Say Goodbye to Foodbuzz, and Say Hello to Google+

Let’s start this story with a moment of silence for our old friend Foodbuzz.   They were the beginning for a lot of us, they helped us to grow, to make new friends, and  to make us into better bloggers in-spite of ourselves….sigh

But sadly those days are over, the new owners have finally made the changes that have turned a great community into a wasteland.    And you know what?   They don’t care.

I had fooled myself into believing that everything would be alright, that they would find a way to bring community back into the picture.   I even spent the better part of an hour on the phone, so I could understand the changes and why they were taking place.   I guess if I had been there in person they would have patted me on the head at the end of the conversation and told me to be a good boy and go out and play….sigh     I hate being lied to.    They might call it just a misunderstanding, but I think not.

I had even made plans to attend the Festival in San Francisco, it had even been mentioned that I would speak at one of the sessions.    I should have felt the hook going in my mouth as they reeled me in…sigh    Then the announcement came,  there would be no speakers, the sessions were being replaced with a scavenger hunt.   I got my notification along with everyone else, they didn’t even have the decency to let me know they had changed plans.   I was there biggest supporter and it broke my heart.

As the days went on, more information started to appear which made this years festival seem like a dead  end.   First tickets were  available to the Metreon for the tasting pavilion (the need to raise capital).  Then they offered tickets to the Gala.   For only $40.00 you could take a guest to the grand dinner, the highlight of the Festival.

This tells me one thing and one thing only, not enough people were attending the festival.   They had to fill those seats anyway they could.   It’s like a two for one sale at a restaurant, its a sign of desperation.   They also just announced that Friday night would be eating around San Francisco, at different restaurants!   So not only have they killed the community which was the best part of Foodbuzz, they’re breaking the community up into small groups to go out to dinner……that’s just crazy!

The second year of the Festival, was my first year attending and it was incredible!   Friday night we dined from gourmet food trucks at Fort Mason,  the food was delicious and creative!   Saturday morning we had breakout sessions and that was the only weak point of the festival, with the sessions lacking in depth and information.   The Tasting pavilion at the Metreon rocked and we had an amazing afternoon watching demo’s, tasting treats, drinking…lol, and just socializing with all of our friends.

Chef Dennis at the Foodbuzz Festival 2010

But nothing I could have dreamed of could have compared to the Gala.  We were served wine and amazing hor d’oeuvres in the entrance of the Ferry Building, and then we went inside and the room was spectacular!!  We were fed one course after another, with a wine for each course, each course artfully prepared….sigh   It had been a magical evening!    At the end of the evening we left to walk back to our hotels,  all 300 of us walking through the streets of San Francisco reveling in the amazing weekend we had spent at the Festival, enjoying the camaraderie and fresh evening air, all wishing it would never end.   That my friends is a hard memory to beat.

Then there was last year Festival with an interesting Friday night,  great breakout sessions in the morning with very talented presenters,  but after that it all went downhill.   I really don’t want to say anymore about it, but I do hope for those attending this years festival that you don’t get served a variety of French Fries as your hor d’oeuvres at the Gala.

When I spoke with a representative from Foodbuzz, I thought change was coming, and it would be good.    I was wrong.   Please forgive me for wanting to believe in an organization that had meant so much to me.   Once again the sad truth is, more change is coming and it’s not good.

For those of you that have contracts expiring,(mine expires in February of 2013)  you’re going to find yourselves in untested waters.   Some will find themselves not being renewed as Featured Publishers.   This was news to me.  I found out today when I received an email from a friend saying she was being sent to Lejit (another arm of Federated Media) out of Boulder, Colorado.   I have had no dealings with that company myself, but I do know someone who did and from what she told me, joining Lejit would be a mistake.  If you are approached make sure you read the contract very, very well, and make sure that what they say in the contract is what you get.  If they tell you not to worry about some of the verbiage in the contract because it should  have been changed, ask to see a corrected contract before you do anything else.

For those that renew their contracts and stay with Federated, you’ll also find that you’re going to be paid differently.  There will be no more guaranteed payments, some may see increases, but I’m betting most will see decreases, if it didn’t benefit the corporation they wouldn’t be changing the program!

It’s time to weigh your options people, there’s a whole world out there, and while the market is being saturated with Bloggers trying to make their fortunes with ads on their blogs, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a new partner if you spend some time looking around.  Check out  Blogher, Glam, Foodie Blog Roll, and Technorati just to mention a few.  If anyone knows of any others, let me know, I’ll be moving as soon as my contract expires.

Google+, it’s Better than Foodbuzz!

Now for those of you that are missing the old Foodbuzz and the community like I am, I have a solution for you.   Join me at Google+.  We have a great online community odf Foods Bloggers coming together on G+ and we need you to join us!   Here’s what you can do on G+

1.  Publish the link to your post to the stream where all your followers can see it just like we did on foodbuzz.

2.  We don’t buzz each other’s posts, we +1 them

3.  You can share each other’s posts, and you can leave comments for each others posts……..sound familiar?

We don’t have a top 9 on G+, but Google+ is a photo driven community of people from all over the world.   Post your photo with a link to your blog post and sit back watch how the community in general reacts!  They love Foodporn!!  They love Food bloggers!!  This is a match made in heaven,

Here’s the best part.   We got nothing from Foodbuzz but the hits from our friends reading our posts, now without the community we’re really getting nothing.  I don’t know about you, but even when I’m featured on the DailyBuzz or one of the other pages, I really don’t see much traffic.  It’s become a dead zone.

