Chicken and Shrimp Orzo Paella

Chicken and Shrimp Orzo Paella could be on your dinner table tonight, its easy to make, healthy and delicious! All you need is a few ingredients and you're ready to get cooking.   I did add clams to my version, and forgot to add them into this pic, but they are optional. Of course you can personalize this dish using just chicken and … [Read more...]

Burbara -Middle Eastern Wheat Berry Porridge with dish-away

The much awaited beginning of Spring has finally arrived but somehow Mother Nature got the order of events confused.  March is supposed to come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb!  We'll evidently the Lion ate the Lamb, and decided to stick around a bit longer.  The calendar may say Spring, but the temperatures are definitely telling me it's … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Granola – Chocolate, Chocolate and more

What a week this has been! With school cancelled due to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has brought to the area, it makes you realize just how little control we really have over anything.   But the human spirit is amazing,  we can face insurmountable odds, lose everything dear to us, and still find the strength to get back up on our feet and … [Read more...]

Dulce de Leche Quinoa Breakfast Cereal

Recently I received a request from my District Manager to help him with a project for a magazine article.  He knows I'm a food blogger and that I enjoy developing recipes and also that I do a pretty good job with images.   So before I asked him what he wanted me to make I said yes.   He's always been there for me, and actually got me the job at the … [Read more...]

The Collingswood Farmer’s Market is Open!

If I could pick a week of my life to sleep through without question it would have to be last week.  It's no secret that Mr. Murphy has been my constant companion this year, but last week he brought in relatives to help wreck havoc!  It wasn't bad enough that it was the busiest week of the year for me,  he had to throw in a few more zingers just for … [Read more...]

Roasted Duckling or "The Demise of Daffy"

As the Story begins, Elmer Fudd is seen sitting despondent over a pile of Black feathers.......the door breaks down, in comes Brenda Lee Johnson and the major crimes division.... What they find seems so cut and dry, Elmer, a pile of feathers, a scatter of bones, and a shot gun in the corner.   All the evidence points at fowl play, and Elmer seems … [Read more...]

Today is Guest Post Friday with Mommie Cooks and my CSN $80 Giveaway!

Friday is my favorite day of the week!  This is the day I get to spotlight one of my favorite blogger's and friends! Today I would like to introduce to you  Julie from Mommie Cooks  she is one of the hardest working blogger's I know.  Not only does she tempt us with her wonderful creations , she wows us with her beautiful images.  Friends let me … [Read more...]

Tabouleh and Moroccan Vegetable Wrap

Tabouleh My first effort in producing a grain salad was Tabouleh.  It took a huge leap of faith on my part, having to purchase a 25 lb. bag of bulgar wheat.   What I found out was that it actually was pretty good and my girls seemed to like it. (go figure I had never made tabouleh before).  I looked through a few recipes, I had no idea other than … [Read more...]

Morrocan Quinoa Salad

Being totally new to this Grain Revolution, I have to adhere to my philosophy of foods I don't eat or don't on the recipe till it  tastes good.  I'm not always quite sure how its supposed to taste when it's something I've never had before.   So I read the recipe, start with the amounts unless it just seems like to much to me (you … [Read more...]

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