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Charcoal, Kingsford, High Heat, Grill
How to Grill a Steak House Style Steak
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
25 mins

Nothing beats a good ribeye and nothing beats a steak grilled over charcoal.  But even if you cook over a propane grill you can still use my tips to turn your ribeye into a steak house style steak!

Course: Entree
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2 servings
Calories: 509 kcal
Author: Chef Dennis Littley
  • 2 bone ribeye steaks about 1 1/2 inches thick each steak should weigh about a pound
  • oil to coat grill
  • sea salt and black pepper or your favorite steak house seasoning
My Seasoning blend
  • 2 tablespoons Montreal steak seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon tumeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder* optional
  1. Remove the steak from the refrigerator and let it reach room temperature — around 30 minutes. Trim excess fat to avoid flare-ups, and vertically slash the thin piece of fat around the outside of the steak to keep it from curling. Liberally apply sea salt and black pepper(or your favorite steak house seasoning blend) . Flip the steak and repeat the process.
  2. Light one chimney full of charcoal. When all the charcoal is lit and covered with gray ash, pour out and arrange the coals on one side of the charcoal grate. Set cooking grate in place, cover grill and allow to preheat for 5 minutes. Clean and oil the grilling grate.
  3. Place the steak at the hottest part of the grate, directly above the coals, and let it sear for two to three minutes, then flip the steak and sear the other side for two to three minutes. (During the searing process, resist the urge to move the steak around with the tongs, as this will prevent optimal grill marks. Close the lid to prevent flare-ups.)

  4. After the steak is properly seared, if it’s not finished, move it to the warm side of the grate (not directly over the coals), close the lid and continue to cook the steak until it’s at your desired temperature for doneness. You don’t need to flip the steak during this indirect grilling stage.

  5. Using a digital instant-read meat thermometer, check the temperature of the steak while it’s still on the grill. Grill the steak to your desired taste: 130°F for rare, 135°F medium-rare, 145°F medium, 150°F medium well and 160°F for well done. Keep in mind that the steak will continue to cook a few degrees more when it’s removed from the grill.
  6. After removing the steak from the grill, place on a cutting board, loosely cover it with aluminum foil, and allow it to “rest” for five minutes (the temperature will continue to rise a few degrees while the juices redistribute into the meat).
Nutrition Facts
How to Grill a Steak House Style Steak
Amount Per Serving
Calories 509 Calories from Fat 288
% Daily Value*
Fat 32g49%
Saturated Fat 14g70%
Cholesterol 137mg46%
Sodium 121mg5%
Potassium 655mg19%
Carbohydrates 9g3%
Sugar 6g7%
Protein 46g92%
Vitamin A 630IU13%
Vitamin C 0.5mg1%
Calcium 56mg6%
Iron 5.7mg32%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.