Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup

Homemade soups are much easier to make than you think and my Turkey Noodle Soup makes the perfect lunch or light dinner during the chilly winter months. For my soup, I used my leftover turkey carcass and all the scraps from deboning my turkey to make a stock.  But you can use a store bought chicken or vegetable stock if you'd rather skip that … [Read more...]

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Manhattan Clam Chowder is easy to make and a lot less expensive than ordering out at your favorite seafood restaurant.   Once you get the basic soup making skills down, the world is your oyster, or  at least your clam. Finding fresh clams has got increasingly easier these days, just make sure you buy them from a reputable source.  If you get … [Read more...]

Italian Wedding Soup with Tortellini

  Italian Wedding Soup is a great way to start any meal, or simply add in a loaf of crusty bread and a salad and you've got a delicious healthy light dinner!   But no matter when you serve it or for what occasion you're sure to get smiles from your guests down to the very last spoonful. Here's the ingredients you'll need for Italian … [Read more...]

Three Bean Bourbon Chicken Chili

  One of the dishes I remember most as a child was Chili con Carne.  Not true Texas Chili mind you, but a more Tex-Mex version including beans and served with homemade flour tortillas fresh off the griddle.   I tend to make a mess when I eat chili without silverware, scooping up that rich spicy chili with a half of a tortilla.......sigh   I … [Read more...]

Lobster Chowder Recipe

It doesn't have to be winter to be soup season, especially when the soup you're making (or eating) is Lobster Chowder.  When Lisa and I go out to eat we're always on the lookout for delicious starters and good homemade soups always fall into that category. When I first met Lisa many years ago she didn't like lobster, she was a blue claw crab … [Read more...]

Culinary Tour – Delicious Bloggers to Follow

When I began blogging five years ago I had no idea where the journey would take me or how it would affect my life.    I often joke that if I had known when I started how much work being a Food Blogger would be, I would have run off screaming and found and other hobby to occupy my time. But the truth is that blogging not only rekindled my love … [Read more...]

Soup Tips and Tricks – Corn Chowder Recipe

With Fall just a few short weeks away and school back in session, its time to start thinking about adding soups to our home menu's.  Whether you serve them up as a main course or a starter, making delicious soups for your family and friends is easier than you think with soup tips and tricks that I've learned through out my culinary … [Read more...]

Ten of My Favorite Soup Recipes

With Winter closing in and the days begin getting colder what could be better than a big bowl of a your favorite comforting soup!    Here are ten of my favorite soup recipes to help warm your body and your soul! Chicken Soup with Mini Ravioli Cream of Broccoli with Roasted Tomatoes & Cheddar Shrimp and Crab Chowder Ribollita (Tuscan … [Read more...]

Smoky Salmon Chowder with Cindy’s Recipes and Writings

One thing for certain is when Mother Nature decides that it's time for winter,  she leaves no doubt in any ones mind.  This week we've seen single digit temperatures and a our high was a balmy 22 degrees.   I know that's considered seasonable for our friends up north, but when your normal temp for the month is 32, it's just down right … [Read more...]

{Vegan} Red Bean Chili with Everyday Maven

Today my friends begins a new series of Guest Post Friday.   I know  many of you thought it was gone forever, but because of  our new community of Food Bloggers on Google+ it's been resurrected.   If you were here you'd see my happy dance, granted it's not much of a dance but the intent is there and I promise you that I am smiling! What's that … [Read more...]

Turkey Noodle Soup with Pressure Cooking Today

I hope that everyone enjoyed a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving, and that you were able to spend time with your family and friends.   We did have a good Thanksgiving, unfortunately I picked up some kind of bug and it hit me pretty hard Wednesday.  I did manage to make everything for dinner, but now I'm paying for overdoing it yesterday and its back … [Read more...]

Chicken Tortellini Soup #We Care

Living in the northeast section of the United States has it's advantages.  We get fresh seafood most of the year,  great produce, and of course there's the beach!    But living in the northeast section of the United States also has it disadvantages, namely hurricanes, tropical storms and Nor' Easters. Although I'm not a native of the area, I've … [Read more...]

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