheesecake can get brown, if you are not topping it or prefer a lighter top, cover with foil for half of the time in the oven.
  1. Wash Strawberries and Blueberries and dry well.
  2. Cut the tops off the dried Strawberries and place around the outside of the Cheesecake, fill inside with the blueberries, they should be two deep in the middle of the Strawberries.
  3. Place all but ¼ cup of the juice and lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan, heat to near boil. Mix corn starch, into remaining juice and make into a slurry, add to the heated juice and bring to a low boil. Your mixture should start to clear as it thickens, remove from heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes then spoon over your berries.
  4. Refrigerate cake for at least 4 hours or overnight. Cheesecake will be soft and crumble unless you give it time to set up! I know it's hard to resist but it will be worth it!!


  1. the constant hunger says:

    Wow! I went through a period a few years ago when I was eating cheesecake on a daily basis. Then I got sick of it. I think I am ready to start eating it every day. This looks beautiful.

  2. Allie and Pattie says:

    Dennis, my father thinks ALL cheesecake should be made with ricotta! 🙂 I make this often and the family loves it. I've used cocnut macaroons for the crust too and gotten raves- Have a wonderful 4th!!!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    Umm…looks scrumptious and so perfect for 4th of july!Gorgeous clicks!

  4. Since last year I didn't like ricotta very much, but now I love it…even if love it I never baked a ricotta cheesecake!!
    I like the fact that you used lemon here, if possible I will put lemon everywhere, I'm not used to vanilla, in sardinia we don't use it a lot and when I make a vanilla cake or a vanilla based sweet I always miss something…
    By the way I like very much your style so happy and fresh and clever…and thanks for your kind comment… ^_^

  5. oneordinaryday says:

    Stunning dessert and perfectly suited to the 4th of July.

  6. That is a gorgeous cheesecake!!

  7. Michael Toa says:

    the cheesecake looks absolutely scrumptious. Have a great day. Michael

  8. What a delicious-looking cheesecake! I looove berries with the tang of cheesecake. 🙂

  9. Chow and Chatter says:

    wow looks awesome hope you had a great 4th of July weekend

  10. Angie's Recipes says:

    GOSH Chef D, your ricotta cheesecake looks scrumptious! The combination of berries and cheese is fantastic! So is your photography.

  11. Leslie Uhl says:

    Dennis, your cheesecake looks so delicious I wish I could eat it right off the page!
    Anton doesn't normally like cheesecake but I would bet with the ricotta, even he would love it. I know the kids would!
    Hope you and your wife had a wonderful Fourth of July!

  12. The Mom Chef says:

    Oh my….I LOVE the idea of pistachios in the crust. I'll bet that added a wonderful flavor. The cheesecake it gorgeous (and my favorite dessert).

  13. WOW! Looks soooooo amazingly scrumdeli-icious.

  14. Neo-Homesteading says:

    This recipe reminds me of a crustless farmers cheesecake I make, your topping really kicks it up though! Truly a beautiful cheesecake.

  15. JillyAn says:

    That is inspired…..and inspiring! What a beautiful holiday dessert. I love pistachios so I never mind seeing them tossed into the crust.

  16. Chef Dennis…great cheesecake and you have managed to make me salivate over the keyboard ! looks so good and you have convinced me to make this soon. Beautiful color…Happy 4th of July ! An thanks for sharing this great cake 🙂

  17. Catherine says:

    You have such a wonderful site!
    This cheesecake looks incredible! I love ricotta cheesecake.

  18. Brings back memories… my grandmother made a wonderful ricotta cheesecake, although I have to admit this one puts hers to shame. Those berries looks wonderful.

  19. Beautiful!

  20. says:

    very pretty Dennis! And I love the digetives idea…I recently made a crust with lady fingers, which was also excellent!

  21. Boabe de Cafea says:

    I just love cheesecakes and also berries! I bet it had a great success.

  22. Sushma Mallya says:

    lovely & delicious cheese cake..

