Grilled Sweet Sausage – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I’ve been on a grilled cheese kick lately, stuffing those ooey gooey sammies with whatever I happen to have on hand.   I really think that’s how you need to go about making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches these days, get creative and come up with some delicious combinations.

While I’m normally not much of a sausage eater, I do enjoy a tasty grilled sausage sandwich from time to time and they do find there way onto our menu on a regular basis since they happen to be one of Lisa’s favorite lunch items.   Of course I always add a few slices of american cheese to my sandwich and that bothers her to no end, she doesn’t get it.    Now if I added  mozzarella with a little marinara making it a sausage parm sandwich, she’d be all over it.  But American cheese  just doesn’t seem right to her.

We’ll got me thinking about taking my sandwich to the next level with the addition of even more cheese!   Luckily Lisa was in Florida getting our new home ready for our move later this year, so I decided to eat like a bachelor and live on pizza and sandwiches while she was gone.

Sweet Sausage Grilled Cheese

Sweet sausage is one of those items you almost always find in my freezer, because Lisa likes sausage in her red sauce when we have pasta.  And I like using it because the fat and spices from the sausage does add a nice flavor to my sauce.

So I had the makings of  my next sandwich since my new food love happens to be yellow American cheese.   I know it doesn’t taste any different then the white variety, and its just the added coloring that makes it look that lovely shade of orange yellow goodness….sigh    And I know its all  psychological, but that melty mass of gooeyness tastes better because of it.

After all,  We Eat with our Eyes.

Sweet Sausage Grilled Cheese 4

I know it’s crazy to get so worked up over a simple sandwich, but when you think about these wonderful toasted sandwiches, you have to agree that they are comfort food.  Most of us have childhood memories that include grilled cheese sandwiches, and how they made us feel when we ate them.   Happy memories make for happy meals and I still enjoy a bowl of creamy tomato soup when I make the standard no frills grilled cheese.  And you know you gotta dunk that sandwich into the soup when you do have those two together.

That memory takes me back to my grade school days growing up  in Pomona so many years ago, when the cafeteria ladies would feed us like Royalty with my favorite lunch combination..  If it happened to be a perfect lunch day we got jello cubes too!

Since I rarely make tomato soup at home, and  have serious qualms about opening that can of soup that we all grew up on, I’ve decided that  making what I like to call my Enhanced Grilled Cheese Sandwiches will more than make up for the soup.

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Grilled Sweet Sausage - Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Sandwich
Cuisine: American
Serves: 2
  • 4 slices of sourdough bread thickly sliced from a wide loaf.
  • ½ pound of yellow American cheese
  • 8 ounces of sweet Italian sausage (cut into 4 links)
  • 4 ounces unsalted butter melted
  1. Split 4 links of sweet sausage, remove the skin and grill on both sides until completely cooked, then set aside. ( do not overcook the sausage)
  2. Begin building your sandwiches by placing four slices of sourdough bread on the counter Cover each slice of bread with a total of 4 cheese slices on each slice of bread. ( 2 to cover the bread, and two deep)
  3. Place two of the split links of grilled sweet sausage on one of the slices of the prepared slices of sourdough, then repeat making one more topped slice.
  4. Top the two finished sandwiches halves, with the other piece of sourdough that you have cheese already on, with the cheese facing the sausage (You should have a total of 8 slices of cheese on each sandwich, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top)
  5. Melt the butter in a small pan over low heat, then using a pastry brush, brush one side of each of the sandwiches liberally with the melted butter
  6. Heat your pan on the stove top until it is hot enough to toast the bread.
  7. Place the buttered side down on the pan.
  8. Turn heat down to medium, and cover the sandwich with a pot lid to keep the heat in and help the cheese to melt. After about 3-4 minutes check the bread on the pan to see how the color is. It should be toasted a dark golden brown.
  9. Brush butter on the side that is up, then turn it over to repeat the process of toasting the bread. (Use the pot lid again to help melt the cheese) After 3-4 minutes check that side, to see how the color is.
  10. If the cheese is not fully melted, turn the heat down to low and keep the lid covering the sandwich until the cheese has melted. Just be careful not to burn the bread.
  11. Place sandwich on plate, cut in half, serve and enjoy! -


I hope where ever you are that you’re settling in to your new season, for us in the Philly area, the mornings have become crisper and cooler with temps dropping down into the 50’s.   I do love fall and will miss that season most of all when we move down to Florida, but I can say with all certainty that I will not miss Winter this year!

Have a happy week!


  1. Oh those bachelor days…I’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like to eat like one. But when whim rules the day, sandwiches like these are dreamed up. American cheese is the quintessential cheese our generation knows well because of the grilled cheese sandwich, and yours looks tasty!

  2. Your grilled cheese kick is yielding some awesome sandwiches.

  3. Great job Chef, that looks like a terrific grilled cheese. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you, I do love my grilled cheese sandwiches!

  5. We always have sausage of some kind in our freezer too. I always toss it into pasta sauces and soups. Never think to put it into a sandwich. Great idea!

  6. I made a sandwich like this last Sunday. Great minds think a like. Awesome sandwich!

  7. getting creative with grilled cheese certainly yields tasty results, and this looks just perfect! I am so with you on the yellow coloring – somehow it JUST DOES taste better? or is connected to those childhood memories most of us have.

    you’ve certainly given me a craving.

  8. Thanks Kristina, I gave up red meat pretty easily but I don’t think I could ever give up cheese. There’s just something magical about it!

  9. Wow, your grilled cheese takes the old childhood sandwich up a notch Chef.

  10. For me childhood is about spaghetti with tomate sauce with cut up sausages in it. The tomato soup was from a packet and came with little croutons, but the cheese was missing… This is a great meal Dennis, there’s no telling you how much I love sandwiches and sausage!

  11. That looks so good! I love a good grilled cheese sammie!

  12. I loved grilled cheese sandwiches and never thought to use sausage in them. I usually just make them with different types of cheeses. Since I love sausage I can see this sandwich happening in my very near future.

  13. Even in Indiana, we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches at school. They just go together. I have a pot of my version of tomato bread soup on cooking now. Your grilled cheese with sausage would be the added touch.

  14. Terrific! I love grilled cheese and now this is a great new twist for it. Thanks for sharing, Chef Dennis!

  15. Love this grilled cheese…so yumm!

  16. This looks seriously scrumptious to me. I love sausage so this is right up my alley.

  17. This looks delicious! And I am totally with you on the American cheese. There’s nothing quite like it for a grilled cheese sandwich, is there? 🙂

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