Oven Roasted Rack of Pork – Inside My Restaurant Kitchen

What a beautiful spring day today was, just a little windy, but other than that simply perfect!   I was fortunate enough to spend the morning with my Mother taking her to church for Easter services, there weren’t too many places open to eat but we finely found a little diner opened and enjoyed breakfast together.  I do cherish these times I have with my mother, especially around the holidays, she’s 93 and looking more frail with each passing year, but she still knows what’s going on and still takes care of herself living independently in an adult apartment building.  Her friends in that community are simply amazing and love her almost as much as I do.

When I go home I had made plans for a special dinner to celebrate the day, and although not traditional as Easter fare, our meal was over the top delicious.   It was such an easy to meal to make it almost cooked itself.   I tend to treat meats that I roast or grill pretty much the same way, olive oil, sea salt and pepper.    The only addition to this rack of pork was a hearty sprinkling of Montreal Beef seasoning, and let me tell you if you’ve never tried it, it does amazing things to pork!

I was in the mood for garlic mashed potatoes, and although Lisa does like garlic, it has to be worked into the dish and not overpowering.  I thought that roasting the garlic would be the best choice to add flavor while still keeping it from getting too strong, or over powering the mashed.  The garlic worked perfectly with the creamy butter like pieces blending into the mashed potatoes perfectly, but of course we needed gravy.   That was an easy decision, because what goes better with mashed potatoes than a mushroom marsala sauce!   What a flavorful combination!

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Oven Roasted Rack of Pork
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: American
Serves: 8
  • 1 -8 bone center cut rack of pork
  • olive oil
  • sea salt & black pepper or my fav- Montreal Steak Seasoning
  • 2 carrots -rough cut
  • 1 small onion-rough cut and include skins
  • 2 stalks of celery- rough cut
  • 6 cloves garlic peeled
  1. preheat oven to 450 degrees
  2. In a roasting pan add your rough cut vegetables
  3. rinse the rack of pork well and pat dry
  4. place rack fat side up, on top of cut veggies
  5. apply liberal amount of olive oil, rubbing it into the meat
  6. sprinkle entire rack with sea salt, pepper, garlic, and onion or just use my personal favorite Montreal Steak Seasoning instead of the other seasonings.
  7. place pan in preheat oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.
  8. after 15 minutes reduce heat to 325 and continue to roast for 1.5 - 2 hours or until internal temperature on the outside of the racks has reached 160*
  9. This will ensure the outside of the pork is well done while the center cuts are not cooked quite as much. *
  10. Remove the Rack from the oven placing on a cutting board and allow to rest for 10 minutes before slicing the meat. This will allow all the juices to remain in the rack, rather than have them run all over the plate, making the meat dry.
  11. While the rack is resting, place 2 cups of water in the roasting pan and place on the oven and with a spoon loosen all the baked in meat scraps from the pan, making your pan gravy.
  12. Strain out all of the vegetable pieces and any residue
  13. Cut the rack along the bones, making even portions of the pork, serve with your pan gravy and your favorite sides!
*when you remove a larger cut of meat from the oven it will continue to cook and the temperature of the meat will rise 10 more degrees.
*Pork can be eaten at lower temperatures than 165 degrees, but if your entire party would like the meat very well done, you can continue to roast the rack until the center cuts are 155 degrees/


Years ago I use to serve 2 bone racks of pork in my restaurant, I would cook the larger full rack  then cut them to order later in the evening after they were cooled.   You have to think of these delicious pieces of roasted pork more along the lines of Prime Rib of Pork,  and when you serve them they don’t have to be steaming hot.  You want them to be fairly hot, but then serve them with the almost boiling pan gravy to give it that little bump.   The pork will be tender and juicier than you have ever had before.

The other important factor in having this pork come out so tender and juicy is in the roasting.    A very high temperature for a short time will sear and seal the meat, keeping the juices inside.  You just want to make sure to reduce the heat of the oven to finish the slow roasting process, which not only ensures a juicy cut of meat, but also helps reduce shrinkage of the product.    You also want to remember to always cook the meat with the fat side up, so the fat runs through the meat as it roasts, rather than just into the pan.   Don’t worry about trimming any extra fat away before roasting, you can always remove it before serving.  The fat does add flavor!

This was the most flavorful, tender piece of pork I think I have ever had, it even surprised me.   I hope you do try this if you can find a good rack of pork, believe it or not I found this rack at Costco for under $25.oo.   Who knew?  I can’t wait to cook this again, but I will definitely invite some friends over to enjoy this magnificent piece of pork!

That’s about it for today my friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that were ever you are in the world, you got to enjoy, good weather, good friends, and a good meal!   See you all real soon!



  1. What a beautiful rack of pork! Super impressive… I can imagine what a delicious meal this made… Thanks for the tips about cooking pork, Chef Dennis! Love this post!

  2. yannick garaud says:

    It looks amazing and sounds delicious. It looks like i will have to talk to Dionne about us trying this out for sure! I hope your mother enjoyed her time with family and dinner as well!

  3. Chef….I am drooling over that meaty rack of pork….simply mouth-watering! Glad that you had a wonderful bonding time with your momma 🙂 I am sure she enjoyed as much as you do with each other’s company. Thanks for the tips on cooking the rack of pork the right way. Will remember them when the time comes for roasting meat 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I am glad to hear you had a wonderful Easter and were able to spend precious time with your mother. I always cherish those memories. This looks like a fine piece of meat. Your meal sounds wonderful. I really need to roast a whole bunch of garlic one of these days.

