Getting Hacked- How Safe are your Social Media Accounts

Getting Hacked - How safe are your social media channels

Late Saturday night while I was sleeping my Youtube account was hacked.  You might think its no big deal, its just a Youtube account after all.  Well in my case Getting Hacked turned out to be a huge problem. I host live Youtube shows via Google+ Hangouts and when my account was hacked it wasn't just an inconvenience, it meant my account was … [Read more...]

My Journey to Better Health and Weight Loss

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If I could pinpoint a time in my life where change became a choice rather than an inconvenient necessity and My Journey to Better Health began it would the week that followed my attendance of Shiftcon in Los Angeles last October. I went to this "Eco Blogging Conference" because of my relationship with its founder Leah Segedie aka Bookieboo  … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Time is Running Out

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Earlier this year Google announced that it will be making two significant changes to its search algorithm for ranking the mobile search results. These changes will take place beginning April 21, 2015 and will roll out on a page by page basis which will take a few days to a week to complete globally.  This new algorithm is expected to have a … [Read more...]

Google Plus is always changing, that doesn’t mean its dead or dying.


Last week Google Plus announced changes both in administration and operation of their Grand Experiment Google+.   And as usual the feeding frenzy began. Once a year Google makes major changes and all the so called journalists began declaring they were right all along and Google+ is dying.   They haven't been right yet, but they feel some how … [Read more...]

The Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference on Google Plus

Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference on Google Plus

It's that time of year again and I'm very happy to announce that I will be holding the Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference Live on Google Plus! This years conference will take place on the weekend of June 27-29  with 12 sessions in total, including a Virtual Cocktail Party with my friend - Singer/ Songwriter / Recording Artist Heather … [Read more...]

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts – Part three

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In The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts - Part one I've covered the procedures for using  hangout chats, hangout video chats, and Hangouts on Air,   and in Part two of  The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts  I went over How to set up and use Google Events and how to start an HOA (hangout on air) from a free standing page without … [Read more...]

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts – Part Two

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ blog

In Part One of The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts I reviewed how to set up a Hangout on Air and all the steps involved to creating it correctly.   I also covered some of the apps involved inside of the hangout and how to use them, like my personal favorite - The Comment Tracker.    I also reviewed the chat and video chat portion of the … [Read more...]

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts -Part one

Ask Chef Dennis a

If I had to pick one reason to love Google+ it would have to be all the amazing friends that I've made there, and that all comes from engagement!  One very important part of that engagement is Google+ Hangouts.   Whether you're using the chat function or the video chat function, they  have brought communication to a whole new level by actually … [Read more...]

Google Plus – The Walking Dead? I Don’t Think So.

Keep Calm and Love the Plus

Last week one of the Tabloids (there really isn't a better way to describe them - at least not in polite company) produced a piece of  garbage content that caused a bit of  a stir.   There were lots of comments, lots of attention and of course lots of traffic to their site.    And while there may have been some strands of truth in their … [Read more...]