Around the Kitchen Table – My New Show on Google+

In case some you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, I’m happy to announce a new show that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks called Around the Kitchen Table.   My co-host for this series is Susan Serra  a World Renowned Certified Kitchen Designer and  Author whose kitchen have appeared in many publications, most recently House Beautiful.   You can see some of Susan’s handiwork at one of her blogs The Kitchen Designer.

Around the Kitchen Table

Our new show on Google+ is currently running every Monday at 3 PM EST and lasts about an hour.   You’ll find Susan and I catching up on the week to start things off, which then leads into my demonstration of  one of my Restaurant Style Dishes that won’t take you all day to make!   Then we move on to our guest spot for the week, featuring our friends in the industry, sharing tips and ideas to enhance your dining experience at home.  After all the Kitchen really is the most important room in the house!

Our latest show demonstrates how to make Tiramisu (my favorite dessert). And this isn’t an imitation or quick Tiramisu, it’s the real deal, classically made with a Sabayon (aka Zabaglione) and better than you’ll get in most of the restaurants you’ve ever dined in.   But here’s the good news, its really easy to make and only takes about a half an hour to prepare!  Susan did her portion of this weeks show live from the Effeti Cucine Showroom in Milan, Italy where she’s attending the EuroCucina Kitchen Show, how cool is that!

Just one word of warning, everyone that tastes this dessert is going to beg you to make it for them all the time, it really is that good!

Sabayon, Zabaglione

Fora printable recipe click on this link :  Tiramisu Recipe 

Around the Kitchen Table – Tiramisu

For previous episodes of Around the Kitchen Table and Good Day Google+  make check out my YouTube Channel  you’ll also find a lot of helpful information on How to Use Google+ and I do love the Plus!

Join us next Monday as I show you how to make my Tex-Mex Jambalaya!


  1. Congrats on the show, sounds like a good project!

  2. “Around the Kitchen Table” sounds like a fun new adventure for you. I caught one last week and will look out for shows coming up. Good luck! Looking forward to making your tiramisu. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Jenny Chang says:

    Congrats! As I told you last time, your tiramisu is top-shelf, second to none. I will be visiting relatives overseas and one of the things to do in “high priority list” is make this for them.

  4. Chef Dennis,
    This new venture sounds wonderful. Good luck and congratulations!

  5. What a great project!

    I have just recently jumped into a new career in kitchen design (from architecture) and I love and admire Susan Serra’s work! I will definitely be checking out your show!

  6. Chef Dennis,
    Congratulations on your new show. I plan to make your Tiramisu in the future. It sounds heavenly. Have a good week.

  7. Dennis, you are correct, yours is the best Tiramisu you’ll ever taste! Congrats on the new show. I’ll be watching for new episodes! Happy Easter!

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