Italian Strawberry Cake with Cream

When I think of spring I think of  strawberries, full of flavor and juicy.  I know it's not the height of the season yet, and in fact it's a little early, but because of the warm spring we've had the berries are showing up everywhere!  I managed to get a huge container of organic strawberries for what I would have paid for Driscoll's just a  week … [Read more...]

Pina Colada Cake – My Guest Post at Savour the Senses

  Now that was one tasty cake, and you can find it at Savour the Senses on Featured Foodie Friday with Chef Dennis!  I don’t get to do too many guest posts because of the time constraints of my job, my blog and well you get the picture….hectic is not the word!  So when Jenny asked me about guest posting and told me the date, I was overjoyed … [Read more...]

Blackberry Lime Butter Cake with Blackberry Whipped Cream

It's been so nice being off this week from school, the break always seems to come when we need it most, and I have certainly been taking advantage of the break by sleeping until 6 am!  Wow, what a difference it makes not having to get up at 4am, I know I've said it before but no matter how often you do it, you never get used to getting up that … [Read more...]

Torta de Mele – Guest Post at Asian in America!

I know I've been teasing you about some exciting news, and this morning at 10:00 am EST it finally happened!  I am proud to be a part of a new venture on Google+ called .   At Chef Hangout, you'll find 24 chefs from around the world that have been brought together for this unique enterprise, and I am lucky enough to have been … [Read more...]

Meyer Lemon Coconut Cake for Two (Gluten Free) with The Dusty Baker

Once again we come to the end of another week......January 2012 will only be a fleeting memory in a few short days.  This winter has not been what I expected this year, we've had way too many warm days, and almost no snow.   Now I'm not complaining, I can certainly do without the extreme cold and the snow, but its the anticipation of what is yet to … [Read more...]

Riccotta Chocolate Chip Cake aka Torta di Ricotta e Cioccolata and Ask Chef Dennis

One of the last dessert's I made before Christmas break at school, were Cannoli's.   The girls love them, and quite honestly, it's not a dessert that I think about serving except around Christmas time, and that certainly needs to change!  The problem began my main supplier switched brands of ricotta....sigh    We had been getting a very good, very … [Read more...]

Rainbow Layer Cake with Pip & Ebby – Messy Kitchen

Rain, rain go away!  Wow, the rain just keeps coming down, the rivers and creeks are flooded, and it got so bad, that we couldn't even have our first full day of school.  Enough already with the rain.....sigh   I'm finally back to work after a very busy summer, and its nice to get back to my routine, now if only the weather would co-operate!  Let's … [Read more...]

Blueberry Molasses Cake for our Vintage Recipe Swap

Do you ever feel like Bart Simpson writing on the black board one hundred times...... I will not wait until the last day to do my post I will not wait until the last day to do my post I will not wait until the last day to do my post......sigh It's not really a great excuse but it's been a crazier than usual week, and today when I had planned on … [Read more...]

Blueberry Lemon Cake for our Vintage Recipe Swap

It's time for another of my favorite posts, our Vintage Recipe Swap!!  Earlier in the year I was asked to join a recipe swap by Christianna from Burwell General Store, she had found a vintage cookbook,  All Day Singin' And Dinner On The Ground, a junk store find, and each month we get a vintage recipe from the cookbook, to update and remake as … [Read more...]

It’s Guest Post Friday with Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives

After almost a week of heat and humidity we finally had a break in the weather, and what a welcome change it was!  Today felt like the spring we didn't have....sigh Friday is my last day this year feeding my girls, and they have been coming through the last few days thanking us for taking such good care of them, and the seniors have been saying … [Read more...]