But on G+, you get traffic to your site from the community, and you get the added benefit of being on a social media that rewards its users with more mentions on the search engine!!   Foodbuzz could never do that for us.   There are a few tricks to the trade, and I’ve written a Food Bloggers Guide to understanding G+  it will tell you what you need to know to be successful on G+.

I do have one new bit of advice, when you post on G+, don’t post your link.  You want to post your image, add a few words describing your post, then add the link to the post.   Like I said before , G+ is a photo driven community and you will get a lot more attention with a larger photo than just your post.   You also want to start using each other’s names with the + before them, like my name +Chef Dennis Littley.   That really helps you, so do it!    If possible when someone shares your post, thank them by name, if someone +1’s you try to reciprocate.   It’s the old do unto others as you would have them do unto you…….  you got it?

I’m not going to say to much more about G+ now,  go back and read my tutorial, and I’ll post more on the subject  next week.   And if you’re already on G+, and you’re following me and I missed the notification, please let me know so I can follow you.   I don’t always get to see all my notifications, and I am sorry if I missed someone, it’s not intentional.

Remember we can rebuild our community on G+, they’ve given us the platform and then some.  But it’s up to you.   If you want to stay connected, sign up and start posting, let me know so I can share your info with everyone that’s already on G+.   It’s really easy to stay connected with all of your food blogger friends with the circles on G+, I have two circles of Food Bloggers and all I have to do to see what they’ve been up to is view those circles, and all of their posts are right there in front of me.   I try to check on them at least twice a day to see what’s been posted.   It’s that easy……

Hope to see you soon, I miss all my Foodbuzz Friends!



  1. Yes, it is sad. I miss Foodbuzz… I miss the community. Foodbuzz is how I met you, the first person to friend me there! Foodbuzz is how I discovered SO many new blogs. I find myself sort of searching lately, missing the camaraderie, missing the discovery.

    I have been delving deeper into Google +, and like you said, I’ve found new avenues from all over the world and I’m enjoying discovering new people in new areas. I follow tech blogs now! And photography blogs that have nothing to do with food. I’m really enjoying it, but I’m missing my food blogger friends…
    Thanks for leading us Dennis. Thanks for keeping our community living and thriving!

    • Thanks Kim
      I know we can rebuild our community on G+, without all the headaches of Foodbuzz. We just need to keep promoting G+ on all of our blogs to get the rest of our friends to join!

  2. I think I may have just stood up and given you a standing O!

  3. Thanks for writing this. I’m sorry you, and so many others, were duped by them. I’ve had several run in’s with Beth over the past year that, sadly, told me exactly who I was dealing with. They took something that was good, even great, and ran it into the ground. In their current form they are useless to both bloggers and advertisers and I foresee the demise not only of the old FoodBuzz but also of the new “Daily.”

    Google + it is! And I’m on it. And it’s easy. And it’s rewarding me with traffic and search placement.

    • Thanks Anita, I was just fooling myself thinking they really cared about us. I will miss Foodbuzz, and I feel sorry for them. They could have been great.

      But were already on our way to building an outstanding community of food bloggers on G+, if we can get more of our friends to join and get them started right, the community and G+ will both benefit!

  4. Thank you so much for writing this and expressing many of the things I have been feeling too! I am so disappointed with the changes and the loss of a wonderful community. I left Foodbuzz two weeks ago, I have not yet joined Google+, but am off to do that right now!

    • hi Megan

      check out my tutorial and it will help you get started right, too many bloggers don’t get it set up correctly, get frustrated and leave. Also make sure to let me know when you’re set up so I can share a circle of food bloggers
      it will be very nice to have you in our community on G+


  5. Well, so sorry to hear you weren’t told the truth by FoodBuzz.
    Let’s move forward. It looks like you are already doing really well on Google+. I think I finally got what Google+ is all about and how it really helps your SEO. Now I will have to figure out how to work with it correctly.

  6. The best thing to come out of Foodbuzz was you, good man! They will benefit to follow YOUR lead.

    • Thank you so much Brooks! I will always remember Foodbuzz fondly for all the wonderful people they led me too, you included my friend!

  7. You are 100% right! I am so disappointed with the changes in Foodbuzz… and I don’t get so much traffic from it anymore. I will very likely leave their FP program… just looking around to see what options I have.

    I recently joined google+… your post about it helped me a lot to understand how it works! Thanks for that! I am still trying to figure it out, but I am sure it will become one of the main ways I will share stuff. I tried sending you a circle request (not sure that’s the correct term LOL), but I guess mine was one of the notifications you missed. 🙂 My google+ name is Manuela Zangara if you want to add me. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you let me know!! I just added you and featured your latest post!! It’s so good to see you on G+ !

      let me know if you have any questions!

  8. I miss the community. Sure it was exciting to make the Top 9 every once in a while, but I much more enjoyed the social aspect of Foodbuzz. Making friends and learning from such creative people was so wonderful. Everyone was generous with their advice and it kind of felt like you had a big group of mentors. It was a group of people who shared your interests and didn’t think you were “kind of strange” for having a food blog – even if sometimes you were the only one who saw the post. I would love to have that community back again. I honestly don’t know that much about Google+ but I am more than willing to take the time to check it out.

