How to Make Pesto Three Ways – Around the Kitchen Table

spaghetti alla Pesto Genovese

To me fresh basil and classical Pesto Genovese will always mean summer, the aroma of fresh basil always transports me to a warm and sunnier climate no matter what time of year it is.   For me basil is a state of mind, a calming herb.  But it's also has been touted as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and helpful in improving your cardiovascular … [Read more...]

How to make a Cajun Style Florida Snapper

with lime margarita sauce and fresh fruit salsa

When you're talking about fresh fish in Florida there are two that always come to mind, Grouper and Snapper.  And today I was lucky enough to pick up a beautiful  Yellowtail Snapper at Whole Foods. There are many ways to prepare and enjoy Snapper, but I was in the mood for one of my favorite restaurant dishes and decided to prepare it Cajun … [Read more...]

My Seven Favorite Meyer Lemon Recipes!

Meyer Lemon-Pound-Cake-3

One of my favorite times of year is when the Meyer Lemons start coming into season and I've begun to see them in my area supermarkets again so that means its time to getting cooking with Meyer Lemons!   Meyer Lemons made their first appearance in the United States in 1908 when Frank Meyer introduced this hybrid of a lemon and mandarin orange. … [Read more...]

Sicilian Style Seafood with Pasta and Eggplant

shirmp and scallops with quick fried eggplant in a sicilian style sauce

One of the great joys of life for me is cooking.  I love to mix up flavors, textures and add the unexpected to dishes when ever I can.  That doesn't I still don't enjoy the classics, but every now and then I like to change it up a bit. The one thing I miss about my restaurant days, is having all of those ingredients at my finger tips.  All … [Read more...]

Pasta with Sicilian Stuffed Artichokes with Manu’s Menu

Pasta with Sicilian Stuffed Artichokes 1 (1 of 1) gp

Some weeks the best you can hope for is to wake up every morning, draw a breath in your lungs and stumble downstairs to a cup of coffee.....this has been one of those weeks, but you could be a lot  worse! But today is a happy day, and not only because we've reached the end of the week.   It's Guest Post Friday!!   That of course … [Read more...]

Grilled Lobster and Spaghetti with Pesto Two Ways

grilled lobster with basil pesto and sun dried pesto

It may be spring, but March is certainly going out like a Lion this week as the temperatures dropped down to 34 this morning, which really wouldn't be that bad for this time of year, but just last week we saw temperatures in the 80's.   But that's the way March goes, unpredictable till the very end, which is only a few short days away. But since … [Read more...]