  23. anniebakes says:

    That is truly beautiful!!


  24. A perfect 4th of July dessert!! this is so heavenly!!

  25. A multi-dimensional life says:

    I'm so glad I stopped back by to see your Independence Day Contribution! What a beautiful cake…and I love the combo of cheeses! The crust also looks and sounds wonderful!
    I'm sure you enjoyed it!

  26. Rosemary says:

    I thought I had cheesecake pretty down pat, but you've made me change my mind today! What a wonderful mix of cheeses! And to put pistachios in the crust is a wonderful idea!! And a great picture–beautiful!

  27. Gorgeous! I love the fruit combination and the idea of using ricotta for a cheesecake. Beautiful photos too!

  28. Becky Sue says:

    This looks amazing! I have made Ricotta Chesecake cupcakes before! I need to give this whirl as well! 🙂

  29. Cook with Madin says:

    What a gorgeous cheesecake, and ricotta cheese is the way to go.
    Great photos too, it's just like right in front of me and make me want to reach for a slice.

    Greek Yogurt is my new love too.

  30. Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul says:

    One word. OMG!

    Where's my fork!!??


  31. I hope you had great 4th of July!
    The cheesecake looks so amazing. It really keeps the mood of celebrating going!

  32. I love mascarpone, ricotta, and greek yogurt so you can imagine how insanely delicious I think this looks and sounds!

  33. Denis,
    You and I think alike! I made cheese cake (for the first time) this weekend and topped mine with fresh berries as well. Such a pretty and rich dessert for the fourth. I hope you have a wonderful week full of joy and blessings. Hugs!

  34. ~~louise~~ says:

    I never saw a cheesecake like that on the Golden Girls. Heavenly, simply heavenly…

    I adore the combination of ricotta, marscapone and Greek yogurt. And that crust, oh goodness. I'm not much of a baker but I'm pretty good at whirling that blender of mine. A keeper for sure!!!

    Thanks for sharing…

  35. Oh my! What a wonderful-looking dessert!


  36. What a beautiful dessert! Cherries and strawberries don't last long around here…one or the other of us is always dipping into them!

  37. Candace says:

    What a beautiful dessert! Looks delicious!

  38. Ana Powell says:

    Oh my God, you are the perfect master.
    I am crawling at your feet, awesome cheesecake.
    Lovely clicks ♥

  39. Cristina - Teenie Cakes says:

    Chef – This ricotta cheesecake looks luscious and just gorgeous color with all those lovely berries. I like the use of pistachios in your crust – sounds wonderful (I'm attempting a cobbler this afternoon that calls for pistachios too!)

    I'm going to be thinking about this all day. I need to make a cheesecake like this. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  40. Your topping looks so wonderful. It is perfect for a cheesecake. Great recipe.

  41. Very patriotic, i like it! Good call on the strawberries and blueberries, sound great with the cheesecake!

  42. Yum Dennis, I could eat half that thing right now! Seriously, I could…
    Hey, I love your new place for taking photos by the way. The lighting is beautiful and so is the background. It's funny how a pretty place with proper lighting can just make all of the difference! Though I'm sure your skills came in handy too (smile).

  43. A Thought For Food says:


    I'm having a tough time reading your blog because you make all of my favorite foods. I go absolutely crazy for cheesecake! This looks incredibly decadent. Another beautiful post!

  44. Foodessa says:

    My Hubby will be very pleased to see that this absolutely stunning cheesecake has his favourite soft cheese of Ricotta.

    You did an amazing creation with this great recipe ;o) I'm bookmarking this one for sure.

    Flavourful wishes,

  45. Pacheco Patty says:

    WOW! (:-0) What a beautiful berry topped cheesecake, love the greek yogurt and pretty much everything you put it to this wonderful dessert, yummy!

  46. This looks wonderful and since we are still in cherry pie overload here I think cheesecake will be a yummy substitute! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Oh wow this is amazing! I've never tasted ricotta cheesecake before, and sadly I probably never will (can't have much dairy) but I'm sure it tastes as divine as it looks. The fruits are perfect for the whole 4th of July celebration!

