Are You a Good Plusser, Helping Bad Plussers Succeed?

For any of you that might be unaware, I am an Advocate of Google Plus!  I was an early adopter of G+ joining over two years ago while it was still in beta and  invitation only.  And I  have loved every minute of my time spent on G+ engaging with my friends and sharing posts.  Google plus is a robust platform that has evolved into the next generation of social media, adding components that we never dreamed truly defining the word “social” in social media.

Because of my fervent use of Google plus and my involvement in the G+ Community I’ve been tagged as a G+ Influencer by the community and I couldn’t be happier.  But with that distinction there also comes a responsibility, and that’s to share what I’ve learned to help new plussers better understand how to use the platform and to help build community by engaging with plussers from around the world.  It is a small world after all, and Google is helping to make it more accessible to everyone.

If you’re still not convinced that you need to be on G+, you need to think again.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Google+ is the key to your success on the Google search engines, which is important because that’s where  we get a very large portion of our traffic and new readers.   I’ve talked about Google Authorship, Page Rank and the much anticipated Author Rank, tools that Google is using to determine who is a Trusted Source, and a Good Content Provider.

If authorship has eluded you and your technical skills just aren’t up to the task, my friend Craig Fifield has an awesome tutorial on How to Use the  Yoast SEO Plugin to set up your Google Authorship.   If you’re struggling with Google+  check out posts I’ve written on The Bloggers Guide to Google Plus.  there are two posts in that series (with more to come) that many have found helpful.

So now that I’ve gone over the how’s and why’s of using Google Plus I’m going to get to the reason for this post.

Over the last few months many bloggers have begun using Google+ with success but there have been a few issues with some of them and how they’re using G+.

1.  Some bloggers are guilty of being link droppers using G+ as their personal PR company, leaving the same link to their post in many communities as well as their profile page.

I have some bad news for those bloggers.   Google is viewing those posts as spam, and will be classifying those offenders as spammers.    I will do anything I can  to help my fellow bloggers, and I often send messages to those bloggers trying to explain what they’re doing is not good.   Most just ignore my message while others have gotten down right nasty in their responses.  So I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see them relegated to spammer hell…..sigh

2.   Some bloggers see no need to engage with other bloggers, or to share anything but they’re own work.

If you’re one of those bloggers and you don’t know that its only common courtesy to thank people that have gone out of their way to share your work, then you have a problem.  If you’re one of those bloggers that can’t be bothered to share anything but you’re own work then you have a problem.   If  you’re one of those bloggers that feels the need to share more than one of their own posts in a day (which can number from 2-10) and only re-share one or two posts from other bloggers, then you have a problem.    Granted you may not have the problem now, but it will catch up to you, trust me.    A good ratio should be 25% your work, 75% of others work. (most days I only share others work, sharing only a 2 or 3 of my own posts weekly)

Now if you are guilty of either of these infractions and simply didn’t understand what you were doing was wrong, then there’s hope for you and I do believe that  everyone deserves a second chance and if you need help, just ask.   But if you’re one of those bloggers that believes their self entitled and that no one else really matters except themselves, well that’s a whole different story, and there is no hope for you.

Luckily the amount of bloggers that aren’t good plussers is not the majority, but the sad truth is most of them are very talented photographers that produce some amazing imagery.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you’ll know that these are exactly the type of posts you want to share.  Big Beautiful images of Mouth Watering Dishes get a lot of +1’s, comments and reshares and that not only helps the person whose post you reshared, it also helps you.

Now here’s the problem with that train of thought.  Being an influencer with a lot of juice to share, it doesn’t affect me as much when one of those bloggers doesn’t respond.   But for those of you with relatively the same amount of followers as the person you shared, giving away your juice and getting nothing in return can hurt you.

So if you’re a Good Plusser and you really enjoy your time on G+ and enjoy sharing other people’s posts I want you to take a look at that bloggers profile page before you share their post.    And if they only share their own posts, or if they rarely share someone else’s post, ask yourself one question.   Why are you bothering with someone that only thinks about themselves?  

If you’re a Good Plusser and you work hard everyday at sharing posts, building community and your following.  Why would you want to help build someones following and make them successful when they only think of themselves.  Just remember if you do give away your juice to these bad plussers  you’re only hurting yourself .

The good news is, there are many wonderful amazingly talented bloggers on G+ and they enjoy the engagement, the community and they understand that the word social  in social media is there for a reason.    These are the plussers you want to associate and engage with,  leave the self entitled to their own demise.

