My Seven Favorite Meyer Lemon Recipes!

Meyer Lemon-Pound-Cake-3

One of my favorite times of year is when the Meyer Lemons start coming into season and I've begun to see them in my area supermarkets again so that means its time to getting cooking with Meyer Lemons!   Meyer Lemons made their first appearance in the United States in 1908 when Frank Meyer introduced this hybrid of a lemon and mandarin orange. … [Read more...]

Low Sugar Oatmeal Crispies and Eat Write Retreat

Crispy Brown Rice Cereal, California Raisins, Monk Fruit in the Raw Cookies

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend Eat, Write, Retreat in Philadelphia.   But the question  would have to be, why would I not go given the opportunity, especially since it was just a 10 minute drive from home.   It was glorious affair and you couldn't have asked for two better hosts than Casey Benedict and Robin Webb. For me the best … [Read more...]

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies

lemon ricotta cookie with lemon glaze

One of the great joys in life is baking cookies.  Most cookies don't take long to prepare and take little time to bake.  If you count eating the batter as you go, cookies are about as close to instant gratification as you can get! For that reason I don't bake cookies too often, there just too hard to resist. It's amazing what you can … [Read more...]

Holiday Dessert Round-up

Toffee Pretzel peanut butter cookie

This time of year the Blogosphere is full of deliciously amazing creations.  I don't know if it's because of the holidays, or the snowy cold Winter Season, but what ever the reason, you know you can always find more than enough tasty treats to drive you right into a sugar coma just by looking at the pictures. Over the past three years I've … [Read more...]

Sweet and Salty Chex MIx Cookie

chex mix cookies 2

With Thanksgiving almost here, that means that Christmas can't be far behind, and that means cookies!!  I'm not a big cookie baker and I usually end up making the same cookies all the time, because there what I like, and since I'm the one that usually eats them, it works out well! I was shopping last week and as I made my way through the snack … [Read more...]

S’mores Cookies with Amy’s Cooking Adventures

S'mores Cookies

Summer is definitely upon us and we're in the middle of a pretty good heat wave, and looking at the weather map of the US, we're certainly not the only ones suffering from this heat wave.    With the dog days of summer still weeks away, all we can do is try to stay as cool as possible, and out of the direct sunlight!   I' have to  wonder how this … [Read more...]