  48. I'll trade you a s'more stuffed brownie for a big (I mean HUGE) piece of this delicious looking cheesecake! YUM!

  49. Umm Mymoonah says:

    Wow! A very tempting cheesecake

  50. Amy Ricks says:

    Thanks very much for visiting me over at Kitchen Centsability! Thought, I would jump over and say "hello" to you as well. WOW! Glad I did (though I'm sure my waistline will not be). A simply decadent looking Ricotta Cheesecake you have on display! I will absolutely be make it very soon.

  51. Lazaro Cooks! says:


    Wonderful job my friend. Not only is the recipe great, but the photos are amazing.

    Be well

  52. Marcellina says:

    This looks amazingly delicious!!! I love the combination of flavours!

  53. Just Food Snobs says:

    The colors and the texture of your ricotta cheesecake are beautiful! I love the glaze on the fruit topping, beautiful recipe and love the digestive bisquits!

  54. lollcakes says:

    I love baked cheesecakes, this looks amazing Dennis!

  55. Torviewtoronto says:

    A colourful cheesecake looks delicious

  56. simply the best sounding cheesecake I have ever read or looked at…am sure gonna make this one…now, I seem to be the only one who needs an explanation of the red fruit juice, what kind?

  57. Recipe for Delicious says:

    Thanks YOU Dennis, for the recipe. This one looks awesome too. I too have recently fallen head over heels for Greek yogurt. Check out my panna cotta with Greek yogurt!

  58. Mhmmm, this looks delish, Dennis! I bought some ricotta the other day and have been wondering what I should do with it. Maybe I'll take a leaf outta your book!

    Hope you had a lovely 4th 😉

    Jax x

  59. That cake looks gorgeous! I love ricotta based cheese cakes. Can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Wow! how can I not discover your blog before?? Your recipes are exactly what I always crave to try and of-course eat 🙂
    But let me thank you for discovering me and also thanx a lot for your wonderful comments! That means a lot to me.
    Keep up the good work and keep pulling people like me towards your wonderful space!

  61. Made2Order says:

    haha I love how you just decided to "wing it". I do it all the time when it comes to baking, but i'm not as fortunate at times with the results haha. I've been a line cook for so long that we hardly ever measure as cooks. Bad habit, but not uncommon. I am attending the french pastry school soon in chicago, and hopefully i'll be able to wing out desserts when i graduate ha!

  62. Cookie Sleuth says:

    This looks really delicious! Thanks for the info on Sopressata last week.

  63. penny aka jeroxie says:

    So very moist and juicy from the fruits!

  64. rebecca says:

    I must say, I'm salivating!

    I'm sure it must taste as unbelievably good as it looks.

  65. Magic of Spice says:

    Dennis, this is fantastic…A perfect and delightful dessert. Great photo as well!

  66. baking.serendipity says:

    Sounds delicious! I've never tried ricotta in a cheesecake, but really want to now. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  67. Jess @ Bakericious says:

    the cheesecake looks so good especially with the fruits, give me a slice pls P

  68. theUngourmet says:

    Beautiful! I love the combination of berries in this. It's just perfect for the 4th!

  69. kaztronomic says:

    That looks AMAZING. Times like these make me really wish I could eat dairy! 😀

  70. Tickled Red says:

    Giggle…great minds think a like darlin' 🙂 Your cheesecakes looks amazingly delicious. I love the idea of pistachios in the crust. I have a few ricotta recipes if you ever wanna talk cheesecake.

  71. This looks absolutely luscious, Dennis. I haven't made a ricotta cheesecake in years and I think I better correct that mistake. This is a delicious way to use the wonderful berries that are in the market right now.

