Copyright Infringement, Or Promoting our Blogs?

Just from the title I'm sure you're beginning to sense a problem!  Well, you hit the nail on the head sparky, and  I think we need to prepare ourselves to start fighting back, because this is just the beginning. Last night it was brought to the attention to our food bloggers Facebook Group (626 members) by Donna Currie  a Writer/Columnist at … [Read more...]

Oven Roasted Golden Tilefish and Ask Chef Dennis

Fish has never been my favorite meal, but in an effort better, we do have fresh fish 2 or 3 times a month, and thanks to Wegmans glorious seafood department we can always count on a quality product.   I can't remember ever seeing Golden Tile fish before, or at least I never heard called by that name, but according to the Monterey Bay Aqaurium … [Read more...]

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