    Dennis, you are one of the most generous people that I have “met” and have given me such valuable advice with regards to my blog. Your openness and willingness to share all of your trade secrets is just amazing and I wanted you to know that. I am going to read your tutorial and move forward to sharing my little blog there.

    I look forward to catching up with old friends, and making new ones in the Google+ community.

    • I’m so happy to hear you say that Felice. do check out G+, it can be a little daunting at first, but it’s a great place to meet your old friends and a wonderful place to make so many new ones!

      let me know when you join so I can connect you with everyone that’s already there.


  9. Aww, this was such a sad post to read! I was never really into Foodbuzz but I know that it was so important for so many. That’s really a shame that it’s changed in a bad way, but at the very least you made friends and have some fantastic memories from that one festival/conference. Cheers to G+!

    • Thanks Joanne,

      I’m glad to see you doing so much with G+, you seem to having a great time! If I can help you with anything don’t hesitate to ask!


  10. I am not a blogger but I am definitely nuts about recipes and those that devote themselves to writing about them and making them. Foodbuzz is how I found the 13 blogs I check out daily, this one included. I was always looking for new ones too and have missed the format very much. Will G+ help satisfy my craving for current and new-to-me food bloggers? If so, what do I need to do?

    Thank you for doing what you all do so well

    • hi April

      thank you so much for following me and I think you’ll find a wonderful bunch of bloggers already on G+, and its pretty simple to get started. I do have a tutorial mentioned in my post with a link to a how to guide for G+. It’s really easy to join and to start using. Once your on make sure you let me know and I can share a circle of food bloggers that will get you started, Its all about setting up your circles, so when you want to see just food you can. my G+ name is +Chef Dennis Littley just say hi and include my name, and I’ll see the notification, when you start typing my name it will start to give you some options, if you add it correctly it will become a link. You can always send me an email message too.
      hope to see you there soon!

  11. It is sad…I miss it too….the community spirit and support!

    would be great to recreate that on Google+

    • hi Viviane

      We could do it even better than Foodbuzz. Are you on G+ yet? Let me know so I can add you to my circles and share our bloggers circle.


  12. That’s just sad , Chef D ! 🙁 Anyway , we still have G+ , right ?! 😀 See you there !

  13. This is a great post, Dennis. It really puts into words what, I know, so many of us are thinking. I do miss Foodbuzz and the friends I met there. I will definitely check out Google+

    • hi Lorie

      we really can build a great community on G+, check out my tutorial and it will help you get started right, too many bloggers don’t get it set up correctly, get frustrated and leave. Also make sure to let me know when you’re set up so I can share a circle of food bloggers


  14. Thank you so much for writing this, Dennis! For me, the best thing about foodbuzz was getting to know you!

    It’s not surprising to hear that they are having a hard time filling the seats at the Festival. I “liked” them on facebook and I’ve noticed that they are getting very little “buzz” on their facebook posts.

    Because of your excellent advice about Google+, I have been using it for several months. I urge everyone who’s interested in it to read your tutorial. Since I have become more active with Google+, the majority of my traffic comes from Google search engines from all over the world! It’s quite amazing!

    Thank you for being such a generous teacher and leader! 🙂

    • hi Kath

      Thank you so much for the kind words, and I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying G+!

      I can’t believe how much my traffic increased even before Google added me to their follow list.

      If you ever need any help or have any questions about G+ don’t hesitate to ask!


  15. Excellent post, Dennis. I left Foodbuzz long ago because I saw the writing on the wall. I am going back to your google+ tutorial once more, but in the meantime thanks for these tips. ps I shared this post on google+ 🙂

  16. hi Winnie

    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the post and thank you so much for sharing the post on G+!

    If I can help in any way or you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


  17. I attended the very first FoodBuzz festival in San Francisco which to me could never be beaten even by the Gala I attended at year two. Cheese and wine tastings, olive oil tastings instead of writing and photography workshops and an Outstanding in the Field dinner with 250 people at dinner snaking through a warehouse. It is sad that the community feel is gone forever, but it is also the only food conference I have ever attended that was free. BlogHer, IFBC, Eat, Write Retreat to name a few are all over $300 to attend. It is the end for sure.

    • How I wish I could have been at that first festival….sigh it must have been incredible! I hear you on the conferences, but I guess with Federated it’s coming down to you get what you pay for, and that’s why they’re not giving much. G+ is the way to go, I don’t know if you’re on yet, but its so easy to use and stay connected. Hope to see you there!

  18. Hi Dennis, I was so pleased to read this, Ithought it was just me who didn’t understand the changes! Foodbuzz was where I started too and it was always part of my routine, I do miss it and all thefriends I made and meeting new ones! Will definitely be checking out g+ even though I’m a little aprehensive about learning how it works!! Thanks for leading the revolution!!

    • hi Natalie

      I do hope to see you on G+, it really is very easy to use and doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Check out my tutorial, it explains how to get set up, that’s where too many people make the mistake and then get frustrated when no one follows them.

      Viva la Revolution!