  72. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I recently made a ricotta cheesecake also (–%20Ricotta) and used almonds with homemade graham crackers for the crust. At first bite, I was disappointed since I prefer NY style firm cheesecakes. This was light and airy. But the cheesecake grew on me and I really liked it. However, I find that if you wait for the center to set, it's overbaked. You have to take a cheesecake out of the oven when just the edges are set to get the right texture. I'm just sayin'.

  73. Lea Ann says:

    Beautiful dessert. I love cherries so much I could eat them in one setting! Isn't Greek Yogurt just the best? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to your posts.

  74. My mouth is watering so bad! This looks so delicious and just perfect for the occassion! I actually prefer using Ricotta for a cheese filling, it is not as sweet for my taste buds.I have been scrolling down looking at some of your other recipes and can't wait to get a few started in my kitchen. So happy you stopped by and introduced yourself!!

  75. Lauren @ Delicateflavors says:

    Pistachio for the crust, what a great idea! I have never used ricotta in my cheesecake, it is on my grocery list today. 🙂

  76. T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love patriotic desserts, and this is worthy of a star spangled celebration!

  77. No surprise that this is one of Today's Top 9, Dennis! What a gorgeous photo of an amazing-sounding cheesecake. Congratulations on making the Top 9! 8)

  78. Lori Lynn says:

    Love love love your patriotic cake!
    Congrats on Top 9!

  79. Your cheesecake looks wonderful!


  80. What a lovely pie…perfect for 4th of July! Hope you had a great 4th.

  81. I love ricotta cheesecake. Greek yogurt sounds like the perfect addition. Your photos are gorgeous!

  82. Mmm Dennis I could go for a HUGE slice of this cheesecake right now! And from the looks of it, a ton of other people can also. GREAT creation. It's awesome that you winged it! I wish I had more people to feed, then I could make huge cheesecakes like this also!

  83. Diana's Cocina says:

    Dennis now you have me thinking about Ricotta Cheesecake. What a beautiful dessert.

  84. Jenn Erickson says:

    Dennis, the cheesecake looks wonderful. I, too, am a new convert to Greek Yogurt and was thrilled to see that it played a part in this recipe. Love the use of the rich mascarpone and the digestive biscuits. I can see why your wife was such a witting accomplice in this cheesecake's disappearance!

  85. Barbara says:

    What a lovely cheesecake for the
    4th! Or anytime! I like the idea for your crust and also the yogurt in the filling. Really looks delicious!

  86. Dennis, this a a super gorgeous cheese cake. The first cheese cake I learned to prepare was made with ricotta cheese. I love less sweet desserts, so I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Your recipe sounds delicious and your cake looks wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  87. OMG! Dennis I really love ricotta cheescake and find this is absolutely georgeous, absolutely!

    I love ricotta, now I mak my own ricotta recipe and is really nice.

    Thanks by stopping by at my blog, love yours! gloria

  88. Normally a Mix ricotta and yoogurt is absolutely nice for these recipes, love your recipe!!

  89. Jun Belen says:

    Oh my, I'm so glad I found your blog. Those berries are absolutely beautiful. Great post and lovely blog you have!

  90. Cooking with Kait says:

    I love your patriotic cheesecake. Ricotta is such a wonderful filling.

  91. Morellocherry says:

    The best looking cheesecake ive seen in a while! yuuuum! lol.

  92. Just when I think you can't top your pomegranate cake and tiramisu desserts, you create this stunning cheesecake! Wow, wow, wow! I've never heard of digestive crackers before, very interesting. Wonderful job on a gorgeous recipe and stunning photos!

  93. I love ricotta. awesome cheescake and happy belated 4th of july to you!


    Oh my goodness! Another gorgeous dessert. I love the addition of yogurt to the cheese cake. I can just imagine how it softens the texture and tartens (is that a word?) the flavors! Brilliant idea!

    Never heard of digestive crackers, but I'll look around for them!

  95. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your blog is gorgeous, I'm going to follow it from now on.
    This recipe cheesecake with ricotta sounds especially appealing for the long summer.