  5. It made me happy reading about your Easter weekend — taking your Mom to church, treating her to breakfast, considering your loved one’s preferences in regard to garlic, and then eating the best roast you’ve ever tasted — blessings all!

  6. Oh my goodness, this oven roasted rack of pork looks heavenly! I must try this one. You make it look so easy. I bet it tastes divine! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Chef Dennis!

  7. It looks as good as you made it sound and as much pork as I eat as loin roast, chops, BBQ etc, thr only racks I’ve done were as crown roasts. The moistness of the meat can be easily seen in your shot and now I’m hungry. MSS is our go to for beef, but I never thought of trying it on pork, but sure will now.

  8. wow, that looks beautiful!

  9. Chef Dennis,
    This looks wonderful!!

  10. Beautiful. How nice you got to spend time with your Mom! I haven’t seen rack of pork but will be checking Costco next visit.

  11. Beautifully prepared rack of pork! Hope you had a wonderful Easter and weekend 🙂

  12. that’s very sweet of you to take care of your mother. and this looks fantastic! traditional, and perfect for easter. yum!

  13. This looks fabulous my friend. Great way to celebrate the season. Enjoy those little moments with your Mom. I miss mine every day.

  14. I’m not much of a meat-on-bone person. In fact I prefer lean meat and can go w/o it. This looks amazingly tender and juicy and delicious, however, and I know my husband would LOVE this. He adores a good prime rib, and this one looks perfect!

  15. That, my friend, is a beautiful piece of pork. And it’s only 9:30am and I want to eat it, now!

  16. This looks fantastic – oven roasting makes for such a tender, moist rack, and that spice rub is just perfect. I bet it was a wonderful meal.

  17. beautiful! it looks so juicy and I lvoe that you spent time with your mom, I’m sure she loved it! anne

  18. Rack of Pork has quickly become one of my all time faves and yours look delicious Dennis. I brined the last one I made, a couple of weeks back, but a spice rub looks like it may be in the cards for the next one. Thanks for a lovely post.

  19. I love a rack of pork – and Montreal seasoning blends. I have a stash of them in my pantry at all times. This looks like the perfect holiday supper, even if it wasn’t traditional. I also loved reading that you spend time with your mom. I’m missing mine today.

  20. Costco has some pretty good meat believe it or not. It certainly doesn’t beat the quality of meat from the butcher, but you can get a great beef tenderloin untrimmed for a pretty decent price. And, even with the waste its still a good deal! Great post. I have a pork roast to make tonight, and was wondering what I was going to do with it…I’m going to make it just like this.

  21. John Rexroat says:

    Sadly Costco no longer carries this product. I’ve been asking them about getting it since the first of the year but no dice so far.

    • it must be a seasonal item, I have not been able to find it again. That’s too bad it was sooo good!

    • Costco is carrying the cut again. Just bought a rack of pork there today and plan to use this recipe. Looks and sounds delicious but I can’t “rate” it until I’ve tried it!

      • thanks for letting me know Betty, it was one of the best pieces of pork I’ve ever had, I’ll check out Costco’s this weekend!

        • It’s back at Costco for Thanksgiving this year (by Swift’s-with a big label saying it was raised, harvested and prepared for sale in the states -not China)…I just bought this at and found you while researching how to cook it tonight-had to make up a spice mix with one of the copycat mixtures online…will let you know how it turns out.

          • I did pick one up and have it slated for dinner tomorrow night, I’m excited!! Let me know how you do with yours!

          • This was fabulous! My husband isn’t usually too fond of pork because of the typical dryness, but this was juicy! i cooked it to 140* (at 325*). I’ll def make this again… with less salt in the seasoning mix as it was a bit much for our tastes. Perfect technique.

    • roger wilson says:

      Costco carry’s this for Holidays. They had them for Easter and Christmas. I do not know the other “Holidays..

    • Karen Scha says:

      I just bought a rack of pork last week at Costco for Christmas. I also bought it there last year and we had it for Christmas. It was wonderful. We happened to watch a PBS show “America’s Test Kitchen” so I used that recipe. Couln’t find it this year, so I looked on there site and didn’t see it. I just Googled rack of pork and this recipe came up, so I will try it. I will look for the seasoning that he used. I don’t think that I have ever heard of it. If I can’t find it, I will use garlic, salt, pepper and Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning (our favorite seasoning ever). Hope you will be able to find the rack of pork.
      It might be seasonal, I only have seen it at Christmas, I imagine that they have it around Easter too! I have never looked. I don’t think I have even seen in in our stores either, but they have a meat counter and I am sure they would cut it for me, if I ask ahead. It was wonderful last year and so I hope that this turns out great too!

  22. Beauzeaux says:

    Now I say the sort of thing that I hate to see in Food blog comments: I made your recipe and it was delicious except I changed the whole point of the thing. Instead of Montreal seasoning I used an old jar of Penzey’s Sunny Paris seasoning. I don’t know if they even make it any more. I did manage to throw in the appropriate vegetables. I also couldn’t follow the temp prescribed because I was baking bread at the same time. So it had 15 minutes at 500, 20 at 440 and the rest at 350.

    I used the roasted garlic to flavor the smashed potatoes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Absolutely wonderful! I will make this for friends soon.

  24. this is the second time I am making this. My family loves this recipe. The pork comes out so juicy, tender and delicious . It’s so easy to make yet looks so impressive. I bought the rack at Costco, around $25 and feeds 4.

    • it certainly is a great deal, I heard they were back and just made one last week, for two of us it makes 3 meals. It really is a tasty easy dinner. Thanks so much for letting me know Carol!

