Italian Baccala with Chef Mireille’s Global Creations

Baccala 1

I'm looking at the calendar wondering where this year went.   We have 7 weeks left of lunches at the Mount this year, then its a few weeks of closing up the place and I'm off for the summer.  While I am happy that the end is sight, its also a little unnerving at how fast time seems to be slipping by....sigh.  But I guess that's just life But … [Read more...]

Chicken Scarpariello aka “Shoemakers Chicken”

chicken with sweet sausage and roasted potatoes in a lemon rosemary sauce

Years ago I spent a few months working in an old Italian restaurant as I waited for the plans to be approved for a new restaurant I would be opening.    I needed to keep working and this job just happened to be available.  It didn't pay very well, but as far as anyone knew I was just an experienced line cook , I had never let on exactly how … [Read more...]

Kachchi Biryani by With A Spin

Kachchi Biryani-1

I really do love this time of year,  shaking off the cold dreary days of winter as spring finally begins to unfold.  Flowers are blooming everywhere and though that also signals the onset of my allergies,  I still love seeing all the beautiful spring flowers.  While I certainly won't miss winter when we do move to Florida, I know I will miss the … [Read more...]

Palak Paneer with Zesty South Indian Kitchen

Palak Paneer

One of the best things about Google+ was being able to reconnect with all my friends from Foodbuzz (RIP), and making many more new friends along the way!   For those of you that don't know, I started a Food Bloggers Community on Google+ back in December when communities were first made available to their chosen plussers.   Luckily I was one of … [Read more...]

Indian Fry Bread Tacos with The Experimental Gourmand

Great summer veggies

One of my favorite memories of this summer was being able to attend the Big Summer Potluck 3 up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.   Not only did I get to meet the hosts of the event Pam, Erika and Maggie but I also got to meet so many incredibly talented bloggers from all over the country!   The funny thing is,  you can put a room full of strangers … [Read more...]

Sopa de Fideo with Juanita’s Cocina


Just another day in paradise....sigh   You know when you stop and think about it, just about any day we wake up, take a breath and are able to stand up, it's a good day.   We might have aches and pains, it could be 100 degrees outside (without the heat index) or it could be suffering torrential downpours, but the truth of the matter … [Read more...]