First Annual {Virtual} G+ Bloggers Conference

One of the dreams that I’ve had over the last few years I’ve been blogging was to hold my own Bloggers Conference.   Not just a place for bloggers to meet up and socialize  but a conference that provided excellent content that would help bloggers achieve their dreams.   Pretty lofty goals, I know, but if you don’t set your sights on the top rung you’ll never reach it.

Last December Google helped me move closer to achieving that goal, by adding communities to an already robust platform.   The first step in my master plan was in place.

I started the G+ Food Bloggers Community last December in the hopes of bringing food bloggers together in a community where we could share our knowledge freely, helping each other to grow stronger and become better bloggers.    Six months into this great adventure and we already have 1800 food bloggers in our community with more joining everyday.

Two months ago I began thinking about holding a Virtual Food Bloggers Conference, I got a variety of thoughts on the subject and  most everyone thought it was an excellent idea,  so I began planning my Virtual Conference.  Unfortunately work got in the way….sigh.  There was just too much to do at my day job  to give any time to thoughts of my conference.  But at night when I got home,  I began reaching out to many of  “The Superstars of G+” to get their help with this project, and to my surprise almost everyone said yes.  That’s what I love about G+, we are a community, we care about each other and we help each other.   So thank you my friends for helping me to make this dream come true, you’ve got me one step closer to hosting an actual conference.

This conference will be held on G+ HOA (hangouts on air) and will begin on Friday Evening July 12th, with a Keynote address by a special guest that I’m will be announcing soon.   Following our Keynote address, I’m going to host a Virtual Cocktail Party  where we can meet and greet our friends   (nine of you will be in this event with me).   There will be openings in every session for bloggers, the number of presenters in each session will determine how many bloggers can attend each session.

So if you see a session your interested in and would like to be on the inside of the hangout you can apply for that Golden Ticket.  (You will need to have a web cam and headphones to be inside one of these events ).  Of course everyone will be able to watch each session live as it happens and ask question in the comment bar, and for that you’ll only need your computer.  This will be a public event and everyone is welcome to attend.

I’m still waiting to hear from a few people about their sessions, so I have not included them on the list.   I  will update this post as additional speakers are confirmed, so keep coming back to see whose been added!

G+ Food Bloggers Confernce copy

G+ Food Bloggers Community Presents

The First Annual {Virtual} G+ Blogging Conference

July 12-14, 2013

Martin Shervington, Joshua Berg, Mark Traphagen

Ryan Hanley, Chris C Ducker, Autumn Giles

Joanne Ozug, Stephanie Manley, Hilah Johnson

Adam Barnes, Taylor Mathis , Naomi Robinson

Valerie Coffman, Marla Meridith, Cheryl Sousan

Jean Layton, Janice Mansfield, Jodi Stewart

Kita Roberts, Ronnie Bincer, Sally Ekus

Friday July 12  – All sessions in EDT (New York Time)

               8:00  PM – Keynote Address


              9:00  PM  – Virtual Cocktail Party – Meet and Greet

Saturday July 13 -All sessions in EDT (New York Time)

              10:00 AM  – Using G+ to Find and Engage with Your Readership

                                     Martin Shervington

              12:00 PM    – Developing New Markets Through Pod Casting

                                     Ryan Hanley, Chris C. Drucker, Autumn Giles

                 2:00 PM    –  Gluten Free Recipe Development – How to make your recipes GF

                                          Janice Mansfield, Jean Layton, Jodi Stewart

                 4:00  PM   – Increasing your Readership and your Revenue with Youtube

                                       Hilah Johnson, Stephanie Manley, Joanne Ozug

                 6:00 PM    -Making your Images Google Worthy

                                        Adam Barnes, Taylor Mathis, Naomi Robinson

                  8:00 PM  – The SMO of SEO

                                        Joshua Berg and Mark Traphagan

Sunday July 14 -All Sessions in EDT (New York Time)

                 10:30 AM  – Cookbook Proposals 101- and the role of an agent

                                         Sally Ekus

                     2:30 PM  -The G+ Hangouts and how to use them

                                           Ronnie Bincer

                     4:30  PM  – The Other Social Media – Pinterest

                                           Valerie Coffman, Cheryl Sousan, Marla Meridith

                      6:30 PM  – Blog Design, Plug-ins and Tech Talk

Kita Roberts

If you didn’t get a chance to watch them live here are all the links to the sessions.

Opening Address and Virtual Cocktail Party

Session 1: Using G+ to Find and Engage with Your Readership +martin shervington

Session 2: Developing New Markets thru Podcasting+Ryan Hanley +Autumn Giles

Session 3: Gluten Free Recipe Development +Janice Mansfield  +Jean Layton  +jodi stewart

Session 4: Increasing your Market Share thru You Tube Videos +Hilah Johnson  +Stephanie Manley  +Joanne Ozug

Session 5: How to Make Google Worthy Images +Adam V. Barnes  +Taylor Mathis +Naomi Robinson

Session 6: The SMO of SEO +Joshua Berg  +Mark Traphagen

Session 7: Cookbook Proposals 101 – The Role of the Agent +Sally Ekus

Session 8: G+ Hangouts and what you need to know  +Ronnie Bincer

Session 9: Pinterest – The Other Social Media +Marla Meridith   +Cheryl Sousan  +Valerie R. Coffman

Session 10: Blog Design, Plug-ins and Tech Talk +Kita Roberts


  1. I want a golden ticket! I’d love to be part of the “other social media” panel. I’ll send you an e-mail but can’t wait for this entire conference!