  25. This recipe is awesome. I invited 3 couples to my house a week ago and made this for the first time. It came out fabulous and I was not at all nervous as it is so easy. Had another 3 couples last night and added more carrots and baby red potatoes to the pan. One simple dish with everything included. Both times the pork was very juicy. Even after heating up the left over, wrapped up in foil, in a 325 oven for about 40 minutes.
    I recommend everyone try it.

  26. Ironically, we bought one of these racks of pork at Costco this week and I was looking for a recipe, when I found your’s. We brined it for 2 hours and roasted it according to your recipe and it was WONDERFUL…melt in your mouth tender too!!! Served with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans…

  27. Just bought my first pork rack ever from Costco. (To my surprise as thought it was lamb.) I was unsure how to cook it so I googled pork rack and it lead me here!!! I am so glad I came across this, Montreal steak spice is my fav so it couldn’t have been a better fit! Thank you for the cooking techniques which ensured Ii served a spectacular meal. Cheers!

    • hi Amber

      thanks for stopping by, and I hope everyone enjoyed the rack of pork, we just finished off one last week. With just two of us it makes for 3 meals, but we love every bit of that pork!

      all the best-

  28. I USED THIS RECIPE OVER New Years an received rave reviews. When I went back to Costco they were out and said that it was a seasonal item. I was in Costco yesterday( March 28) and they had the Rack of Pork back in for Easter so I purchased two for a big Easter gathering we are having for the family.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know Roger, I wish they had it all year round, it is such an excellent dish! Glad to hear everyone enjoyed it and I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!

  29. peggy howard says:

    well today is Easter 2013 and I wanted to do something different came across this beautiful rack of pork and decided to try it for our Easter dinner . so this morning i looked on the net for a recapie and came across this one.. its 1:44 now and im pre heating the oven and getting ready to cook the pork I will let you know how it comes out in a few hours..Happy Easter to everyone and good cooking!!

  30. peggy howard says:

    Chef Dennis thank you the Rack of Pork came out awsom!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!

  31. Patrice says:

    The most fantastic roast ever- thank you for sharing. Raves all around from the men in my house!

  32. Absolutely wonderful, I added a little brandy very good touch.I will make it again .

  33. Mary McCarthy says:

    I cannot ever recall seeing a rack of pork before the one I recently bought at Costco. Wasn’nt sure what to do with it. The first recipe that popped up when I did my online search was this one. Excellent outcome: juicy, tender and tasteful meat. Simple to make. Great for a special dinner party. Our guests loved it.

  34. I made this last night for a family dinner.
    Simple & delicious. Everyone loved it!
    Someone suggested I add potatoes to the pot, just to have a complete meal in one pot. I’ll do that the next time I make it.
    I will most definitely be making it again.

  35. Do you cover the rack during the 325 minute cooking period? What about the garlic, no mention?
    Sure smells good , cooking this right now!!!

    • you can cover it if it starts to look to dark but I usually don’t. And as for garlic, please feel free to add it in if you like it, I just left it out of this recipe.

      I see you making this now, so I hope it comes well

  36. I was hoping to cook it on grill (a Treager) to be exact……any recommendations?

  37. DELICIOUS but a bit salty. I cut out the sea salt and would not use club house steak spice toooooo salty!
    Meat was done to perfection, nice and moist with lots of juice.

  38. This was super tasty! My whole family enjoy it. I used Club House Montreal Steak Spice Rub Marinade and the outside piece were everyone’s favorite part.

    Thanks for sharing. I will make it again.

  39. I made this last January when Costco still carried them. It was fabulous. I will be making it again this weekend to “practice” for Christmas dinner. For me the sea salt was overkill, as the Montreal is quite salty. On the other hand, IMHO, there is no such thing as too much ground black pepper, so don’t skimp on that. I’m thinking of trying it on the Convection Roast setting. Does anyone have any suggestions on the timing conversion?

    • Sarah I use a convection oven, just cut your cooking time down by a third and use a oven thermometer to check the internal temp so it doesn’t dry out. And if you’re not happy with Montreal just use cracked black pepper!

  40. Hello Chef! Prepared your recipe last evening for dinner — and my husband and I loved it! Thank you SO MUCH! Looking very forward to testing out some of your other recipes! Deb/Rob

  41. What does it mean to “rough cut” vegetables? I’ve never seen that terminology before…

    • hi Lynn

      rough cut is just a cut that isn’t necessarily consistent and bit larger than you might use normally. since its going in the bottom of the pan you don’t need precise cuts and they can be a bigger than bite size

  42. I had picked up a rack of pork from Costco, the first time they have had it in the store here in Miami. Found your recipe which not only looked mouth watering, but sounded great also. Tried it out tonight and it was fantastic! I did not have celery or carrots, but instead used onion and a butternut squash on the bottom. Sea salt, garlic powder and a generous helping of Montreal Chicken Seasoning, which is a staple in my kitchen. It was moist, tender and flavorful. A hit all around the table. Will be going back to Costco to pick up a couple to vacum-seal for the freezer. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Chef

    Do I cover this roast in the pan or leave it open in the pan?

  44. Thanks Chef Dennis! My husband came home from Costco with one of these beautiful racks and I immediately found your recipe online. We made it this weekend and it is AWESOME! My husband said that he thought it was one of the best meals we’ve ever made at home and I agreed. We threw some yellow squash in during the last hour in the oven. Didn’t have enough juice from the pork to make sauce, so I just added a pat of butter to the bottom of the pan and mixed the roasted vegetables with the butter and what drippings there were.

