Chocolate Mousse Cake with Chocolate Mousse Mascarpone Frosting

Chocolate Mousse Cake  with mascarpone chocolate mousse frosting

Every now and then the mood for chocolate hits me and it just so happened that I had a Chocolate Mousse class on Google+ Saturday that left me with a batch of chocolate mousse, and nothing to do with it.....sigh, don't you hate when that happens?   Well I didn't have to think too long to decide that a chocolate mousse cake was in order, the only … [Read more...]

Italian Strawberry Cake with Cream

Trionfro di Fragole

When I think of spring I think of  strawberries, full of flavor and juicy.  I know it's not the height of the season yet, and in fact it's a little early, but because of the warm spring we've had the berries are showing up everywhere!  I managed to get a huge container of organic strawberries for what I would have paid for Driscoll's just a  week … [Read more...]

Pina Colada Cake – My Guest Post at Savour the Senses

Pina Colada Cake Slice a

  Now that was one tasty cake, and you can find it at Savour the Senses on Featured Foodie Friday with Chef Dennis!  I don’t get to do too many guest posts because of the time constraints of my job, my blog and well you get the picture….hectic is not the word!  So when Jenny asked me about guest posting and told me the date, I was overjoyed … [Read more...]

Blackberry Lime Butter Cake with Blackberry Whipped Cream


It's been so nice being off this week from school, the break always seems to come when we need it most, and I have certainly been taking advantage of the break by sleeping until 6 am!  Wow, what a difference it makes not having to get up at 4am, I know I've said it before but no matter how often you do it, you never get used to getting up that … [Read more...]

Torta de Mele – Guest Post at Asian in America!

Italian Apple cake

I know I've been teasing you about some exciting news, and this morning at 10:00 am EST it finally happened!  I am proud to be a part of a new venture on Google+ called .   At Chef Hangout, you'll find 24 chefs from around the world that have been brought together for this unique enterprise, and I am lucky enough to have been … [Read more...]

Meyer Lemon Coconut Cake for Two (Gluten Free) with The Dusty Baker

Gluten Free Lemon Cake for Two

Once again we come to the end of another week......January 2012 will only be a fleeting memory in a few short days.  This winter has not been what I expected this year, we've had way too many warm days, and almost no snow.   Now I'm not complaining, I can certainly do without the extreme cold and the snow, but its the anticipation of what is yet to … [Read more...]