My Favorite Summer Salad

Jersey tomatoes, Jersey corn

One of my favorite pastimes is going to our Farmer's Market every Saturday, but with all the conferences I've been attending this summer I haven't had many opportunities to take advantage of our market.  Luckily for me, while I haven't made many shopping trips to our farmers market this summer, our local Wegman's  has done a excellent  job bringing … [Read more...]

Nicoise Salad with Grilled Shirmp

Salade Nicoise

Some of my fondest memories are of our travels through France and Italy.  Trying new dishes and learning first hand how they taste, and seeing how they're presented.    Of course we can Google them to see what they look like but trying in person adds a whole new perspective to the learning process. One of our trips years ago had us in the South … [Read more...]

Tortellini Salad with Gorgonzola Crumbles, Olives and Tomatoes

romaine, gorgonzola, olives, garlic toasts

The thing I love most about summer is the abundance of local  produce that's available at the markets and our farmers market.  For Lisa, this time of year means the beach, sun tans and summer vacation and since she just retired from teaching I guess her summer vacation just got extended!  Which means more meals for me to With … [Read more...]

Bean Sprout Salad with The Orgasmic Chef

bean sprout Salad

 I have to admit I'm a little sad today,  if things had worked out the way I had hoped, I'd be sitting at the airport right now, getting ready to board a plane for San Francisco and the Foodbuzz Festival....sigh    But the sad fact is that everything changes and not always for the better.   I wish all my friends attending the festival a wonderful … [Read more...]

Orange Salad with Stoney Point Farm

Julie's Orange Salad

I knew when summer finally arrived it was going to hit us hard, and OMG did it ever!   While it's not expected to last much longer, Philadelphia has been hit with temps in the high 90's for the last 3 days, and let me tell you, it's sweltering!   I got to walk 6 blocks in center city yesterday afternoon, and when I finally reached my destination I … [Read more...]

My Quick and Healthy Dinner, A Give Away with Girard’s Dressings and Ask Chef Dennis

Purple cauliflower , Orange Cauliflower and carrots

I had planned on getting so much done today after work, we had an early dismissal, which gave me an extra hour!  You know how things never seem to go as you had planned, well today was no exception!  I had to stop on the way home to do some grocery shopping, with the blogger meet up in Philly, my normal Saturday morning trip to Wegmans had to be … [Read more...]

It’s Guest Post Friday with The Deep Dish

It's getting scary!  This week just disappeared, I have no idea where the week went or what I got done.....sigh Well that's not entirely true, I have been working feverishly with my Blog Designer, Melissa from Fine Lime Designs trying to get all the things done for her that were supposed be done weeks ago....where did the time go?  It's okay, … [Read more...]

It’s Guest Post Friday with Adora’s Box

I seem to remember that the last few summer's started out so slowly for me, June just dragged along, July wasn't much faster and it wasn't until August that my head would begin to spin in anticipation of the end of summer.  I know that every year as you get older time goes by more quickly, I think I remember some laws of something or other, that … [Read more...]