Jarlsberg Chicken Recipe – Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are 100% mine. Jarlsberg Chicken - Weeknight meals just got a little more interesting with my Jarlsberg Chicken Recipe!  Just a few ingredients to pull together and you've got a delicious dish on your table in minutes!  I promise you won't hear … [Read more...]

Steak Diane Recipe – An American Classic Revisted Around the Kitchen Table

While I admit that I no longer eat beef and haven't for quite a long time now, I do still enjoy preparing it and serving it to Lisa and my guests.   I've spent many an hour working on whole strips , whole filets, steamship rounds, prime ribs and just about any cut of beef you can imagine, so even though I don't consume it personally I have no … [Read more...]

Chicken and Shrimp Toscano

During my restaurant days I loved the saute station, blending ingredients together, finding the right balance, getting the sauce just right and providing my guests with a good value and a delicious meal. One of the ways I used to keep costs down was to mix chicken and shrimp together.  My guest still got the splurge of plump juicy gulf shrimp, … [Read more...]

Chicken Florentine – Deconstructed

As I set up my mis en place for dinner, I began to envision the dish I was about to make and how I would assemble it.    I knew I wanted potatoes and I wanted them sliced and crisp, sautéed with garlic.  I had baby spinach in abundance so that had to be worked into the recipe,  as well as mushrooms and boneless  chicken thighs. I began thinking … [Read more...]

Chicken Scarpariello aka “Shoemakers Chicken”

Years ago I spent a few months working in an old Italian restaurant as I waited for the plans to be approved for a new restaurant I would be opening.    I needed to keep working and this job just happened to be available.  It didn't pay very well, but as far as anyone knew I was just an experienced line cook , I had never let on exactly how … [Read more...]

Chicken and Shrimp Pepperoni

During my restaurant days one of my favorite dishes to make was Chicken Pepperoni.  Not only was it a delicious dish, but it reminded me of the time I spent with Mama Jeanette, and how she taught me so much about food and about myself. Chicken was always a favorite in my restaurant, so I did my best to make the dishes special, flavorful and … [Read more...]

Tuscan Chicken and Sausage – In My Restaurant Kitchen

I'll be the first to admit we do eat a lot of pasta, it just seems that so many of the saute dishes I create go so well served over linguine or spaghetti.   Many times what I create for dinner comes from what I have in the refrigerator to work with.  Of course I do buy specific items for menu ideas that I have, but some of the time If I haven't … [Read more...]

Chicken Marselena with Pepperoni – Inside my Restaurant Kitchen

During my restaurant years, one of my favorite things to do was combine flavors, and of course my favorite way to prepare those dishes was saute'.   If I  miss anything about my restaurant days, it would have be my Mise en place, that incredible array of  ingredients, that I built my dishes from. Of course there were items that were standard … [Read more...]

Inside my Restaurant Kitchen with Chicken Oscar

With Valentines Day Tuesday, I thought I would get a jump on the holiday and make a special dinner for Sunday night.  I went to a different Wegmans yesterday on my way back from my chiropractor, (yes I'm lucky enough to have two, well actually three within driving distance)  and at first when I entered their produce department I thought this is the … [Read more...]

Chicken Saltimbocca In My Restaurant Kitchen

One of my favorite dishes to prepare during my restaurant days was a  Chicken Saltimbocca, it contained different components that came together in a symphony of flavors that truly did "jump in your Mouth", at least according to the literal translation! Today I begin a new segment for my blog, In my Restaurant Kitchen.   I like to think of this … [Read more...]

Broccoli Rabe Macaroni and Cheese and Ask Chef Dennis

Some days you just need a comforting dish to make everything seem better.  It's been a rough week and after a long day Monday to start my week, comfort food and a little luxury food seemed to be in order.  I always have a variety of cheese in my refrigerator, even thought I don'e eat as much cheese as I use to.  There’s just something comforting … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Leftovers-Part One : Turkey Pot Pie

We got through another holiday without incident, everything turned out well, and we ate until we almost burst! Now my dinner was no monumental undertaking, not like some of the incredible meals I have seen my friends prepare. So even though I prepared enough food for 12, I only fed 4......well 6 if you count my furbabies! I never get too crazy at … [Read more...]

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