    Thanks again for this recipe. I’ll be posting a review and pictures I took on my blog and will be following and recommending your recipes from now on!

    • I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the pork, it has got to be one of our favorite meals! Next time you roast it, try adding some water to the pan before cooking and then add more water when you take it out to pick up all the meat juices that have baked into the pan, that might give you a bit more to work with

  45. Antonio Tringali says:

    Can you send me your mushroom Marsala sauce recipe please. Thank you.

  46. Mark Ontario Canada says:

    I am doing this tonight! If you have not attempted a roast like this you are missing out! It’s ribs with extra meat! My kids love ribs and claim to HATE roast pork. Not this one, it works every time. Trying this recipe out for the first time though….stay tuned for the update;)

  47. Dinner party tomorrow night. Last night I won a six rib pork roast, at our local legion meat draw night. Your Montreal steak rub (my fave) and these wonderful comments have me convinced to try this. Have baby red potatoes with small onions to go in with the roast. Also serving grilled sweet red peppers and asparagus spears. Will try some of my sweet & sour tomatoe chutney and hot mustard as table condiments. Will let you know how it turns out. Looking forward to it!

    • sounds like you’re going to have one delicious dinner Donald! I look forward to hearing how you enjoyed the roast!

      • Resounding success! The compliments to the ‘chef’ over-flowed! I made sure and put the “due” where it belongs and passed around this web site recipe. Thank you Chef Dennis.
        I must confess that I modified your rub, by adding a couple of finely chopped fresh rosemary sprigs. What a taste sensation! This is now part of the kithchens repertoire, as is your website.
        Have a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Bon apitite!

  48. I want to try this for tonight’s dinner and I want to add apples and Brussels sprouts. Any suggestions?

  49. My go to recipe for rack of pork, simply awesome.

  50. Difficult to slice? Trying this for first time. Have prepared many standing rib but I have butcher cut away from the bone and tie it back for cooking.

  51. We were lucky enough to find a Niman Ranch rack of pork at the public market here in Rochester. We’re making it for Christmas Eve, tomorrow! I’m a little iffy on the packaged steak seasoning, because of all the comments about saltiness. If we use it with no additional salt, maybe it will be okay. I’ll let you know.

  52. Just made this yesterday for Christmas dinner for 9 people – it turned out wonderfully! I’ve never made anything like this before and followed the directions exactly for a perfect result. Got lots of compliments and many happy guests. Thank you!

  53. The pan drippings were absolutely delicious. However, I have to honestly say the Montreal seasoning (McCormick’s) was a little strong and salty for my taste. A lot of it came off when the pork was being cut, leaving just a little on and it was still very strong (I didn’t even pre-salt/pepper the roast prior to putting on the Montreal seasoning). I cooked at 350 after the first 15 minutes and hit the 2 hour mark on the dot. However, thanks for the cooking techniques on this one. I’ll simply season with a little black pepper, salt, and some garlic next time. The pan drippings add plenty of flavor especially with mashed potatoes.

  54. I am making this today. I like gravy from a pork roast. Do you have a gravy recipe for this pork recipe?

  55. Making this for my family for the first time for my New Year’s traditional meal of pork and sauerkraut. Will let you know how it turns out! I’m guessing I peal the garlic and place it with the vegetables on the bottom of the rack, correct?

  56. Just finished off a 3lb. roast. Delicious! Everyone at the table loved it. Thank you.

  57. Huckleberrys Friend, Bucks Co.,Pa. says:

    Found your site today. Will try other interesting recipes. Roast pork is our family tradition on New Year’s Day. Family said this was my best ever. Used the sea salt(light),pepper(generous),both fresh ground, and added a little pork dry rub and a little pork shake and bake to top. Removed to rest when larger end was 150 degrees. Melt in your mouth. Thank you, you are now my favorite site.

  58. Margaret Fradella says:

    Simply awesome, had for New Years Dinner. Will go back to Costco and buy another. Do they freeze well? Thanks Chef Dennis

  59. Amazing! Making it for the third time in as many weeks. LOVE IT! Thank you for this awesome recipe chef.

  60. Hi Chef:
    I think one of the most important things you said was “find a good rack of pork”. I agree and I found a couple high end stores in my area offering Compart Duroc Pork. Compart is the brand and Duroc is the breed. It was advertised as “the Black Angus of Pork” so I tried it. It truly did not disappoint. It was the most tender and juicy piece of pork I ever had. The store owner informed me that this is the same brand/breed that most of the national champion BBQ competitors use and I can see why. If you can find some Compart Duroc I would highly recommend it!
    Thanks for the great recipe Chef!

  61. My husband did the Costco shopping yesterday and said he’d found a rack of pork which we’ve never cooked before and should he get it. I, of course, said yes and then found your website which was tailor-made for this! I’m somewhat inclined to cook just half and freeze the rest as there are only two of us for dinner this weekend. I’ll use my meat thermometer of course but in planning dinner, would you say an hour might do it for half a rack?

    • That would work fine Pamela, I should do the same thing, we always end up eating it for 3 days in a row so we don’t waste it. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea and I hope you enjoy the rack of pork as much as we do!

  62. Carol Krieger says:

    Chef Dennis,

    I came across this recipe a couple of years ago and make it all the time. This is my go to recipe whenever I have company or for just the family. It’s a comfort food, yet it’s impressive enough for entertaining. I picked up my pork rib roast at Costco the other day so we are having it for dinner tomorrow night. Not only do I use the vegetables in the recipe, but I also add sweet potatoes and Brussels Sprouts. YUM! Thank you. Carol K.