  19. Dennis! And after your last article I was all set to give them a second chance. Luckily I have no contract, that I’m aware of. I will say Ligit was very fishy. They’ve been e-mailing me about advertising but instead of just coming out and say what they can do for me and what they pay, they just give a tidbit and if you ask a question, then they will answer it. Why not just come out and Say, this is who we are, this is what we can offer and this is what we will pay. The only good thing I can say about Ligit is they did say No Contract. So if you’ve in with them and unhappy, you can dump them at any time.
    I’m trying to get used to G+, It’s just a new routine I need to get in the habit of checking and posting. Posting the photos makes absolute sense, just like Facebook and Pinterest. we all love a pretty photo.

    • I just kept fooling myself into thinking they really cared about us…..sigh But life goes on and G+ is turning out to be a real blessing for food bloggers. Hang in there and if you need any help at all just ask!

  20. You don’t know how much I appreciate your posts about these matters. I’ve read that G+ tutorial three times…at least. I have a contract with FBuzz .. :/

    Thanks for the photo tip about G+. I have indeed been using my link to post the photo.

  21. Thanks so much for this post, Dennis, and thank you for rounding folks up. I’ll see you on Google+!

    I went with BlogHer for my new blog and I’m very, very happy with that choice.

    • I look forward to seeing you on G+!! make sure you let me know you’re on so I can follow and introduce to all my friends!

  22. Hi Dennis,

    I’ve struggled with Twitter (my own fault, very shy), starting to get used to Facebook and now starting to use Google+ and I’m really enjoying it. And I think it’s where I may hang my hat. I have a lot to learn about the ins and outs but with time I’m hoping I will figure it out. I’ve noticed that you share a few from your circle occasionally, do you ever share your complete circle of food bloggers? Thank you for mentioning the tip of using the “photo” and adding link, I tried this over the last week and found the option much better, it’s nice to know you agree.

    • Hi Grace
      I’ve struggled with twitter too, mostly because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I see others really thriving over there, but I just can’t seem to understand why we do it. As for G+, I think I enjoy it so much because its a lot like foodbuzz, and I can connect with so many people.

      I do share my food bloggers circle, I will be going through it doing some house keeping and then reshare it, hopefully tonight.

      I’m always here if you need me!


  23. Thanks for the G+ tips! I suspected FoodBuzz was hurting for attendees when they opened the $30 reg to all bloggers. Since I live in SF, I’m willing to check it out at that price point! Sorry to hear you won’t be attending… the dine around town thing does sound confusing, but we’ll see! Sometimes it’s fun to see the city from a visitor’s perspective…

    • I’m sure it will still be a lot of fun, and if I was local I would attend just to see everyone who made it out. You’ll have to let me know how it was if you do go!

  24. Foodbuzz was so much fun! I joined in 2007 and loved the community. We attended the
    awesome Festival #1, great memories. Sad to see a good thing get ruined…

    Thanks for this post Chef, I have been thinking about what to do next. Now I’m off to learn more about Google+. See you there!

    Bon Appétit,
    Lori Lynn

    • Thanks Lori, I hope to see you on G+. It’s the perfect place to ressurect our community, check out my tutorial, it will help you get started. Most of the complaints I hear are from people who didn’t set up their page properly and then get frustrated when nothing happens.

      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

  25. Excellent post! In the Foodbuzz era tradition, you go on to educate all of us about the community issues at large and guide how to harness the circumstances to a positive end result. I have appreciated your Google + tutelidge as it is not a completely intuitive site but it does offer the best of many other applications.

    I too miss Foodbuzz and feel Federated Media has overlooked potentially the most valuable asset in the acquisition: the community. It was a strong dynamic and something they could really do something with. I noted a comment on your publication of this post on G+ from someone saying ‘how could I leave Foodbuzz there is nothing left’ (meaning the new site). I’m sorry you were dragged through the mud and there is a chance they really aren’t all ‘on first’ with the next steps.

    Finally ‘read your contracts’; amen. As you know I’ve gone through some contracts Legit included to find substantial consequences (owning your content in perpetuity, ad groups right to bill YOU the publisher, etc) that are completely inconsistent with the stated business practices. Ethical companies will ask for contracts reflecting their actual business practices be signed only.

  26. Oh what a downfall for foodbuzz. I used it for a couple of week looong ago, but I didnt really enjoys it. Those are great memories you have chef of the last food blogger festivals, I wish those kind of things existed where I am. =)

    Google+ is cool and the community is huge already. The last days I had even the feeling that google was more active then facebook. Maybe its because of all those bad news around the latter.

    • You have really been having a great time on G+ Helene, I know I can always count on seeing your posts!

      We do have a wonderful community already and I look froward to seeing more food bloggers on board. I don’t think facebook is really good for food bloggers to connect, there is no sense of community. It may be a good source of readers but we need somewhere to call home and I think G+ is that home

  27. I lost interest in my relationship with foodbuzz a while ago (as you know) but after my last correspondence with them, about my upcoming renewal, they sealed the deal. I have never so quickly decided that I would be leaving a company I have built a relationship with. Their answers were uninformative, unconcerned, and made me feel like I was just wasting their time. No company should treat their partners like that, no matter the size. To top it off, their lack of structure between blogs, giving people different rates for different reason just seemed like a popularity contest to me. Needless to say, I will be making some changes very soon.

    • hi Kita

      they really have done us wrong, I can’t believe they didn’t treat you better! Please let me know if you find any good options for us, we really need someone who will be honest with us and treat us with respect.
      We need to get Wendy to set up a dinner soon, it would be good to see you again!


  28. I miss the food buzz community as well. I befriended Google+ awhile ago and loving it. Thanks for all the tips, good talk and plusses.