  96. Liv Wan says:

    Ohh…Dennis your cheese cake just looks so so so tasty. I must give it a try some time. I probably have to run to supermarket buy the ingredients now.

  97. This looks brilliant. You call it a cheesecake and I'm in!

  98. Thank you for the nice comment on my tart noir – this looks incredible. I too have seen so many recipes with ricotta, but need to use it in a cheesecake rather than lasagna. Bravo!

  99. Oh my gosh….to die for.

  100. Mouthwatering!

  101. Wow! What a beautiful dessert…and patriotic too. I do the same thing – I spend some time thinking about a dessert before I jump in and try it. I'm so glad you took the leap with this one! Marly

  102. My husband and I fight over cheesecake. Usually we share a slice and I head straight to the back for the crust. That's the best part and unfortunately he agrees.

    I gave you a Sunshine Award today. Details on my latest post. Thanks for your support!

  103. I am in love…can i bring you home?? LOL! I guess it's time for me tot ry a cheesecake w/ ricotta..

  104. a perfectly patriotic and pleasing dish, dennis! it's positively gorgeous, and quite unique–bravo.

  105. ateenagegourmet says:

    Thank you for your tip about my avocado & watercress salad. I really appreciate your comments!

  106. BEAR's Mom says:

    I love cheesecake…and this one is gorgeous…i'm sure it was the hit of the July 4th picnic 😀
    Thanx for stopping by and leaving comment on my blog. appreciate that. I'm a new follower of yours 😀

  107. DessertForTwo says:

    Hi Dennis! Thanks for the comment on my pound cake recipe!

    I love that you created your own cheesecake recipe! So many blogs feature unoriginal recipes. I'm so glad I found your site!

  108. Wow…this looks so amazing, I'm drooling here. LOL

  109. Julie M. says:

    What's not to love about this! It looks absolutely delicious. I feel like a cheesecake virgin though because I've never had one with ricotta before.

    I thought about you and that awesome farmers market when I was driving through Delaware last week. I hope you had a fabulous 4th!

  110. Mother Rimmy says:

    If that isn't a dish to die for, I don't know what is. Wonderful!

  111. Jeannie says:

    Looks so good! love all those fresh fruits at the top….yummy!

  112. Cakelaw says:

    OMG – this looks amazing! I adore cheesecake, so I'd be up for a slice of this any day.

  113. Wow that looks good! I can see I'm going to put on more than a few pounds while trawling your blog. 🙂

  114. Magic of Spice says:

    Amazing dessert:)

  115. MaryMoh says:

    Wow…that's such a beautiful cheesecake! I think I have not seen so much cheese in a cheesecake. Must be very delicious. Thanks very much for sharing.

  116. denise @ quickies on the dinner table says:

    I don't know what it is you're doing different Dennis, but your lately your photos are really popping!! This looks incredible! I dare the FB editors to ignore you now!!

  117. Daniela says:

    Questo cheesecake è fantastico, sembra che il suo profumo sia arrivato sino a me. Ciao Daniela.

  118. bunkycooks says:

    This is a spectacular dessert. I have not had cheesecake made with ricotta since I left the North! A good friend (from Boston) talks about her recipe often, so now it's a must do after seeing yours!

    You should take the weekend in Sept. and come to Atlanta for FBF! It will be a great event.

  119. Juliana says:

    Lovely dessert…I never tried to make cheesecake with ricotta…looking at yours, I'll definitely try it soon…looks awesome!

  120. Oh WOW that looks gorgeous. So delighted to have discovered your blog!

  121. Nirmala says:

    Gorgeous. The problem with all these wonderful desserts is that feel compelled to make them only when we have guests, otherwise I would eat it all!

  122. Clumbsy Cookie says:

    Looks delicious! I love the shiny topping and that you used pistachios in the crust! They're the best nut ever!

  123. Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron says:

    OMG Dennis you have 112 comments!!! I gues i'm very late to this post. Sorry as I just got back form vacation.