  63. kerry wallace says:

    Im trying this today ! it sounds Great !! i just wanted to ask you Chef,i dont see how you worked the fresh Garlic in under the rest of items when your talking about putting on the seasonings Garlic is not there…i let my roast set in the Frig all night after i added my seasoning for tonights dinner…but i did not put any garlic on it so im just going to ad some powered garlic to it and put on the oven…cant wait to see how it is..ill let you know..thank you so much, Kerry

  64. Betnocker says:

    Tried this and found it be soooo easy and quite delicious. Its going into my “tried and true” folder and will have it regularly. Thanks!

  65. Hi Chef,
    Hope all is well with you. I’m making this pork roast recipe as it sounds delicious. But, no MSS on hand. Does the cayenne pepper, coriander and dill make a big difference to flavor? These are my missing ingredients. Cooking in a few hours and hope you can assist. Many thanks,

  66. Made this tonight, and believe me, it was delicious. I had to cook mine for about an extra 20 minutes, but it was so moist inside and the outside had that wonderful crust,,,mmmm. I made a mushroom gravy, and the whole meal was a huge hit. This was the first time I bought a pork loin with the bone in, and from now on I think this will be my `go to`pork recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Read and tried for the first time tonight cant thank you enough chef,it was fantastic……thanks again.

  68. Chef Dennis

    what should my inside temp be for a rack of pork to be done but not overly done


    • Paul I look for 160 internal, as meet sets it usually goes up 10 degrees more, so that puts it at a safe temp. If its just for my family I may take it out around 140, so its not as cooked but with Pork cleaning up its act it is safe to eat now at lower cooked temps. Its all a matter of how you like it.

  69. Tina Lacasse says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. It’s going to be tomorrow night’s dinner! Mmmm-mmm – good!

  70. Daryl Benner says:

    I picked up a rack at Costco as well and we thought we would try it with for Pork and Saurkraut. We did use it for the traditional New Years Day dinner but we kept 4 ribs for later. When I was ready to prepare them, I found this recipe. All I have to say is WOW.. My wife is not a pork fan, but she had no problem finishing her dinner and professed that it was the ‘Best Pork’ she has ever had. We reduced the low cooking time to 60 minutes because of 4 ribs vs. 8 ribs and then tented them for about 25 minutes. Came out perfect. We are planning on picking up another rack next trip to Costco. It’s a shame you don’t have 6 stars… Outstanding and so easy to prepare.

    • Thank you Daryl, I appreciate your comment and I’m very happy to hear that the pork was a success! We do love it in our household and everyone I serve it to is amazed. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you have a chance to check out more of my recipes!

  71. Rhonda Nicholson says:

    BEST pork recipe ever, easy and full of flavour! costco only sells this cut of meat twice of year here so I stock up to have it thru the year. This is my families favourite meal 🙂 thanks

    • Thank you Rhonda! I wish I had gotten a few to freeze for later in the year, it is an amazingly delicious way to serve the pork! I use the same spices on pork loins as well and slice them thin for hot pork sandwiches Philly style with roasted peppers,provolone and brocolli rabe if you’re ever looking for another delicious way to serve pork! I have the entire method on my blog.

  72. Chef Dennis, I’m cooking this today, as I type!
    *fingers crossed*

  73. Ross Miles says:

    I made this and it is better than the picture!!!! Simply delicious. I will be making this again. Thanks!

  74. Wow the rack of pork I just made with this recipe was SO good!

    I think that next time I would add more veggies, and figure out how to make sure the veggies don’t dry out. It may be that the baking pan I used was too big, so most of the veggies were not under the pork.

    Thank you so much, Chef Dennis, for taking the time and sharing your fast and delicious recipe with us!

    • I forgot…my rack was done about a half-hour early. It was overcooked just a little, but it was still delicious.

    • Thanks for letting me know Joe. You can always add a little water to the bottom of the pan when roasting the pork to help keep them from drying out, and also a smaller pan may help too.

  75. I just wanted to say, Chef Dennis, I absolutely love this recipe! It is now my go-to for pork roast! Thank you for sharing it with us, now we will share it with our family and friends, who so far, have had no complaints!

  76. I tried it today. It’s delicious and juicy! One question to Chef Dennis.
    Why do we need toast it at higher temperature 450 degrees at the beginning 15min? instead of 325 degree for all the time, to say 2 hours and 15min ~ 30min.

    • hi Roy

      the high temp in the beginning is to sear the roast to keep the juices in, I have cooked it both ways and don’t notice too much of a difference. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the Roast!

  77. OMG this was so delicious! I made this for dinner today and my husband and son LOVED IT! This is the first time I have tried one of Chef Dennis’ recipes and was it ever easy to follow. It looked and tasted as if a professional chef had made it. I will definitely be making this again and again and again!

  78. Thank you for posting this recipe Chef Dennis. Before today I have never seen a pork roast like this before. I was kinda intimidated. I googled a recipe and saw your very high rating on this one and thought, what the heck! OMG so simple, easy and great tasting. Now I just need you to cone over and teach my husband how to not over cook the steak on the BBQ!

    Much thanks

    • I think you might just need to get your husband one of those grill thermometers with the temp alarm on them that let you know when its done…… my wife wants hers well done and I cringe each time I have to cook it that much.
      I’m glad you found my pork recipe, when you’re ready for an amazing dessert look up my Tiramisu!

  79. This recipe is awesome. It’s in the oven right now.
    I learned from my dad who always made his own porketta (Italian), that a little fennel and dill with the garlic is also delicious. Try it!
    Bon Appetite!