    • I am very happy to see you’re having fun on G+ , we really do have a wonderful group of people there already, we just need to let all are other foodbuzz friends know about G+ and get them on board!

  29. I miss FoodBuzz so much. It was essential to launching and growing my blog. I made so many wonderful friends and had a blast keeping up with the developments of other bloggers. As sad and bitter as I am about its demise I am encouraged by Google+. If we all work at connecting and integrating it into the blogging routine, I am sure we can rebuild our community.

    As always, thanks for your advocacy Dennis! We are lucky to have you.

    • HI Dara

      Thank you so much for the kind words, I have been blessed to have so made so many wonderful friends through food blogging.

      So many of us owe so much to the old Foodbuzz, that’s why I worked so hard to keep everyone there. But I finally have realized its over.

      Google+ has offered us a great way to keep our community together. It really is easy to use, and once you get use to how it works it becomes second nature. If I can ever be of any help, don’t hesitate to ask!


  30. you know i was wondering if i missed something on foodbuzz, i thought i got blocked there that i couldnt use any features like b4, and now it’s explained here. That’s really sad 🙁

    • hi Endy

      yes it is, they broke my heart when they just kicked us aside. I hope you join us on G+ check out my tutorial it will make the process so much easier.
      I’m always here if you have questions too!

  31. To be honest, I never really understood how to use FoodBuzz; I had tried several times but the system seemed convoluted to me. But I did enjoy the FoodBuzz festival last year which was a blast. I was looking forward to going this year but with no speakers or central event, I saw no point. I’ll be happy to jump onto G+ and get to know other food bloggers. It’s a shame that FoodBuzz died the way that it did.

    • When it worked it worked well Michelle, but they allowed to much spam to creep in to the system which really bogged everything down. Now its just a sad assortment of people trying to keep their heads above water. I’m sure you’ll have a great time at the festival talking to other bloggers, that’s what its all about, community! It just seems that Federated has no idea what that is.

      Check out my tutorial on G+. the biggest complaint comes from bloggers who don’t set up their profiles right and then get frustrated when nothing happens. Also let me know when you sign on , so I can let everyone know.

  32. Thanks for your honest assessment and a great alternative. Not a chef nor blogger but a geeky scentist who loves to cook, bake, travel, and read, I’m also learning. Off to read your set-up blog and then the basics about google plus and google friends connect. Please know that you have a loyal cadre of readers who will find you, liv life, many others no matter what it takes. If we

    • That’s the best thing about Google+ Wendy, you can be everything you are, follow all types of people and keep them separated into circles so when you want to see what they’ve been up to its easy to do!
      I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends, thank you!

  33. Thanks, Dennis, for your passion and for working toward reestablishing a blogger community on Google+. I too have been disappointed with the demise of Foodbuzz. The communication has been the worst part. I’m still under contract with them, I suppose, but I can’t get anyone to write back and answer me. Are we indeed under contract with them (those of us who signed under Foodbuzz terms?) I got no communication about the transition and my content was not even showing up on Foodbuzz until I figured out how to “rejoin” on my own. I will have to look into Google + – have not joined it yet.

    • Hi Rachel

      Communications have never been good, but lately when they do communicate with us, they don’t tell us the truth. I know its a business, but we’re why they stay in business and they just don’t care! Google+ is really the perfect media for us to reestablish our community, the circles are perfect for that. There are already so many wonderful people on G+ and they love food!
      Check out my tutorial it will help you set up your account to be successful. I’ve seen too many bloggers not bother to set up their profiles and then wonder why no one follows them.

      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask

  34. Thanks for this post dear DEnnis Im agree with you and I find G+ so nice and is lovely be i contact with all of our friends and know others:))

    See you en G+ Dennis

    • you’re very welcome Gloria! G+ has been a blessing to our community, as Foodbuzz slams one door shut Google opens another door!

  35. Great post, Chef, as always!! Last night I read this post on my phone and all I could do was nod my head in agreement… I was so disappointed to open up foodbuzz one day and not find any of you there. I keep going through old posts and old comments to find my old foodbuzz friends. I miss having that community feel… I hope we can rebuild it all on G+. If you need anything from me to help, please let me know.
    Have a great day!!

    • hi Kate

      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed my post, and that you agree! We need to get everyone already on G+ to reach out to fellow bloggers and let them know we have a new home.

      The circles are perfect for setting up a community, it so easy to follow what everyone does that way, even on your phone! Foodbuzz always loaded so slowly but G+ rocks on my android!

      Just spread the word on your blog, send them to my tutorial so they don’t get frustrated or get set up wrong, that would be a great help. And if I can ever do anything for you please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m here if you need me!

  36. The death of foodbuzz is unfortunate but they sure dug their own grave. The poor treatment of so many bloggers just lead to so many people not moving over when they changed names. I miss the community of people, but not foodbuzz itself.

    I am still trying to love G+, it still irks me about my photos. But live and learn. Are you making a former foodbuzz circle?

    • hi Kim

      I will be putting together a Foodbuzz circle just hoping I don’t miss anyone, I thought I would get to it today, but you know how life has a funny way of getting in the way of plans. Right now I’m just trying to get the word out to as many old foodbuzz bloggers that we have a new home and get them here and blogging.

