The Food Blogger’s Guide to Understanding Google +

It’s been almost a year since I joined Google+ and I’ve been telling anyone and everyone that would listen (and even those that didn’t) to join G+.    For the  most part my advice fell on deaf ears, and more than half of you that took my advice posted a few times then disappeared……sigh

But the good news is, it’s not too late to join the party, Google+ is still in it’s early stages, and trust me when I tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I think everyone can agree that social media is the key to success in our business, it’s how we interact with friends and associates and how we make new connections.  While Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have helped us gain new readers and kept every one informed, Google+ takes social media to the next level.    Google has developed a platform that will eventually make all other social media obsolete, by combining  the best features of  our favorites into one format.

With G+ you have the ability to post like facebook, using your text and your pictures, as well as the instant messaging of Twitter (although I won’t pretend to know how twitter really works).  Google has also thrown in a better version of Skype as an added bonus,  not only can you send instant messages and post, but you can also do live video chats with up to 9 others on Google Hangouts.   And if that wasn’t enough, you can make those Hangouts into Events and invite the world or just a few close friends……the world is your oyster!

Remember that we’re only at the one year mark for G+, and this is only the beginning.

What I see as the main stumbling blocks to using G+ is a lack of understanding of the platform, so I will do my best to share what I’ve learned about Google+ over the last year.

Your G+ Profile

Let’s start at the beginning with your profile.  Before you go out into the world and start adding people to your circles, there are a few things you need to do first.  The most damaging thing you can do to yourself on G+ is to add people to your circles without telling them who you are.  With many G+ users, you’ll only get one chance to be added to their circles, and if you’re ignored on your first attempt, it’s going to take a lot of work on your part to win someone back.

There are days I get over 100 new followers on G+, and if the first thing I see when I open a profile is a blue-head, it tells me that the person was too lazy to add a picture to their profile, and I’ll usually hit the ignore button.  Now let’s talk about your profile pic!

Do Not, let me repeat myself,  Do Not use an image that looks like crap. You know the ones I’m talking about, the images that are so small that they won’t even enlarge to a decent profile pic. Using something that looks bad is even worse than being a blue-head.  When I see a totally blurry pixelated image, if I don’t already know you I ignore you.   If you don’t want to use your own image, then use a nice food image or your logo instead,  just make sure it looks reasonably good when you view it in your profile!

Now here’s another point to ponder, we’re food bloggers and we’re trying to attract real people to read our posts, am I right?  Why are so many bloggers hesitant to use a picture of themselves on their page?   People want to connect with you, and a good way to do that is to let them see what you look like…….it’s more personal that way, more like a friend talking to them instead of  faceless somebody.

Now let’s continue setting up your profile.  You’ve added your profile pic, and now is a good time to add in some of your food images, you don’t have to go crazy but you should have some images posted.   You can create as many albums as you like, just make sure to mark them viable to the public.  This is also a good time to pick the images that you want at the top of your profile page, they will go into your scrapbook album.  There is also a new feature that allows you upgrade to a cover photo, which lets you use one image on your header instead of five, you could even use your blog header.   Let’s move on.

You should be on the About page editing your profile.  If you’re using your personal page, put your blog name in your Tagline.  If you’re using a brand page, then add in any Tagline you may already have, if not have fun with it! Now, I know some of you want to know at this point if they should be using a brand page.  That’s a good question, and one I don’t really have a good answer for.  I don’t use a brand page, because I am my brand.  So for me it makes sense to just use my name, but even if your name is not your brand name, I still think using your own name with your blog name as the Tagline is a better option.  Here’s my reasoning.

Brands can only follow other brands, that means you can’t follow any individual people, which leaves you very limited in who you can follow.  You see the way it’s set up now, you can’t follow individuals unless they follow you first, and you need to follow individuals,  that’s where you’re going to pick up your new readers.   So if your dead set on using a brand page, that’s okay.  It just means you’re going to have to do twice as much work and promote your brand page from your personal page as well.  That’s twice the work twice the posts, making it repetitive, which isn’t always a good thing (we’ll get to that later).  Let’s get back to your profile.

You need to write a decent introduction,  I try to use the same intro anytime I’m asked for one,  If you already have a good bio just copy and paste it into this section.

Remember, this is about personal relationships with your readers and followers, they want to know who you are, so don’t be shy!

