Pan Seared Red Snapper & Shrimp in a Lime Margarita Sauce – Inside my Restaurant Kitchen

asparagus and rice

When I look for fish to prepare at home or at work,  the first questions I ask is what waters did it come from.   Sourcing seafood and finding its origin, even down to the  country fishing those waters can help you provide your family with safe, sustainable seafood.   Everyone thinks because they're serving seafood and eating healthier its a good … [Read more...]

Lobster Fra Diavolo Bianco – Inside My Restaurant Kitchen

cold water lobster meat

One of the greats joys of life is eating out, and lobster has always been at the top of most everyones list as that dish they save for those special occasions with family and friends at their favorite restaurants.  But with my Lobster Fra Diavolo recipe you don't have to wait for those special occasions at your favorite restaurant, you can make it … [Read more...]

The Florida Key Lime Pie Festival – On the Road with Chef Dennis

Florida Key Lime Pie Festival 6

When I first heard about The Florida Key Lime Pie Festival I didn't need much convincing to attend this delicious event!  I also thought it would be a great opportunity to share a day out in beautiful sunny Florida, my new home state! It certainly was a perfect day for the event, and there was so much to see and do at the Festival. Not only … [Read more...]

Manhattan Tower Apartment Hotel – On the road with Chef Dennis

Manhattan Tower Apartment Hotel

One of the perks of being a blogger is having an excuse to take lots pictures of where I travel, what I eat and then blog about it!  Sounds pretty cool huh?  Well it is and the best part about traveling even if it is just around Florida is meeting so many wonderful people along the way, and this trip was no exception! Lisa and I traveled  3 … [Read more...]

Stuffed Lobster, Stuffed Shrimp and Stuffed Mushrooms for the Holidays!

crab imperial

With the winter holidays just a few weeks away, its time to kick the menu up a few notches to give your holiday guests something to talk about!  And what could be better than Stuffed Lobster, Stuffed Shrimp or Mushrooms all stuffed with a delicious crabmeat stuffing!   Now thats something to celebrate! The crab imperial I use for those delicious … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas and Recipes – Around the Kitchen Table

Turkey Croquette

Thanksgiving and any of the winter holiday celebrations that follow always means there's going to be turkey on the table.   And that means leftovers and whats better than Thanksgiving Leftovers! But after a few days of turkey sandwiches and platters, you start thinking of other ways of transforming those leftovers into something not quite as … [Read more...]