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  1. Packing my bags as I read this. Wishing I had seen this early as my sister & brother in law just returned from a tour of Italy very disappointed in the tour they booked. This would have been right up their alley.

  2. We just missed each other! We loved our trip to Italy! What a trip you had! Collette does an unbelievable job with their tours. They make everything so easy! Love your photos and I could eat that pasta right off the page!

  3. Italy is just breathtaking. I’d love to visit someday and experience the beautiful country. My family is from Sicily and Northern Italy so it’s definitely been on my mind to visit someday. Beautiful post, Dennis!

  4. I have always wanted to go to Italy. This tour looks like it would be absolutely amazing and the way to explore it if I was ever able!

  5. Wow! What an incredible trip! I’ve never heard of Collette, but after reading your experience with them and the way they planned everything perfectly for you, I think I would love to book my next travel with them.

  6. I love Italy, It is by far my favorite place to eat! Taking a guided tour is such a great way to ensure not only smooth travels, but also fun experiences.

  7. wow your trip looks incredible! I wish i could travel and get some of these experiences for myself, maybe someday when the kids are out of school lol

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