We move onto bragging rights, and if your at a loss, sometimes surviving the 80’s is good enough, get creative!    After that, you need to list your occupation, which can be as simple as the owner of your blog.  Under employment, again just use your blog if want to, while I stress telling people about yourself, I don’t always recommend telling them everything, so if you have a day job unless you’re bragging don’t feel compelled to list it.   The rest of the profile is pretty self explanatory, and please give an email address.   People need to know how to contact you if they have a question about your post, or life in general.   It’s okay to  have fun with some of the answers on your profile, everything doesn’t have to be black and white.

That brings us to the links, which are so very important, for more reasons than just listing your other locations where you can be found.  Think of them as bonus points on the Google search engines, so list all of your social networks, blogs and any other links you have.

Your Profile is now complete, you’re not a blue-head and your followers know a little about you now, you’ve become a real person!  You should even have some images up in your albums, so followers can see how creative and talented you are!   Congratulations,  now you won’t be ignored!

Your G+ Posts

Posting consistently is another great way to get people to follow you, and one thing to remember is that for the folks on Google+ all of your posts are new posts.

That’s right, you have an archive of older posts that will all be new posts to most of your followers on G+.   I don’t want to hear that you don’t have time to post, it’s as easy to post on G+ as it is on Facebook, you add your link, pick out your image, write a few lines and post.   Now here is how you do it.

1.  Choose the add link thingy in the share whats new box on your profile page, and put in your link in the box that appears, it will set your posts.

2.  When you hover over the image, you’ll notice little arrows that will let you move through the images on that post, so you  can pick an image to use, don’t leave it blank and don’t leave your logo as the picture!  People eat with their eyes and a good picture of  your creation will get noticed, your logo will not!

3.  Where it says share,  choose to make it Public!!  Do not share this only to your circles or certain cirlces, you want new people to see this, if you don’t share it to the public only the people already in your circles will see it, and that makes no sense at all.   The other problem with sharing to circles, is that they will also be notified that you shared something with them, and if you do this too may times, you’ll find yourself ignored.   Over sharing can be obnoxious, so only do it if you have something truly important to say, not just to promote yourself.

So remember share to public, it really is the best choice overall, that’s all there is to it.

Now there are some guidelines for posting, that I would like to share with you.  I already told you that sharing something directly can be considered sort of obnoxious, and part of the reason is depending upon how it’s set up you can also be sending out email notices.   I’m sure everyone knows as well as I do that the last thing we need is another email, especially if it’s something that really doesn’t interest us.  We love our friends but we don’t need more clutter in our inbox!

The other problem that you can have with posting is over posting.  I mentioned that you can post all of your old posts as new posts on Google+; you just don’t want to post them all on the same day (can you say spam)!  If you’re new to G+ you can post two or three, but don’t get carried away, remember its consistency and quality, never quantity!  You’re much better off posting your own material just once a day.

Again, it’s important to realize that G+ is not twitter, or a notification system like Foodbuzz,  share your post only once.   I often see bloggers re-posting their  G+ post, over and over again, it’s not a good practice, and its also a good way to get ignored or blocked.    If you’re a good Plusser, other Plussers will re-share your post, which will give you more exposure on Google+. Also when you leave comments for other plussers, it takes their post back up to the top of the stream, where more Plussers will see it. (if you haven’t figured it out yet  G+ users are called Plussers).

Another point to remember is when you leave comments for others, its important that you add their name into the post as it reads on G+, such as my G+ name,  +Chef Dennis Littley.   You also want to add the original plussers name into the text box on posts that you re-share.   When you re-share remember to re-share to public, the only time you won’t be able to do this is if  the post your re-sharing was only shared with circles.  Then you can only share it to your extended circles.

The reason you want to place the plussers name in the post, is so they reciprocate with your name, when they thank you, or when they mention you.   Every time your G+ name is mentioned, you’ll get bonus points in the search engine……..and that my friends is why it’s important.   The more you mention others names , the more your name will be mentioned and that will lead to more exposure in the Google search engine.

So in order to get more exposure, you need to leave comments, always +1  your friends, mention Plussers by their +name, and re-share posts that you like.    Sharing other Plussers posts, is the easiest way to get your posts shared, plus its good exposure for you as well.   You will find that Google + users will look forward to your shares, because they know your posts are worth reading, and you re-post good content.   This is a perfect example of do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Your G+ Account Page

At the top of your G+ page  in the right corner is your name, click on your name, and then on account, this will bring up your account settings.  On the sidebar you will find different headings.   The only heading you need to concern yourself with is  Google+.  On this page you will adjust your settings on who can interact with you, and what you’re notified about.   You really want to be notified about everything, except for comments that are left after your comment.  It’s good to know just about everything else as it happens, but you can decide what’s best for you.  Take some time and consider your options for these settings.