  2. Woo Hoo Chef Dennis! I have never been to a blogging conference! This will be so much fun! I am keeping my calendar clear for those days! Thank you!

  3. Dennis, you are amazing!!!

  4. Hi Chef! I’d like to be a part of this. 🙂

  5. Hi Chef Dennis,
    I’d love to have a Golden Ticket for the Writing a Cookbook Proposal. I will send you an email asap. Thanks for putting this event together!

  6. I’d LOVE to be able to take part in “Making your Images Google Worthy” on the 13th specifically but would love to watch as many others as time allows. How do I go about obtaining a coveted GOLDEN TICKET to this one?

    Thanks! Can’t wait!!

  7. This is such a fabulous idea – I can’t wait!

  8. Fantastic – this looks incredible and thank you so so much for all you’ve done for food bloggers on Google+ – this is a ton of work but so many will benefit by it – thanks Chef! (BTW, fun to hang out with you a bit at EWR 🙂

    • Thanks Deanna, it’s been slowly coming together and I think its going to be pretty amazing! It was so nice to meet you and get to spend time chatting at EWR, that’s really what makes blogging so much fun, all the wonderful people we meet along the way!

  9. Hi,

    this sounds great 🙂 how can i watch the sessions?

  10. Love this idea!

  11. This is so exciting! I’ve never been able to attend a food blogger conference – this works great for me! Can people get tickets to two events? I’m interested in the Youtube revenue/reader section and the cookbook proposal section.

    Thanks Chef Dennis for all you do with this community!

    • hi Tamara

      there will be limited seating in each event so I’m only allowing one per blogger, but I’ll put you on the list for both. I’ll be letting everyone know who got the tickets in about 10 days.


  12. How about a mailing list or other reminder system that will bring updates to us, in case we get busy and forget to check back in? It will help keep the event fresh in people’s minds…

    • hi Stephanie

      I will creating events for each session and once you sign up there it will go on your Google Calendar and you will receive reminders of the upcoming events you want to attend. I will also be posting about the event on a regular basis, especially as it gets closer.

  13. How exciting! Nice job Chef!

  14. Thank you Chef for all your hard work. It’s been so helpful to have these opportunities available. I’m hoping to join the hangouts and look forward to learning and growing.

    You are awesome!

  15. I think this is a wonderful idea. Many of us can’t hit as many conferences as we may like. I am certain with this line up we are going to have lots of great folks to learn from.

    • Thanks Stephanie, I know there are so many of our friends that can’t get to conferences. This is the next best thing to being there. Bloggers that live in the same areas should get together to watch the sessions, that way they could interact with each other, making the experience even more realistic!

  16. Cindy Molchany says:

    Very, very cool idea! I just asked to join your community. I unfortunately will be off in Scotland putting on an in-person beer bloggers conference during this time, but look forward to watching the the videos later.
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks Cindy! I just approved your request to join us, I happy to have you with us! Scotland for a conference sounds like a lot of fun, but that’s the great thing about G+ HOA, you an always watch them at your convenience. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  17. Any “Golden Tickets” available for the designs session?

    Semirah D

  18. This is fantastic, Chef Dennis! Thank you so much for putting this virtual conference together! As a Google+ newbie, I have so much to learn! Talk about perfect timing!

  19. This is the perfect conference for me right now Dennis! Very cool schedule

  20. This is amazing! Very excited about attending. I love your enthusiasm and desire to help the food blogging community!

  21. Wow! And congratulations Chef! This is quite an accomplishment. Such a great line up of speakers so far. I’m looking forward to every bit of it! Thanks so much for all you do. You really are an inspiration in the blogging community! : )

  22. What a great idea! This is giving me the push I need to learn how to use G+ more! 🙂

    • Hi Nikki
      If you could use some help with G+ I have a few tutorials on G+ as well as a lot of you tube videos and If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask. There are also links in the community.


  23. Fabulous idea!!! I can’t wait to watch as many as I can.

  24. Hi Chef, thanks for the invite which I have gladly accepted. Looking forward to this conference, hope I don’t miss them and got the timing right!

    • Thanks Jeannie, I happy to hear that you’ll be watching the conference. I will be setting up the events this week and once I do the notices will go out and you can pick what you want to watch and put them on your Google calendar.

  25. Chef Dennis, this sounds like a lot of fun. I hope I can make it to one of the schedule conferences. It would be so exciting to connect with other like-minded food bloggers through such outlets. Sounds like it would be the next best thing to an actual in person conference.

  26. Such fun! Unfortunately we’ll be on the road 🙁

  27. I am really looking forward to this! It’s going to be amazing! Great job, Chef Dennis!!!

  28. What a great idea! Great session topics. I’ll be tuning in!

    • Thanks Sharon, I hope you enjoy the conference!

      • really timely, glad I signed up to join the community. Even though I’ve been blogging 4 years there is so much to learn! Google +, and so many of your sessions hoping to attend. Making big note in my diary! Am in UK so need to be sure I tune in at right hour to catch it all live and really take part! x

        • Thanks Caroline, I’m so happy to have you in the community and I hope you enjoy our conference! We also do weekly events which you can find in the community links under Community Education Series!

  29. What a great idea! I am so looking forward to the conference!

  30. Looking forward to it. Do you have any tickets left for the SEO session?

  31. I would love to be in the HOA portion to talk about location based hangouts. Topics such as bringing in people to present via hangout to an in-person crowd, how to manage presenting to a crowd, but also broadcasting via HOA…

    • hi Nikol

      thanks so much but the panel is set for that event, if you would like to do a community event later in the month I’d be happy to set one up for you.



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