And as I’ve mentioned before, engaging Influencers (of any interest group) will benefit you greatly when they comment, or reshare one of your posts.    While the bad plussers will simply drain you.

Think about it the next time you go to share someones post.

On a positive note, I have some good news to share.  I will be starting a new HOA Series on Google Plus this Friday September 27th called Good Day Google+.  It will run every Friday at 1 p.m. EST and feature some of the best and brightest plussers on the planet.  I would love to have some of my fellow bloggers on my show as well, so if you’re interested in being on live Google TV, just let me know and we’ll work out the details.



  1. Having “met” you on Google+, I chuckled a bit at your opening line, as it’s clear in that space that you’re quite the G+ champion! But I suppose if someone is just reading here they might not catch that. Thanks for more helpful insights. I had figured like other channels, sharing more of others content makes sense on G+, but hadn’t seen a specific ration suggested. What you suggest seems to make sense.

    On the posting to communities issue, do you think posting the same blog post to one’s profile + one relevant community (at different times) is OK, or is even that spammy?

    • hi David
      thanks! Posting to one community and your own page isn’t spammy, especially when you’re sharing posts other plussers posts. Its those link droppers that Google is going after, not plussers that are engaging and sharing. You should be fine. As for the ratio, I’ve not heard it officially mentioned anywhere but it’s what I normally suggest to anyone asking.


  2. Chef Dennis,
    Thanks for your tips here and on Google+. I have trouble getting my head around all the social media rules but I’m trying. Then there’s the time factor. I work all day and there’s little time left for blogging and the associated social media.
    I generally use Pinterest to save the posts I like. Should I also share those on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc? I only use my Bloglovin account sparingly and I don’t even have a personal Facebook account. I’ve heard that a Facebook like only counts if it’s from your personal account. I don’t quite understand that.

    • hi Annamaria
      I do know what you mean about time, just remember that all the time spent on G+ comes back to you via search engine traffic. I love pinterest and have been using that more from my phone lately, facebook and twitter get little to no attention, since they bring the least amount of traffic to me.
      You just have to figure out what’s best for you and what you get your best return on. Pinterest is a great place to save your posts. As for sharing on G+ I would only share posts that are already there, finding the ones you like, and engage with those that you share. Facebook is a mystery to me, almost no one gets to see my posts unless I pay for the exposure which is seems simply crazy to me.
      just remember to keep the social in social media

  3. Wow, thanks for so much great information packed into one post. I’ll definitely be sharing this and thinking about these tips as I try to be better about using Google+. Some of it is still very confusing to me, but I’m trying my best to get “good” at it, for the sake of my blog & SEO.

  4. Are you saying that if a blogger has about the same number of G+ followers as me and she shares only her own stuff, but I happen to like of her photo for Chocolate Covered Dandelion Flowers (fictitious recipe) so I share it on my public page and include my circle of Foodies, then this will hurt my G+ juice if she doesn’t respond in turn?

    • Every time you share or mention someone by their G+ name you’re giving away a little of your G+ juice. If you don’t get anything back, its lost. If you do that on a consistent basis with bloggers that only share what they do, it will eventually end up hurting you as you continuously lose that G+ juice, while they build there’s up by never sharing.

  5. Great post! I’m still learning my way on Google+, but slowly improving {thanks to your helpful posts}. Hadn’t thought about some of these things before so will be keeping them in mind from now on. Thanks, Chef Dennis!

  6. Chef Dennis,

    Your ears should be ringing on a regular basis because I am constantly telling people how fortunate I was to chat with you at the Food & Wine Conference in Orlando. You got me started on G+ at that time and have continued to help me become a better G+ user. I still have a long ways to go, but thank you for all your help!!

    I am hoping to be able to attend the hangout tomorrow. I usually work on Fridays at 1:00 p.m.

    Will your hangouts be recorded so those of us who are not able to see it live can still learn from what transpires?

    • thank you Betsy, I enjoyed meeting you too. I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed my posts and found them helpful.
      As for my new show all HOA are recorded as YouTube videos so you can watch them at your convenience.

  7. I guess I was confused. I thought I should share in all the communities I was active in. I thought that is part of building a community in each one. I try to make sure I give many +1’s and shares in those communities too. I also interact with all the people who comment, plus 1, or share my posts. I also give those things to many people that never respond at all.

    If I understand this correctly, I should only post to public and maybe one other community?

