Are You a Good Plusser, Helping Bad Plussers Succeed?


For any of you that might be unaware, I am an Advocate of Google Plus!  I was an early adopter of G+ joining over two years ago while it was still in beta and  invitation only.  And I  have loved every minute of my time spent on G+ engaging with my friends and sharing posts.  Google plus is a robust platform that has evolved into the next … [Read more...]

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google Plus – Part Two

G+, Google+

This week in my Food Bloggers Community there were some very good questions about posting and all the bits and pieces associated with Google Plus posts, including posting etiquette.   I had planned this post for a little later in the series but with all the questions I've had this week, it seems more important than the other elements of G+ that I … [Read more...]

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google Plus – Part One

G+, Google+

It's been a little over two years now since Google Plus came into existence and its been a game changer since it's inception.  Over the last two years Google Plus has been in a constant state of change, upgrades to the system are developed and routinely installed without notice or warning.   Most of the changes are welcome and  work really well … [Read more...]

Google+ Communities – Four Months Later


A few weeks ago you got to hear my rant about those people who complain that Google+ isn't working for them, and I listed my top 12 reasons for failure on G+.   Well  today I feel just as frustrated over the fact that there are still so many of my fellow food bloggers wasting their time in communities that will do absolutely nothing for them. I … [Read more...]

Making Google Plus Work For You!


All too often I hear the same lament from fellow food bloggers, "Google Plus just doesn't work for me".  When I hear this I do my best not to cringe, shout out expletives and tell them exactly why it doesn't work for them.......sigh Instead I take a deep breath, and repeat I'm one with the Universe, I'm one with the Universe.........and then I … [Read more...]

What’s New with Google Plus- It’s a Brand New Day!


I guess what I should be saying is, it's a New Day for Brands! You gotta love Google+, it's not your Mother's Social Media.  Google Plus is a living breathing entity that grows as it's community of users grow, it changes and adapts to the wants and the needs of it users.  What other social media does that?  In fact is there any other platform as … [Read more...]