How to Make Caponata – Around the Kitchen Table

One of the best things about summer are all the fresh local vegetables available in the markets, and finding delicious ways to use them is always high on my list.  And one of my favorite summertime or for that matter anytime dish is a very simple Italian Classic, Caponata. You can find as many different Caponata recipes as you can find Italian … [Read more...]

Planked Grilled Brie with a Blueberry Mango Salsa – a Guest Post by The Black Peppercorn

What a great day I had today, I know your,  no seriously, the weather was picture perfect, and after a little bit of a slow start at work , I got everything organized, and we even had a Barbecue!  Burgers and Dogs were the lunch special, along with a do it yourself sundae bar, needless to say the girls were ecstatic! Traffic … [Read more...]

See What’s Going on at the Mount This Week…. Mother Sauces-Part Two

We got of to a great start last week with our first class for new culinary students, 30 of the 50 signed up, actually showed up for class!!    First order of business, Knife skills.  I started with a demonstration of proper cutting techniques, how to protect your fingers and the difference in small or medium dice.  After the demo, and another … [Read more...]

Mother Sauces-Part One Marinara and Just a Little Tease From the Farmer’s Market!

It's that time of year again in the North East, school will be starting in the next few weeks!! Normally you wouldn't think I would be happy, but I am.  I have missed my girls and missed cooking for them!  With the start of the year we will be getting right back to our culinary program to start its second year, I am excited!!  This year I already … [Read more...]

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