  80. Hi Chef,
    I made this for guests Saturday nite and it was such a hit I’m making it again this weekend.
    I also added fennel in the pan and it made a wonderful addition to your recipe.
    Thank you


  81. I made this last Holiday season and have been waiting a year for this “seasonal” cut of pork to return. Pick one up at Costco today. THis made the best pork I had ever had. I did not thing different from the Chef’s recipe and that was we did not discard the vegetables used in the recipe, we served them and to my taste, were delicious.

  82. Hi Chef – I’m very excited to try this recipe! I just bought my cut of pork yesterday at Costco. I did have a couple of questions. I’m not sure what you mean to take the “internal temperature on the outside of the racks”? If you could reference a visual instruction of this, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, could you recommend an alternative to the mushroom marsala gravy? We have one person in our party who is allergic to mushrooms and I didn’t want the person “singled” out. Any other suggestions for desserts that would match well with this meal? I look forward to hearing from and your advice…

    • hi AuraLee

      use a meat thermometer andf temp it at both ends of the pork to check the temp, you want it at 160-165 degrees when you take it out of the oven.

      Its not problem leaving the mushrooms out, and you can make the pan gravy as described towards the end of the recipe, thats actually what I make most of the time.

      As for a dessert, just about anything will work I have a recipe for a delicious tiramisu and chocolate mousse on my blog that would work well.

      Good luck with your dinner!

  83. Perfect recipe. Amazing how tender, juicy and delicious the inner chops are! Thanks for posting this recipe!

  84. Hi Chef!
    I’m having a Holiday dinner party for several couples and feel one rack of pork won’t be enough. I purchased two at Costco this week but was wondering how to adjust the cooking time for two roasts. I have followed the roasting instructions previously and the pork was delicious but have never cooked two at once. Can you give me advice on how to adjust the cooking time? Thanks!

    • since the two roast doesn’t increase the wieght of an individual the cooking time should be the same. You may want to rotate the pan half way through since most ovens cook differently through out the oven. I would check them with a meat thermometer at each end of the roast to be sure they are done. Meat will rise 10 degrees once it comes out of the oven so remove it around 155-160 degrees

  85. Just want to check and make sure that the cooking time at 325degrees, is TWO hours?


    I prepared this recipe using a 4 bone pork tenderloin roast (3 lb) that had been sitting in my freezer, vacuum sealed, for too long. I followed Chef Dennis’ recipe ‘almost’ exactly. The only changes I made were that: (a) I cut 4 garlic cloves into slivers that I inserted into the roast, (b) I lowered the oven temperature to 275 F instead of 325 F for the balance of the roasting. While I intended to remove the roast from the oven at an internal temperature (1″ from the end) of 145 F, a neighbor stopped by and I didn’t get it out until 155 F. But it turned out fantastically well …best pork roast I’ve even had! I made a sauce at the end by adding to the pan (after removing the roast) the following ingredients: 1 cup white wine, 1.5 cup chicken broth, several tablespoons of flour+butter roux (for thickening).
    Absolutely excellent: tender, moist and delicious. (Next time I’ll try to get the roast out of the oven at an internal temperature (1″ from the end) of about 145 F, …but there will definitely be a ‘next time’. Thank you Chef Dennis.

  87. I’ve made this 3 times this year (2014) and it’s been a holiday smash hit! The kids BEGGG for it. Nothing but compliments and it comes out perfect every time with such minimal effort. Thanks for posting your wonderful recipe Chef Dennis!!!!!

  88. Kathryn Johnson says:

    This is a crowd pleaser!! I’m making it tonight for the second time and I know my guests will be impressed. Thanks for posting!

  89. Smalls Simonetti says:

    Bought this 8 rib pork roast from Costco and cut it in half. Froze one half for another nights dinner and cooking one half for dinner tonight. Smells amazing already! Going to roast some cut up sweet potatoes and baby Bella mushrooms to serve with. Love this recipe!

  90. Kathy Baier says:

    Hi there. Making this recipe for the first time tonight. I have two 7 rib racks and want to cook them both. What modifications to you recommend to cooking time?

  91. Erick Malmstrom says:

    Modified your recipe a bit, but used the Montreal Steak rub. Great seasoning. We used the drippings for Yorkshire Pudding. And we got a locally grown pork rib roast from our local butcher. I know, I said local too much, but I love em. Thanks for the recipe! No leftovers.

  92. Awesome!!! Made this for New Years dinner. Thanks for sharing your tips to prepare. The MSS made it so easy & the aroma with the roasted veggies was just all so delicious. I thickened the juices from the pan drippings for a smoothe gravy. Everyone gave repeated praise on how moist and tastety the roast was done. I will eventually share your site with them, but not just yet. I’m enjoying them trying to figure out how I made it. Thank you though for not being selfish with your skills.

  93. Hello Chef,
    What sauce recipe would you suggest to go with the rack of pork seasoned with smokehouse maple rub? Thank you.

  94. GERRY SJODIN says:


  95. Donna Ramirez says:

    This recipe looks delicious! I just bought a 5 pound pork roast, rib end (thats all it says on the label). Is this the sane cut, or can it at least be prepared in the same way? Thank you!

    • hi Donna

      if its a bone in roast it sounds about the same and be cooked with the same method. Just watch the internal temp to see when its done. Cook it to around 160 degrees internally and let it sit for 20 minutes before slicing.

      let me know how it turns out

  96. As stated, we found this at Costco. We brought it home and followed the recipe using the Montreal Steak seasoning, and WOW. It was the hit of the party. Thanking for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  97. Have a 6 rib pork roast from our local Costco and will give it a go at the family dinner Feb 1st. I like roasting vegies (potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onions) with beef roasts so will pork roasts do just as well ?