      Keep working on G+, it will pay dividends, I promise! It was sad about your pictures, but you seem to have recovered. Google has much much more coming are way, its only going to get better!

      have a happy day my friend

  37. I joined this food blogging thing so late (feb of this year) that places like foodbuzz were a mess to understand. So I really don´t miss much, except that you could find a lot of other blogs if you wanted to.
    What I´m seeing now, and I speak with almost no experience, is a lot of groups being formed. I joined a few and it´s the perfect way to get to know dozens of new blogs every month.

    Maybe it´s time for someone new to give shape to another foodbuzz-like site…

  38. So just curious, if you dislike Foodbuzz so much why are you continuing to benefit from their ads? Seems like the real stand to take is removing their ads from your site.

  39. I’m not a blogger but someone who likes food and fashion. I subscribed to the top 10 for both categories. And that’s how I found you and other food bloggers. I realized a few weeks ago that I no longer even get Food Buzz emails. I enjoyed the top 10. I didn’t like the way they were doing it in the end when it was focused on one food group or style of cooking. I’m glad I started following some good people before all these changes.

    • I think there were a lot of people left to wonder what happened. I hope you come over to G+ there’s plenty of food and fashion over there!

  40. The Mom Chef says:

    Yup, I miss my inbox on foodbuzz a lot. There are so many blogs that I lost contact with when that went away. That being said, I don’t feel like the company ever let me down because I never trusted them or signed a contract with them. I can’t even remember the last time I was on their site. google+ is definitely a fantastic replacement.

  41. I am not a food blogger, but i am a food blog addict 🙂 including yours. As a food blog reader, I never liked FoodBuzz — always way too complicated for my needs. Maybe it was more for food bloggers than food blog readers.

    In any case, I would love to follow everybody over to G+. Assuming it is open to food blog addicts like myself 🙂 I am always looking to discover new food blogs out there.

    • hi Dayna

      you would be in good company at G+ there are already a lot of wonderfully talented food bloggers sharing their creations! If you do join, check out my tutorial so you get set up properly. It’s a really easy system to use and a lot of fun. Let me know when you sign on so I can follow you!


  42. Dennis,

    Thanks for the Foodbuzz update. I saw the writing on the wall at the festival in 2011 and I dumped them in April as soon as I could. I knew that Federated was focused on money, advertiser relationships and not community from the outset of the acquisition announcement. I even had a Federated SVP contact me directly soon after I posted Twitter comments suggesting the looming issues. I stood my ground and told them that they are in business and being called out for their business goals was just how they were going to come to deal with the community.

    Since April I have focused on Twitter & Facebook to curate a niche community focused on beverages (wine, beer, cider, mead, both making and enjoying) as well as branching out into print writing. I’m happier with some of the outcome, but do miss some of the early community aspects to Foodbuzz. I have a G+ account, but haven’t been using it. Now I will be, as I fully expect that the community there, and where I don’t have to fit a Foodbuzz category, will be richer still and interacting with new folks has always been part of what I have been doing.

    See you in G+ land!


    • Jason

      you have to start with G+, I wrote a tutorial that I mentioned in the post, check it out and set up your profile. It’s really easy to use, and much more foodie friendly, the folks on G+ love food and alcohol posts and pics!

      This is the future my friend, Google has so much more to add to this media, their just feeding it to us a little at a time, so we’re not overwhelmed!

      See you on G+

  43. Isn’t it just crazy how they simply are managing to murder a site by killing its USP? I never got around to get into Foodbuzz. I was new on the circuit and by the time I got around to knowing about it, it was already morphing. I am glad I didn’t spend precious resources on it. I have been approached by Lijit….so I don’t know what I should do about that.

    • I’d stay away from Lijit Minnie, from what I’ve been told they really don’t have their act together. Are you on G+ yet? Its the best place for food bloggers!

  44. Dennis, thank you profusely for your help with G+ — I’m just beginning to get into the swing of things, and your tutorial and your kind patience with my questions have been a lifesaver — G+ is a fun place to be! I’ve been rather sporadic after my “gone half the summer” hiatus (got on G+ and had to leave it in the lurch for a bit), but I plan to get into the spirit of things asap! (Was eyeballing a new webcam just today…) 🙂 Thanks again for your honest assessments and also for your enthusiastic support of our food blogging community. You’re a true gentleman and we’re blessed to have you!

    • Kim

      its been my pleasure, I’m happy to see you on G+, it takes a little time and little work, but believe me it will be well worth it!

      I’m here if you need me!

  45. I so feel your pain. The love of Foodbuzz, getting that featured publisher rush of acceptance and then getting up in the middle of the night to see if you made Top 9 and the great amount of traffic. Then came the endless 24×24 .. I was lucky to have made it four times. Such an honor. The best friendships came from there that have lasted and surpassed many. The glory of Foodbuzz had long since passed for me. I ended up feeling many times and days of rejection on the several posts of concerns I made on NEWS then I posted surveys. EVeryone disgusted. I finally just broke my contract and left. Google + has brought me several new friend ships of awesome chefs and true cooking addicts like us.. the love of food lives on… your truly one of the great and I totally respect your words of wisdom here and truth… honest and the best of the best thanks for being a great foodie chef and friend.. this was awesome~

    • Thanks Claudia!

      I will always have a special place in my heart for Foodbuzz, because of all the wonderful people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet because of them.