    I appreciate your guidance!

    • hi Betty
      you can post to different communities but it shouldn’t be exactly the same thing and they shouldn’t just be links. Food communities that accept link dropping are really not the place for you to be anyway, those types of communities really don’t help you. You want to join communities in your other interests where you can meet new people and engage with them, you’ll make new friends and when they find out that you’re a blogger you will more than likely gain new readers as well.
      Communities should be for engagement and discussion, for sharing knowledge and learning from others. There’s a good photography community that lets you share your image but you have to tell them how you shot it, with what camera and what kind of light, now that’s a good community. My blogging community only allows you to ask questions, or share posts you’ve read by others that can benefit the community, a place where you can discuss your problems and learn. Communities that encourage you to engage with each other are the types of communities to join.
      Your time sharing your posts in the other communities and it sounds like you’re trying to engage with others, really doesn’t help you as much as everyone wishes it would. That time should be spent engaging with influencers on the main stream engaging with them, most will respond but it will take time until they add you into their circles. But being seen leaving comments on their posts will gain you much more, when others see them there.
      Keep doing what you’re doing by engaging with those that engage with you, but look outside your circles for new people and you’ll continue to grow


  8. I am totally assuming that if you have 4 green checks in the adsense page under Google + that means your a good sport? If you have 1 check your in danger of all of the above.

    I cant imagine that someone wouldn’t know that just self promotion is now etiquette but you again are helping others and committed to making the blogging world a better place. Your amazing blogger @chef dennis thanks for all your dedication keeping us straight out here!

  9. Dennis, your G+ tutorials are infinitely valuable! I’m in serious need of some “circle cleaning” but it’s something I look forward to in the coming weeks. A writer friend just joined the G+ ranks yesterday and the first thing I did was refer her to your website for “how to’s.” Thanks for giving so much of your time and talent to G+. You’re a wonderful advocate and friend!

  10. Rosemary Schmid says:

    I’ve just found your website and blog, during a search for fresh pineapple cake. When I “printed” the recipe using CutePDFWriter, I noticed that there was no indication of source – i.e. your website or an email address.
    Then, I saw the comment about Google Plus, and since I’m a beginner who can see that Google + is a good thing but…. , I’ve come to read about being a “good plusser.” Great reminder.
    Food + the Internet = community! Thanks for what you’re doing.

  11. Hi chef Dennis, I am so happy that I came across your wonderful article, I had this notion that I was doing good sharing on communities, thank you for explaining everything, I am sure there are other bloggers out there like me…so plussing this for others to understand Google Plus more….cant wait to read your other articles too.

    • I’m happy to hear you found my post useful Nisa. There is a lot of confusion about posting on G+, I do my best to help point people in the right direction so they can become successful instead of frustrated.

  12. Hi Chef,
    I’ve just started using Google+ and there’s a lot to learn. This article was informative and illuminating. Thank you!

  13. I confess, I’ve been a bad plusser. Not purposefully, but because it confuses me. I understand Facebook and Twitter, so tend to spend my small allotment of Social Media time there. I’m looking forward to reading all your Goggle+ posts in the hopes you can reform me!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lots of great tips and suggestions. Looking forward to learning more about using Google+ from you. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this with us! Appreciate it!

  15. This series of articles on Google+ was really informative… as a fledgling G+er I picked up a lot of good tips.

    Thanks for taking the time to put all this together!

    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad to hear you found them helpful. I also have a series on G+ every monday at 1 PM EST going over the different components of G+ that you might find helpful, and our last 5 shows can be found on my you tube channel.

  16. Hi Chef,
    I have a question and I didn’t know where the best place to post it would be so I’m putting it here.
    Let me give you the back ground first. I don’t really know the best way to use a youtube account so I opened two accounts, one under my real name, and one under under a different user name, a nickname. I posted a video to the account with the nickname, for practice, and then I accidentally deleted the video from my computer. I would like to know if there is a way to retrieve the video from the secondary account so I can put it on my main account under my real name?

    • hi Mireya

      did you delete the video from your computer or your youtube account? If its just your computer, you can download it from your account making a MP4 and then upload it to your real account. If you deleted it from your youtube account I don’t know how you would go about retrieving that.
      This is also an excellent question to post in the community, we have members that may have solutions as well, and I do monitor it for questions.

      you can always email me at as well

  17. Hey Chef,

    I was just checking my stats and noticed your link – thanks so much buddy!

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