What’s New with Google Plus- It’s a Brand New Day!

I guess what I should be saying is, it’s a New Day for Brands!

You gotta love Google+, it’s not your Mother’s Social Media.  Google Plus is a living breathing entity that grows as it’s community of users grow, it changes and adapts to the wants and the needs of it users.  What other social media does that?  In fact is there any other platform as alive as Google plus?     And now G+ has finally become Brand Friendly!

Since it’s inception in the summer of 2011 when G+was in Beta and invitation only, Brands have not been permitted to follow anyone other than brands unless they were followed first.  This was done with a purpose in mind, and that was to help stop spammers.  As of Monday all that has changed.

Brands can now follow anyone they want to and their growth is no longer limited to those that follow them.  Now you can grow your brand as fast as you can grow your personal page.   But that doesn’t mean that droves of people are going to be lined up eagerly awaiting the coming of your brand, so don’t set your expectations too high. You’re still going to have to work at it.

What your going to have to do to grow your brand is a little different here on G+.   What worked for you on Facebook and Twitter isn’t going to be too successful here, and may have exactly the opposite effect.  Can you say Engagement?  On G+ it’s all about how you play with others, and how you interact with them.   Are you a good plusser?  Because they even rank your G+ profile based on your engagement.

I can imagine some of you shaking your heads and asking what do I mean by engagement?  It’s really fairly simple, you have to start thinking of yourself as a politician, shaking hands and kissing babies.  Going into communities and telling them why they should follow you.   But don’t despair while G+ is all about interacting with others, and engaging others, there is a time for self promotion, but doing it right is the all important key to your success.

On G+ nothing speaks failure more than a blogger whose profile page is nothing but their own posts a private shrine to their greatness, and now to make matters worse because of how some bloggers think they should interact with communities, we have bloggers posting the same thing to multiple communities.  And these are the bloggers that wonder why no one will follow them.

While this tactic may attract followers on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, on G+ it just doesn’t work.     Now I can grumbling already,  some of you are saying you don’t need G+ and it really doesn’t  matter to you if  your successful on G+, you’ll just post your content anyway and go to Facebook where people understand you……sigh

Well those folks couldn’t be more wrong if they tried.  You can deny G+ , but that ain’t gonna make it go away.   Google plus is here to stay and it’s taking the game to a whole new level.  So climb on board while you can, and learn to use G+ so you’re not left in the dust when it becomes the biggest social media on the planet!

Are you signed up for Google Authorship?  If you’re not shame on you, I’ve been telling you how important it was for almost a year now.   When Google changes how searches are done, Google Authorship is going to play a major role in how content is listed, it’s not here yet, but everyone seems to be counting the down the days until they make it official.

Did you know that your content on G+ helps you get more attention on the search engines? Did you know that your interaction with other plussers, using their +Google names (so they will use yours) also gains you more exposure.   Did you know that by using Google Local and doing restaurant reviews that can also add to your exposure?   Let’s not even get into doing Hangouts On Air and You tube videos.   Being a good plussers has it rewards.  Besides meeting great people, it drives traffic to you site and all you have to do is be a good plusser.    If your wondering what that entails check out my post form December on “How to be a Good Plusser”

So if you want to be known as your brand, now’s the time to get started. Although I will tell you that being known as yourself and just using your brand as a tagline has it’s advantages, especially with Google Authorship.  But I understand that it’s a personal decision and some people just need to stay anonymous.

How ever you decide to use Google+, just make sure to use it correctly.  Please don’t become one of those bloggers who says G+ doesn’t work for me.    G+ will work for you if you use it the way it was meant to be used, to engage and interact with a world wide community.  Not just a community of Food Bloggers, but a community with varied interests and opinions, because that’s what makes G+ unique and such a fun place to be.

If you really want to gain momentum, step outside your comfort zone when you make your new friends, spend some time in other interest groups,  from Fashion to Photography, and Auto’s to Areospace  they all have one thing in common with us, they have to eat!   And that’s where we come in, it’s a match made in heaven.   Just don’t come to the party empty handed and keep bringing the food!


  1. Leslie Stockton says:

    I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU so i can learn how to cook ..lol 🙂

  2. Thanks Chef Dennis for this wonderful post, just now I got my authorship with Google. I think I am missing lot of things,Thanks for teaching the Google +

  3. Chef Dennis,

    Thank you for the encouragement to interact outside of the realm you are in. That is a great insight into how to expand your base and knowledge within Google+.

  4. Now I’m completely confused. Sigh. What to do what to do. Decisions.

  5. Very informative – I’m off to ready up on Google Authorship as it is something new to me.

  6. Wonderful post & I just shared it on Twitter. Thanks for being so helpful and generously sharing this info. Now pls. don’t kill me if I ask this question, I thought I signed up for Google Authorship by just being on Google+ ~ so after reading your article, do I understand that wasn’t enough? Do I have to sign up with the email containing my domain name?

  7. hi Betty Ann, you do have to go through the process, I think being on G+ makes it a little quicker to get approved, but you will need to verify with your email. Gareth Marks is our resident expert in the community. If you have any questions hes the go to guy.

  8. I’m with Katrina. Now I’m wondering if I should start to put a little effort into my business page as well. Any insights Chef?

    • Jenny, it’s a personal choice for everyone, how they want to be known across the web. Your Brand is in essence your name, so that’s a hard question. I think using it as a tagline is still an acceptable solution, it will still give you brand recognition while letting you fully take advantage of Google Authorship.

  9. Great Post!

  10. Thank you for this advice for everyone. I am try to working on it and love visiting your blog.

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