      I now know that it’s over, and I feel lucky that we have G+, it’s the perfect home for food bloggers. We just need to spread the word so more of our friends come over.

      I’m always happy to help, I’m here if you need me!

  46. Dennis,

    Let me say, I LUVS YA, buddy! You speak the truth. One of the things I have always loved about you is that you try to help us home cooks, AND, you are about the food. You are not about who can take the best pictures, or who has the bling blog… although I do realize that we eat with our eyes first…

    Side Note: Do people REALLY want to know how to make toast in pictures or do THEY want a unique recipe? I feel that in the later days, Food Buzz started to cater to the toast in pics crowd. Just sayin’….

    I am not so worried about my “contract” as I get about $2.75 cents a month from Food Buzz as I have a full time job in another area. That and my good looks buys me a half of a cup of coffee at Starbucks each month. I know for some of you who are serious bloggers, the pay does matter, and I don’t mean to make light of that. I am honored that anyone would read any of my recipes.

    What I do miss is the team spirit. I now have to find you all over Twitter and face book and google and it drives me nuts. Blogs I read every day I now have to try to find again. If you were my friend on Food Buzz, I got to your blog at least once a week. I know most of you did the same, too, as I see who reads through my stats. We all support each other.

    Dennis, if you start your own thing, please, I want to be part of it!

    I honestly don’t plan on a contract. I am just going to keep doing my thing and if you all want to read, I’d love to have you. I am not doing this to make money. I am going to be 50 in a few weeks. And as the SNL character “Sally O’Malley” would say, “I can kick, strech and kick.” I add that I can cook to that. LOL.

    Food is love! Thank you, Dennis.

    • hi Mary Kay
      would love to have you join the community over at G+ Mary Kay, check out my tutorial on how to set up your profile, it will make life easier for you and get you better results.

      let me know when your on so I can follow you!

  47. Hi, Chef Dennis,

    I went ahead and broke my contract with FB…they didn’t seem to care that I did, and I wasn’t getting hits from them anyway (so would have had very little monetary compensation). Blogher was glad to take me…but I do miss my FB friends. I know I’ve lost contact with quite a few folks that I used to visit at least once a week 🙂 Great post, my friend…you’ve helped me a lot with G+ over the past few months.

    • i’m happy I could help, and I know we can rebuild the community on G+ we just need to spread the word and let everyone know where we are. Once the circles are set up , we can have a stream of food bloggers, and it will be just like Foodbuzz only better!

  48. Hi Chef, I have felt this way from the very start. Call me a pessimist, but I knew that it wouldn’t be the same with this new format. It was such a great sense of community for the food bloggers out there and personally I think they should be ashamed with what they have done to the site. I mean, the people that I met on Foodbuzz are those that I still visit regularly. We all look up to you Chef, I know I did when I first started out and still do!

    I am on G+. Still learning but I am on it 🙂

    • I know Raven, I was just fooling myself hoping that they would see what they had.

      G+ is the future, we just need to let more of our friends know that’s where they belong, it will be the biggest and best online community of food bloggers in the world!

  49. Sigh…Everything you have said here couldn’t be more true. I think we are all so disappointed in the changes Foodbuzz has made. The sense of community was by far the best thing about Foodbuzz and they completely removed it. I don’t know why they would expect people to keep coming back after doing that. It’s not surprising that not many people registered for the conference this year. Very sad!!

    Foodbuzz may have went away, but here you are still rounding up the troops! You are a true leader in our community, Chef!

    • the best thing about foodbuzz was the community, we can have that back and then some on G+ , we just need to start spreading the word!

  50. hi Chef. I am so sorry to hear this, especially because I know you have been the biggest supporter of foodbuzz.

    I am finding myself with limited internet time these days, and I want to spend it wisely… I am now on G+, still connecting with people and still learning. I am grateful for your knowledge you always share – you have been a valuable friend to know!

    • Thanks Kristina
      It really hurt to see them turn into what they’ve become and even more so not to at least tell me the truth. But live and learn, Google has been very good to me, and I’ve found the same type of camaraderie at G+, so that’s where my focus will be from now on. I appreciate your support and friendship!

  51. Great post Dennis! I wasn’t even aware about the changes coming to Foodbuzz and unfortunately I have already bought my ticket to SF for the festival. I was wondering why there wasn’t any workshops… those were my favorite part!

    • hi Jane

      I bought my ticket too, I just held out to make room reservations and the flight, it would have cost me about 1200 to go on a scavenger hunt…lol, so I’m passing. I’m sure you’ll still have a great time connecting with the other bloggers. Let me know now it turns out!

  52. I’m really happy to read this, and SO happy to know I’m not alone in feeling this way. Foodbuzz was such a great community. I really miss it!

    Looking forward to checking out G+

    • if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. My tutorial is a great place to start, also let me know if you do join, so I can follow you. I don’t always get to see who follows me.

  53. Great post Chef!!! I happy to see you on Google+ I like how it works:) It’s awesome place to connect with foodies. Thanks Dennis.

  54. Chef Dennis,
    this is a fantastic post. I’m on Google + but still haven’t figured out how to use it the right way. I like the fact that you said to post pictures and leave a link to the post. I always did it the other way around, and now I know how to do it better. I’m with the food blogging community since March 2012 and still learning a lot every day. Thank you

    • Thanks Frank, glad to hear you enjoyed it. I found you on G+ and started following you, if you have any questions about G+ let me know, I’m here to help. My other Tutorial on G+ has more info about setting up your account too.