  98. Hi Chef,
    Just wondering if you cover the rack with foil or leave it uncovered?

  99. Fantastic! I had my roast all prepped when my company cancelled at the last minute. I was not able to cook it that same day, so I covered it and placed it in the fridge. I was concerned that all the salt was going to dry the roast out, but it was the most flavorful and moist roast I have EVER made. I have a bad habit of overcooking ALL meat, I think it comes from my farm upbringing, if the meat was a bit suspect, just cook it longer! Anyway, this is a fantastic recipe and I and making it again this weekend! Thank you Chef Dennis, I follow you religiously now!

    • I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed the roast! The last time I bought one I actually cut it in half and froze half to cook at another time since its just the two of us. That way we get to enjoy it without having to wait for company to share it with.

  100. Joshua Dubb says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. My girlfriend and I made it last night for my birthday appetizer with friends along with stuffed cherrystone clams stuffed with gulf shrimp, snow crab, sea scallops, lightly seasoned panko breadcrumbs and butter. Your pork was as tender as prime rib and even more juicy. It made the night. We had some wild mushrooms that we added to the pan drippings to make it even more elegant. I can’t thank you enough and we can’t wait to make it again!

  101. Tom Boesen says:

    Cooked it tonight for the Super Bowl. Excellent. Mine was a little overcooked at 160 on the edges, but still very good. I might go 150-155 degrees next time. I use Montreal seasoning on my steaks. Worked great on the pork. The drippings made an excellent gravy. I didn’t strain the vegetables and it worked out great. Real hearty. My guests loved it. I’m a Costco addict and have bought this rib roast before. Like the simplicity of your recipe. Thank you.

  102. Sounds wonderful! I just purchased a bone in rib roast at Superstore (on sale this week) so I’m going to try your recipe tonight. I was at odds as how to cook this beast. Now I know.

  103. Looks recipe looks great…planning on giving it a try! Hubby is pretty fussy about different flavors and most recipes I was finding called for sage and rosemary and I didn’t want to chance it. It is just the two of us and when we bought the eight bone rack of pork I split it before putting it in the freezer. So, I am about to roast one of the 4 bone “mini racks”, should I adjust the cooking time at all?

    • hi Sara

      I would keep an eye on the roast it more than likely won’t take as long to cook since its smaller. Use a thermometer to check its around 160 degrees when you take it from the oven. I did the same with my last rack since its just the two of us.

      • Thanks Dennis! Just curious…how long did yours take? I have never been good with a meat thermometer lol (do you put the thermometer in the meat from the beginning or do you insert it when you want to check it?)

        • I would start looking at it around the hour and half mark Sara, and I usually just poke it with the thermometer in the middle to see what my internal temp is. I use a pocket thermometer for temping

          • Ok great….that’s what I set my timer for…
            Should I have used the rack in the roasting pan….or just put the veggies in the bottom of the pan? (sorry for asking so many questions)

  104. Chef, I use to only make racks of lamb and even then not all that often. I tried a simplified version of your rack of pork recipe (no veggies, just on roasting rack) checking until internal temp hit 155 and turned off oven to let it sit for a few more minutes, for a little dinner party. Our guests gushed about how tender it was and how it was the best pork they’ve ever had. They polished off every last piece. My husband can’t wait to cook it again, just the two of us, so he can have all the leftovers.

    I was checking out your comments log and realized that you’ve been keeping up with all the commenters since 2012, that’s very cool.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback on the pork roast, it is gloriously delicious! The last time I made it I actually cut it in half and only cooked half of it so we didn’t waste any saving the other half for another occasion, but I can understand your husband wanting enough of the roast.

      I do try to keep up with comments, somehow yours wound up in my spam folder, and I’m glad I found it so I could comment. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your comment!

  105. Made this recipe many times over, making a four rib version this time for my daughter and me, will serve an assortment of roasted mini potatoes, Brussels sprouts and pureed squash with butter, honey and pecans. Bonne appetite!

  106. Thank you for sharing this technique, Dennis. My roasts have never been so juicy and flavorful.

  107. Ming Storm says:

    Hi Chef, I have 12 people for my dinner party this week and bought 4 racks (they are about 1.5kg each). Can I cook them all together? and would it still take 1.5-2 hours? unfortunately 2 of the racks are slightly smaller so the cooking time could vary. Kindly advise how to judge when its done cooking. I love your simply recipe of the spices.

    • You may want to start the larger racks first giving them an extra 15 minutes, then add in the smaller racks. Depending upon the pan you use they shouldn’t take much longer if any at all. I would advise using a digital thermometer to check the internal temp of the meat, that’s really the best way to tell if they’re done. You want it to read 160 degrees in the center of the rack before removing from the oven. Then let the racks rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

  108. Bud Wilds says:

    I want to BBQ my 8 bone in Pork Rack, Any suggestions???

    • hi Bud

      I have never done a rack BBQ style, but you might want to follow the same cooking method just slathering on a good deal of BBQ sauce, and giving it a few minutes under the broiler. If you meant cooking it on the grill, I can’t help you there.

