The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts – Part three

In The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts – Part one I’ve covered the procedures for using  hangout chats, hangout video chats, and Hangouts on Air,   and in Part two of  The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts  I went over How to set up and use Google Events and how to start an HOA (hangout on air) from a free standing page without using the Hangout tool, and how to embed it into a Google Event Page.

In part three I’m going to cover the YouTube side of Hangouts and how to initiate a HOA from YouTube and tell you why you may want to do that.

If you’re already doing HOA’s then you know the power they can have in terms of search and engagement, what the Youtube side of the picture gives us is a way to record live HOA’s  that can be recorded in Private or Unlisted mode as you make the recording.  (to date you can only make HOA’s via G+ unlisted)

What this gives us is a way  to make Private Videos for companies that they can use for training, or to record a meeting for those that could not attend, for review or simply as a record of the meeting.   Its also a way to hold a seminar and charge those attending the sessions by giving your customers the link into the session.

I hope you’re beginning to see the possibilities!

So let’s get started with YouTube Live-

Go to your YubeTube Channel and click on My Channel.  When its done loading click on Video Manager.  In the left hand side of your Video Manager you’ll find Live Events in the left hand sidebar of the page.   Click on Live Events.

Youtube Live

This will bring you to this page that has the  + New Live Event Button in the far top right corner of the page

Click on this button.

Youtube Live Events 1

Your Page will open to Create a new event.  This is where you will fill out the information about your event.

Youtube Live 3

Filling out the information here is pretty much the same as it is for a Google+ HOA.

Adding a title, description with the addition of tags.

Youtube Live 4

Continue filling out the page by choosing the date of your event

Youtube Live 5

Choose the time of your event, adding an end time if you like.  The end time has no effect on how long the event actually runs.

Youtube Live 6

Set your Event to Private, Unlisted or Public.    Here are the explanations directly from Google Help

Unlisted videos

Making a video unlisted means that only people who have the link to the video can view it. To share an unlisted video, just share the link with the people who you’d like to have access to it, and they’ll then be able to see it. Unlike private videos, the people you share the video with do not need to have a Google account to see the video, and they can share with more people simply by forwarding the link to them.

Unlisted videos won’t appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces, like your channel page or search results.

Private videos

A private video can only be seen by you and the users you select. The video won’t appear on your channel or search results and will be invisible to other users.

If you use your Google+ identity on YouTube (your channel is linked to a Google+ page or Google+ profile), you’ll see a field under the “Privacy Settings” drop-down menu where you can add the profiles or email addresses of the people with whom you’d like to share your video. They’ll need a Google account to view your video. You can also share your videos with Google+ circles.

Public is fairly self explanatory,  if you post to Public everyone can see it.

The good news is you can always go back in and change the settings

From this page you can also share it out to social media by clicking on the Icons.  And you also have the option to choose Custom, don’t make your life anymore difficult just leave the default option quick.

Youtube Live 7

You can even add a message to your post.

Youtube Live 8

With everything filled out, you’re now ready to click the Create Event Button.

Youtube Live 9

The page with your live events will then be visible. You can edit your HOA here or start it

youtube live 10

You can also change the Privacy setting by clicking on the Actions drop down menu

youtube live 11

And that my friends is how you set up HOA’s from YouTube Live.   I will be continuing this series with Part four on the ins and outs of your Youtube channel.

Of course if you really want to become a Hangout Expert, you need to sign up for Ronnie Bincer’s Hangout  Mastery Community.  Ronnie has taken the hard work out of HOA’s by learning everything there is to know about them and keeping us up to date with all the changes.  Most of us wouldn’t be successful at HOA’s if it wasn’t for Ronnie Bincer..  Click on the Hangout Mastery Link to learn more!

The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts  -Part three


  1. That’s a very cool feature Chef Dennis. I have never seen it done from that angle before. There is something that I will be testing with my HOA’s next week in the form of the Live YouTube video embedded on my blog site only. I think there’s untapped potential in embedding on your blog, and, as long as you have the faithful followers, I think it will work. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Chef Dennis… Nice Job. I somehow missed the fact you were building this how-to series on Hangouts. Thanks so much for mentioning my Hangout Mastery Membership here, that is very kind of you. Glad to have you in there as a Charter member!

    • Thanks Ronnie! I went over the basics and wanted to make sure to point them to you for serious training and to keep up with all the changes! WE all owe you a debt of gratitude for your tireless work on Hangouts and thoughtful sharing of your knowledge. I’m proud to be a member of your community!

  3. Hi, Chef Dennis!

    This is such a clear and well-illustrated “how to” for bloggers seeking to maximize their exposure via Google+ Hangouts.

    You are such a big time helper and the consummate host. I always enjoy your shows.

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