“Candy Land” – The Gingerbread House

It’s December at the Mount and that means it’s time for my companies annual Gingerbread house competition!  My girls have been  hard at work designing and building this years version of everyone’s favorite childhood game Candy Land.

Just to set the record straight, the category my girls are entered in is the Chef Assisted.  Now to many people that means the students hand the chef the pieces and he or she artfully puts it together.   That’s not the case at the Mount.   My girls designed it, made all of the gingerbread, and built entirely on their own, without even asking me for any help.   Normally I have to get them a ruler or paper, but this year they came prepared…sigh   My girls have grown up.

I would also like to mention that they will be defending their two time champion status with this years entry.   We’re looking for a Three-Peat!

I hope you enjoy their creation  Candy – Land!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed your tour of Candy Land.   We won’t know if we won until Late January, but I’ll be sure to let you all know how my girls did.  I’m so very proud of them, that they’re already winners in my eyes!


  1. Woah! That is freakin’ fantastic! One of my favorite childhood games.

  2. Adorable:-)

  3. oo it’s gorgeous! love the stained glass! i tried to make a gingerbread house this past weekend, and it just collapsed around my ears. very sad. delicious though…

  4. That’s nice!

  5. It looks like a three-peat is deserved. Well done.

  6. What gorgeous gingerbread creations! Your girls are so talented! And these are so delish looking, I’m having a hard time logging out of this post. Thanks for sharing, Chef Dennis!
    What a nice way to celebrate the holidays!

    • Thanks Betty Ann! Are we still on for next Saturday’s demo? I had sent you a message asking you if you could move it a little later in the afternoon to 12 or in the evening. let me know one way or the other

  7. This isn’t a house but a castle! A kudos to your girls, nice work. I especially like the walkway lined with a variety of colors.

  8. That candy land gingerbread house sure looks pretty delicious , Chef D ! 😀 Your girls are a talented lot ! Great job , girls ;D

  9. Sometimes in my dreams i find myself in a candy land just like the one above. If somebody asks me what paradise is I would say this! =D Your girls did a great job. I know how much work a gingerbread house is, but it so much fun!

  10. What a talented group of students you have!

  11. Love it! it’s great – and what a fun idea to turn Candyland into a gingerbread display – it’s perfect! Congrats to your girls!

  12. eeeeek! I need an update! Did they win?!

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