  109. Good morning Chef Dennis, I tried your recipe, the rack of pork and was delicious.
    I have a big problem though with the roast of pork, it’s always very dry. Do you have any tips for me?
    Thanks so much, have a nice day

    • most of the time when a roast is dry its becomes it was cooked to long or at too high a heat. I would try cutting back your cooking time, using a meat thermometer and pull the roast out when it hits 160, or if you don’t mind it a little on the rare side even before that temp. Also make sure to let any roast sit for 10-15 minutes before cutting it to give the juices time to return fully to the meat. If you see a lot of juice on the plate you cut it on thats an indicator it was cut too soon.

  110. Nice recipe but for me this meat is overdone. I should have an juicy pink colour. That means 136 to 140 degrees maximum.

  111. I have made the rack of pork several times. I add a whole bag of carrots to the pan. I also turn the temp. Down to 300 for a couple hours , then up to 325. I tent the meat with foil for 10 min… The meat falls off the bone. Keep up the great recipes !!

  112. Perfect recipe, and delicious !!
    Thank you for sharing, Chef Dennis.

  113. I served this last saturday and made it a double rack of pork and followed your roasting instructions, and it was the most flavorful, juiciest, the most impressive meal ive ever made in my life!!!! I used an herb rub that i found in a magazine and used thyme, sage and fennel seeds. Also served with a creamy morel sauce and roasted multicolored baby potatoes. It was a family holiday feast In every sense of the word, and my double pork of rack was the star of the night!
    Quick question- I doubled the recipe but didnt change your recommended roasting time and it turned out perfect. What happens if I do a 4-6 bone rack of pork? Do i need to adjust the roasting time and temp? Thanks so much for sharing!🍴🍷👍

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Eric, you made my day! As for the cooking time as long as the individual piece of meat isn’t getting bigger in weight, the cooking time shouldn’t be much different. But I would suggest cutting it back 20 minutes and checking the temp of the roast at that time. If you enjoy pork more medium well, cut it back about 30 minutes.


  114. I followed this recipe almost to the letter… I used a garlic-pepper seasoning and coated liberally with some extra salt. Oh my goodness it was the best pork roast I ever had. And the gravy came out fantastic since it was sitting on that bed of veggies (do what he says and leave those onion skins on!!), didn’t even have to re-season the gravy. Fantastic, 5 stars for sure.

  115. Should the pork rack look pink inside?

    I am just afraid that it is raw?

    Looks beautiful and smells wonderful!!!!!!!!

    • you should always check the internal temperature of the roast using a digital thermometer. You should have an internal temp of 165. It is safe to eat pink pork these days but its up to your personal preference on how you enjoy eating pork

  116. This recipe was absolutely amazing! I made it exactly as written, with the montreal seasoning and after the initial 15 min at 450, it was exactly 2 hours later that I took it out, covered with tin foil, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I cooked the rest of my finishing touches while the meat sat, and when i cut into it, it was so tender and juicy. Unbelievably tasty. Everyone loved it. Got a great rack of pork at Costco for about $20 and each slice of meat was massive. We sliced it thinly the day after and used it for sandwiches. Ahhhhh it was so good. I will make this again–without question.

    • Thank you for the feedback and I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the pork roast as much as we did! Don’t forget to pick up a few extra’s while there still available and freeze them for later in the year!

  117. Thanks to this recipe, it is our go to for this cut of meat. We now know that we need to buy multiple roasts when in “season” at COSTCO! Thank goodness we have invested in a chest freezer and now buy 3-5 of them to enjoy throughout the year. Such a simple technique with consistently delicious results. Thanks again!

  118. My sister brought me this recipe over the holidays. She made it for her Christmas Day dinner and said it was a huge hit! She got her roast at Costco….we just let our membership expire. Then at Sam’s Club last week, I spied the same roast! Made it yesterday, absolutely delicious, wished I had invited company to share it. My husband said it was a $100 dinner!

    I used a digital thermometer, but was unsure where and how deep to insert it. About 15 min before the 1.5 hr mark, I checked temp, it was 164 near bone end. I pulled it out and tented it. Sliced into it 20 min later, my heart sank as it looked under cooked, quite pink near bones, but served it up anyway. By the time we sat down to eat, the pink had faded. We ate, hubby said it was done perfectly!!

    • Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed the pork Marilynne. I’m glad it turned out okay. Meat will raise in temp about 10 degrees after its removed from the oven, that’s what got rid of the that little pink. Next time just leave it in a little bit longer if you want it a little more done. Make sure to pick up a few roasts and freeze them while there still available. Its just a seasonal item at most store.

  119. This is by far the best way to cook this cut of pork. I roast it to about 165. Before roasting, I cut small slits in the meat and fill it with small pieces of garlic. Delish! Thanks Chef Dennis for a recipe that is definitely a hit in my house.

  120. Great recipe! I cooked mine to 145 in the center, and used a rub of olive oil, chili pepper powder, marjoram, cumin, garlic, salt and black pepper with a little balsamic. Came out super juicy and delicious

  121. Pam Jarowicz says:

    I bought a 4-rib pork loin roast but had absolutely NO idea how to prepare it (I was told it was half-a-loin). Naturally, GOOGLE was a great help and I came across your recipe. Simple, no frills, and I will give it a try today. Can’t wait to tell everyone how it tasted!

  122. I have two roasts, one under 4 lbs and one 4.5 lbs, how long do you think they would take?

    • they shouldn’t require any longer since they’re two roasts. Just check the internal temperature before removing from the oven. It should be around 160 degrees when you take the roasts out of the oven

  123. I have been cooking rack of pork according to this recipe for almost 10 times by now, and I am cooking it again today. Thanks Chef Dennis for this great recipe. Totally fool proof. Also, I am following you on G+, great job there as well.


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