How to make Root Vegetable Paella – Around the Kitchen Table

A few weeks ago I made my version of a Tex-Mex Jambalaya on Around the Kitchen Table and during the show the question came up about Vegetarian Options for the dish and I mentioned a Root Vegetable Paella.   I had never made this version of Paella and although I strayed considerably from the Classical Interpretation of this dish it proved to be … [Read more...]

Kachchi Biryani by With A Spin

I really do love this time of year,  shaking off the cold dreary days of winter as spring finally begins to unfold.  Flowers are blooming everywhere and though that also signals the onset of my allergies,  I still love seeing all the beautiful spring flowers.  While I certainly won't miss winter when we do move to Florida, I know I will miss the … [Read more...]

Ligurian Seafood Stew with a Basil Saffron Creme Sauce -In My Restaurant Kitchen

As a Chef running a restaurant kitchen, you have many jobs to do through out the day, and of course whether the restaurant succeeds or fails always rests upon your shoulders.   During the course of the day, your responsibilities run from creating your menu, procuring the foods you need to make the dishes on your menu, and then deciding on the best … [Read more...]

Orange-Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

It's finally beginning to feel like spring around here, we had a pretty nice weekend and Monday is supposed to get up to 85 degrees!!    That's really going to be quite a shock to our systems after the weather we have had, but let's not sound ungrateful, it could be snowing again....sighI do love the fact that it's not getting dark until later, … [Read more...]

Bouillabaisse, A Provincial French Seafood Stew

Quite a few years ago when we were traveling through France, we happened to spend a few hours in Marseille.  Unfortunately we spent our time in the train station in sweltering heat waiting for the TGV.This had been the last leg of our trip through the south of France, we had just spent a few day in Nice and had begun our way back with a stop in Aix … [Read more...]

Paella, Because I’m Just Mad About Saffron!

I remember the first time I had Paella it was on a school trip to New York, so long ago that it is just a faded memory.  Spanish class had taken a field trip and lunch was at a Spanish restaurant where we sampled Paella.  Through the years I had Paella when ever I found it on a menu, but it wasn't until a trip to Nice that I really learned to … [Read more...]

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