Chinese Sticky Chicken Wings

Everybody loves chicken wings and every now and then you need to change up your recipe, experimenting with new and exciting flavors.  And my Chinese Sticky Chicken Wings is a delicious way to add a new taste experience to your family's dinner table! I've enjoyed a fun and tasty partnership with my friends at Noble Juice in nearby Winter … [Read more...]

Shrimp Tortilla Española Recipe – A World of Flavor!

Variety is the Spice of Life, especially when it comes to the kitchen!  And if you'd like to spice things up in your kitchen try my latest slice of deliciousness, Shrimp Tortilla Española. Many years ago I discovered the joy of a "Spanish Tortilla".   It's not what most American households think of when they hear tortilla, and growing up … [Read more...]

Tangerine Sticky Ribs – Slow Cooker Style

This Tangerine Sticky Ribs post is brought to you by my friends at Noble Juice, all opinion, text and images are 100% mine. Every time I use my slow cooker I swear that I'll start using it more often!  And when I cook up deliciousness like these amazing Tangerine Sticky Ribs it makes even more of a believer of slow cooking. The recipe is … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Skillet Paella Recipe

This post is brought to you courtesy of Hillshire Farm®, but all opinions and content are 100% mine. Skillet Paella Recipe- Deliciousness doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. It should just be deliciousness! And while my quick and easy skillet paella recipe requires a little bit of prep, it will still take less time than you think … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Shrimp Fra Diavlo Recipe

Shrimp Fra Diavolo - Making a delicious dinner shouldn't be rocket science and shouldn't take all day to make.   When time permits I cook my own sauce, but when time is short I turn to products I know and trust and Barilla is definitely one of the brands I depend on.     Many thanks to my friends at Barilla for sponsoring this post. Check … [Read more...]

Tangerine Beef – It’s what’s for dinner!

Tangerine Beef is a great way to spice up your week night dinners and can be made at home faster than going out for take-out! Asian style cooking comes down to understanding a few basic techniques and having the right ingredients on hand.  It's not difficult and although a wok will help make your culinary adventure for fun, it isn't … [Read more...]

Pork Fried Rice and Chinese Barbecued Pork

For years I made Fried Rice and it never came out quite right.  Then I decided to do some research and found out why my fried rice had been suffering...sigh. The answer was simple.  First of all I was using the wrong kind of rice.  My beloved Uncle Ben's just wasn't cutting it, I needed to use Jasmine Rice. My other discovery was … [Read more...]

Dan Dan Noodles with Shrimp

It's super easy to make your own Asian Style dishes in your own home and these Dan Dan Noodles with Shrimp were a breeze to make and amazingly delicious! If you haven't heard of Dan Dan Noodles before you're not alone.  Dan Dan noodles are a spicy, salty powerfully tasting dish from the Szchaun provence that's starting to show up more on menu's … [Read more...]

Fusion Street Tacos for your next Taco Night #farmtoflavorrecipes

This post is brought to you courtesy of your friends at NatureRaised Farms® & Alexia® but all the opinions and content are mine. If you're looking for a sure fire way to add some excitement to your next taco night or any week night, try my Fusion Street Tacos.  The flavor combinations will keep you coming back for more! I was … [Read more...]

Peppered Pork Loin with a Sweet Chili Pecan-Fruit Sauce

Dinner shouldn't take you all night to make and shouldn't cause you added stress.  It's a time to celebrate the day through by sharing a meal with your family and friends. Not only is my Peppered Pork Loin delicious, its easy to make and can be on your table in about 30 minutes.  Of course the Sweet Chili-Pecan Fruit Sauce just adds another … [Read more...]

Wild Boar Ragu with Pappardelle

Thanks to my friends at Texas Natural Meats, I've got a freezer full of Wild Boar and Bison to work with as I come up with new recipes for my blog.   My latest culinary adventure is a Wild Boar Ragu! Whether you're lucky enough to find wild boar in your market or you simply use local pork, this sauce is easy to make and takes your pasta dishes … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Korean Inspired Street Tacos

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauces for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I love trying new things, especially when it’s a new easy slow cooker recipe, and it makes cooking dinner faster, and easier than before.   And while I don’t usually buy prepackaged sauces, I had a chance to try Sweet Korean … [Read more...]

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