Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles

If  you take one of my favorite southern dishes is fried chicken.  Kick it up a notch and you've got Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles.   Let's start by gathering our ingredients, aka mise en place. You can use leftover sweet potatoes, bake them, steam them or microwave them.   Any way you cook up your sweet potatoes … [Read more...]

Culinary Tour – Delicious Bloggers to Follow

When I began blogging five years ago I had no idea where the journey would take me or how it would affect my life.    I often joke that if I had known when I started how much work being a Food Blogger would be, I would have run off screaming and found and other hobby to occupy my time. But the truth is that blogging not only rekindled my love … [Read more...]

My Seven Favorite Meyer Lemon Recipes!

My Seven Favorite Meyer Lemon Recipes One of my favorite times of year is when the Meyer Lemons start coming into season and I've begun to see them in my area supermarkets again so that means its time to getting cooking with Meyer Lemons!   Meyer Lemons made their first appearance in the United States in 1908 when Frank Meyer introduced this … [Read more...]

Blueberry Muesli Muffins and The Big Summer Potluck

I love going to blogger conferences and get-togethers! Not only do I get to see my friends but I also get to bring home a lot of wonderful products we get as samples  in our swag bag.   At the end of July I went to one of my favorite Food Blogger get-togethers The Big Summer Pot Luck or  BSP as we affectionately refer to this stellar meetup of food … [Read more...]

Peach Pecan Pound Cake

We have been so lucky this past week enjoying near perfect weather this week, although I don't think anyone would mind if the rain slowed up a bit.  Normal for this time of year since June is 8 inches and we've had about 28 inches this season already!  But this week has been glorious!   No humidity and temps dropping into the 6o's at night, just … [Read more...]

Individual Strawberry Shortcake Recipe – National Dairy Month

As usual I missed another foodie holiday, National Strawberry Shortcake Day was June 14th and while I had great plans to make a three layer strawberry shortcake for the occasion, as happens too often life gets in the way.   Well I guess its better late than never, those lush beautiful berries are everywhere in the markets, and at least by waiting I … [Read more...]

Blood Orange Pecan Muffins

With this years supply of Blood Orange's coming to a end, I've been getting my fill of those juicy delectable oranges.    My first contact with those ruby red fleshed beauties came on my first trip to Rome when the hotel we stayed at served a red orange juice that I mistakenly took for grapefruit juice.    The juice I had assumed was orange juice … [Read more...]

Burbara -Middle Eastern Wheat Berry Porridge with dish-away

The much awaited beginning of Spring has finally arrived but somehow Mother Nature got the order of events confused.  March is supposed to come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb!  We'll evidently the Lion ate the Lamb, and decided to stick around a bit longer.  The calendar may say Spring, but the temperatures are definitely telling me it's … [Read more...]

Meyer Lemon Scone with Pistachio’s and Cranberries

A Meyer lemon scone is without a doubt one of the most delicious scones you'll ever make, not to mention how insanely easy there are! Now you know from my last post that I love Meyer Lemons, and that my philosophy is "when life gives you Meyer Lemons, you have to bake"   it's just that simple! With my easy to make scone recipe that very … [Read more...]

Strawberry and Blueberry Brioche Cheese Danish

I'm not a very experienced bread baker, but the dough's that I have learned to make are not only very easy to work with, they also make exceptional products.    I've using and teaching the Artisan no knead bread  for the past few years, and it makes a delicious crusty loaf of bread.    And about a year ago I gave the no knead brioche dough a try … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Granola – Chocolate, Chocolate and more

What a week this has been! With school cancelled due to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has brought to the area, it makes you realize just how little control we really have over anything.   But the human spirit is amazing,  we can face insurmountable odds, lose everything dear to us, and still find the strength to get back up on our feet and … [Read more...]

Dulce de Leche Quinoa Breakfast Cereal

Recently I received a request from my District Manager to help him with a project for a magazine article.  He knows I'm a food blogger and that I enjoy developing recipes and also that I do a pretty good job with images.   So before I asked him what he wanted me to make I said yes.   He's always been there for me, and actually got me the job at the … [Read more...]

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