  55. I’m happy I found Foodbuzz when I did (Sept 2011) because I was there and meeting people before it’s untimely demise. In fact, if I hadn’t found it I’m not sure I would have taken my blog public at all. It is so frustrating that so many “community” sites are really just about making money off of our content. I think that’s why things like your Community Watch, the Food Bloggers Friends group, and my own Food Bloggers Network group are so important. I have learned so much from the people in FBN and I like knowing that the community is looking out for each other – as well as being very welcoming to new people. Food bloggers who are in it for the food/community rather than chasing elusive riches (ha!) are like a giant town potluck – everyone’s welcome and the more the merrier. I don’t use Google+ as much as I could but I do enjoy it when I’m on there. One thing I’ve noticed recently however is that I’m getting a lot (A LOT) of basically spam emails from food bloggers through Google+. As in, it’s not enough that they post on G+ but then they email their latest post to you whether you’re a subscriber or not. I’ve gotten so many recently that I’ve started “muting” people. To me it’s even worse than the multiple submissions we’d get on Foodbuzz because these go to my real, personal inbox. Any thoughts on this? I’d love to discuss with you if you’re available because I think the folks don’t realize they are turning (at least some) people off. Hope all is well ~ Jessica

    • hi Jessica

      muting works, but also if you go into your settings , you can uncheck all of the email boxes except ones that mention you by name and for new followers, those are the only two email notices I get. It’s like with pinterest, you just turn off your email notices

      otherwise you get tooo many emails! This is also why you should share public only, if you share to circles you’re sending a notice.


  56. Thank you Dennis for posting this. I just saw the last hangout on Google Plus, although I have no idea how the whole thing works. Sounds great, though. I miss the interaction with the other foodies, and think this is a great concept. I will read your link on how it all works, and will def be posting!

  57. Interesting Chef Dennis! I just did an interview with Guy Kawasaki on his new book about Google+ where he gives some tips on getting started. You can listen here:

    Look forward to connecting on Google+!

  58. I don’t know how I’m just reading this, but it is a great post, Dennis! I actually had no idea that it was better to share photos with a link rather than just links… will be changing my ways. I’ve unfortunately missed all of your hangouts but hopefully will join one soon.

    Also, I completely agree with everything you said about Foodbuzz from last year – I thought it was just me!

  59. Thanks Chef! I just added you on G+ and I’m popping over to read your tutorial. I’ve had a G+ account since it was invite only and I’ve never known what to do with it. Hopefully your tutorials will help me with that.

    • hi Maranda

      thanks for the add on G+, I will look for it so I can follow you back! What name are you using?

      let me know if you have any questions after viewing the video


  60. Chef Dennis

    I am sad to see this happen! I got the dreaded email my contract was up yesterday and today my Foodbuzz ad is gone. I totally forgot about it and just went and looked. The ad was gone but they conveniently left the Federated Media Food Bloggers button there. I immediately took it off.

    I got the lijit email asking me to join. I joined but don’t know if I signed a contract!! Anyway I have had the lijit ad at the bottom of my blog and I have earned a whopping $3.47 for the past month. Google ads pay better than that.

    I am going to read your G+ for Food Bloggers article. I really don’t know what I am doing on G+. Thanks for another great post!

    • hi Arlene

      Lejit is not the place you want to be, trust me on that one. Start applying to Blogher, Glam, SayMedia any others you can find. As for G+ its a great place to be! I also have a few videos on you tube that might help, my last one came out really good.

      let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help!


  61. It was so refreshing for my sanity to read this post! Since day one, I saw that Foodbuzz had turned to crap and I wrote them and told them as much. Good grief – it doesn’t even have a search option!!!! What website doesn’t have a search option?!?! You can’t find anything or anybody! You see only what Foodbuzz wants you to see and that’s that. Anyhoo – I never saw anything on Twitter or FB or anywhere where other people were complaining so I thought it was just me. THANK YOU for showing me that I am not alone! I have joined Google+, still trying to figure it out, but I think it’s going to be far better than Foodbuzz and that other site that now decides which 10% of your friends get to see your post. UGH! Thank you for your time and effort in helping to build a bloggers community! See you on Google+.

  62. I miss the community vibe of FoodBuzz too. I’m becoming more active on Google+ and I dig it. And I have you to thank for being my first friend on both sites. I’ve been waiting to hear your thoughts on FoodBuzz because my contract is up soon too. As always…thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  63. I left foodbuzz before ligt take over. Yes it is really sad.I need to spend some more time in G+ I will do that.

  64. You are a truly generous and helpful individual. I am new to this (about 8 months), I read about you on Lora’s blog, and I am hooked. I’m still figuring out my way around Google +, but your writing has been so helpful. Thank you.

    • Thank you Karen, I’m happy to hear it’s helped. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Hope to see you around in our community!

  65. We are so glad to found your article Chef D! For a while now tried to find out what really happened to foodbuzz… and thanks to you, now we know.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and see you at G+

    Judit & Corina

    • I still feel bad about losing foodbuzz, but we have a growing community of food bloggers on G+ now and it the way G+ is set up it works even better than foodbuzz did. I hope to see you in our community on G+ soon! If you have any questions on how to, I have some tutorials and you tube videos to help, or just drop me a line.


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