    I love ricotta cheese! Your cake looks absolutely stunning and it looks creamy as you wanted to. Gorgeous cake!!

  124. Juliana says:

    Thanks for your visit! I love cheesecake, your blog is excellent! In Brasil blueberries are called "mirtilos". I love so much and I do a wonderful chessecake with.

  125. Hello

    That´s my first time here at your wonderful blog!

    I would like to leave my compliments, you can show us real wonders here!

    And I say that I loved the title of that post in particular: red, white and blue dessert, very creative!

    Renata Boechat

  126. sweetlife says:

    goregous ricoota cheesecake, it suit the 4th perfectly, I also wanted to make something with cherries, but my girls ate all the cherries too, but they finished them off in one sitting…too be young..


  127. The Domestic Adventurer says:

    How lovely! You managed to achieve the perfect 4th of July dessert without the use of any red, white, and blue food dye.

    I've just recently discovered the heaven that is Greek yogurt as well. So far I've been enjoying it straight up for breakfast but I'll have to try it in cheesecake as well!

  128. Cristie says:

    DELICIOUS! and it's beautiful as well. I'm bookmarking this one to use with some berries leftover from the 4th 🙂

  129. That does look delicious indeed. I've never made a ricotta cheesecake before. I like to make homemade ricotta so this would definitely be a good application for it. Just one question (and maybe I missed it): what size springform pan did you use? I assumed 9" until I read 6 eggs and then I started looking for a pan size but couldn't find it. Thanks much!

    First time on your blog. Great stuff!!

  130. faithy, the baker says:

    This look so yummy! Not just yummy but so appetizing as the colors! Love your blog!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Chef! 😀

  131. Whoa. Amazing pictures, looks delicious. I wish I could eat cheesecake, but I'm lactose-intolerant, can you imagine being a pastry chef and being lactose-intolerant? Terrible. Anyway, if there was ever a cheesecake I would willingly get sick eating, I would totally pick this one. And again amazing pictures!

  132. surviving suburbia says:

    you sure make ricotta look and sound good! my husband LOVES cheesecake (and i have to admit i eat my fair share of it, but we're both not huge ricotta fans… this just might be the thing that turns us around! i'll have to try the recipe someday… sooner than later! thanks for sharing!

  133. Iron Chef Shellie says:

    That cheesecake looks amazing!

  134. Beth Luwandi says:

    This looks absolutely wonderful! Love the red, white, and blue! Such a beautiful cheesecake; hope you got to eat it too!
    Great photography, btw!

  135. Wendy Irene says:

    A perfect summer dessert, and the colors are wonderful!

  136. This looks (and sounds) delicious!!! I can't wait to try it! However I suspect it won't look as pretty as what you've done here ;)! Great job!

  137. says:

    This looks like the kind of recipe that made that day. I enjoy it with you.

  138. Cooking Rookie says:

    This recipe got to me just in time – I am looking for ways to use up my farmers cheese, very similar to ricotta, and now I know what it will be made into :-).

    Thanks so much! If my result will be post-worthy I'll link back to you, hope it's ok 🙂

  139. Cooking Rookie says:

    I made the cheesecake or more precisely mini cheesecakes. I did not have all the ingredients and had to make a lot of substitutions and also I made them in small muffin tins – a big mistake, they collapsed when I tried to release them.
    I posted my results here ( and recommended checking out your post for a much better recipe :-).

  140. ctmpsyd says:

    My favorite greek yogurt brand comes in a lemon flavor. It ocurred to me that the flavor and texture would be perfect for a ricotta cheesecake, so I went online searching for a recipe to use as a starting point. I found this blog post, and used the lemon yogurt in your filling recipe (instead of lemon juice and zest). Oh yum!! I am not ashamed to say I am eating it for breakfast with some fresh berries! I used a pre-made graham cracker crust, so I still have enough filling from the recipe to make a 2nd pie!

  141. This recipe looks fabulous! Rich and creamy, this cheesecake would take first place in my home! Thanks for sharing!


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