Planked Grilled Brie with a Blueberry Mango Salsa – a Guest Post by The Black Peppercorn

blueberry and mango salsa with the brie

What a great day I had today, I know your,  no seriously, the weather was picture perfect, and after a little bit of a slow start at work , I got everything organized, and we even had a Barbecue!  Burgers and Dogs were the lunch special, along with a do it yourself sundae bar, needless to say the girls were ecstatic! Traffic … [Read more...]

See What’s Going on at the Mount This Week…. Mother Sauces-Part Two

We got of to a great start last week with our first class for new culinary students, 30 of the 50 signed up, actually showed up for class!!    First order of business, Knife skills.  I started with a demonstration of proper cutting techniques, how to protect your fingers and the difference in small or medium dice.  After the demo, and another … [Read more...]

Mother Sauces-Part One, Sangria, & Just a Little Tease From the Farmer’s Market!

It's that time of year again in the North East, school will be starting in the next few weeks!! Normally you wouldn't think I would be happy, but I am.  I have missed my girls and missed cooking for them!  With the start of the year we will be getting right back to our culinary program to start its second year, I am excited!!  This year I already … [Read more...]