The products page has all of your google options in one place, and since I always forget how to get to my feed burner, this makes life easy.     Take a few minutes to go over the products page there may  be some options you didn’t know about.

Whats New on G+

I touched briefly on the G+ hangouts,  but this is definitely an area that you need to explore.   Whether your gathering your family together, or holding a conference with fellow bloggers, Google has given us an amazing tool to use with the Hangouts.   In the hangout, up to 10 people can video chat or even share a meal together, no matter where in the world they’re at.  All you need is a web cam and a high speed Internet connection.

I’ve been using the hangouts, teaching cooking classes to Plussers around the world, it boggles my mind!  Google has made hangouts even more amazing by allowing you to schedule them as Events, inviting your friends, your family or the world.   If you’ve got something to share with the community or  the world, this is a great platform to do it from.    Not only can you video chat with 9 friends, but everyone else you invite can watch.

When you make your event live, you’ll even get a You Tube recording of it.   Simply amazing!

Google has another new area on your G+ page when you hover over more, you can choose local.  Local will show you what’s going on in your area, and list restaurants for you to review.  Google now owns Zagat and they are looking for professionals in the food industry to help them by reviewing restaurants in their area.   This is something you want to do……bonus points……remember them?  It’s another opportunity to have your name come up in the search engines!

Google has made available another great tool to help us get more exposure and attention on their search engine and that is Google+  Authorhip.   Make sure you check out that link to learn more about it and how to use it.

Questions about G+

One of the questions that come’s up frequently is why are “Random People are following me”.  It’s okay if people you don’t know follow you,  that can be a good thing.   You never know where a new reader might come from, or who that new follower is.  Of course that doesn’t mean you have to follow them.  You can always hit ignore and if they start interacting with you and you like what they’re saying you can always add them to your circles later.

Since we’re talking about circles, I have some advice.  Set up your circles before you start getting a lot of followers, it will be much easier in the long run.  I have one for family, one for business, and about 10 specialized circles, and one big one I throw everyone I don’t really know in.   I also have one circle for people I don’t really want to get rid of, there nice people but either they post too much , or post the same things over and over again, they go in my special circle.    There is a very important reason to do that.

When you click on your home page, at the top of the page there will be a few of your circles listed,  click on more and they all will appear.  Now open up your circle of over posters and you’ll see a slider button on the top right, use this slider to control how much shows up in your stream from the circle.  Of course it will work for all of your circles, that way you get to customize your stream.

I love spending time going through my stream, I have some really great tech people that I follow so I stay up to date on all the new advances,  photographers, social media people, and so much more.   While it’s great to connect with your foodie friends, you want to diversify and expand your interests in order to get new followers and readers.

Google has been doing a good job on keeping spammers out of G+, lets hope it stays that way.

You will of course from time to time run into that one crazy person that you don’t want anything to do with.   That’s really easy to take care of, all you have to do is block them.  When you block them you can also report them, if they are being troublesome.   By blocking them , they no longer can comment on your posts, nor will they see your posts in their stream and you will not see their posts in your stream.   You also have the option to report them for a variety of things, and Google does take this seriously.   You can find the links to block or report  underneath the  followers on the offenders profile page.

I feel like I could go on for another few pages, but this is a lot of content to digest at one time, so lets call this Part One of my Google+ Users Guide.   I can’t stress enough how important it is to get started using G+.   You won’t start seeing too much in the way of results for about three months, but if you use G+ as I have outlined, and become a good Plusser,  you will reap the benefits.   Google+ is still in its early stages, and this is the perfect time to get yourself entrenched before it really starts to take off.

I would like to mention that Google has offices in many cities world wide, and they’re just waiting for you to contact them.  They will help you in any way they can.  We had a wonderful meet up in their Philadelphia office, and they were very helpful and responsive to our needs.   Contact them if there local, you’ll be very happy you did!

If you still have questions here is a great resource for G+  Learn More Google+ Page,  or feel free to contact me and I’ll do the best I can to answer.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow was this ever thought out and well written. I have to say I have never thought about alot of these things will have to go back and see if I wrote something worth reading! I kind of like Pinterest the best. I have over 10k followers there. Most of my traffic comes from them.. Not to sure how you feel about that site. I however have not embraced google plus as much as I should I miss alot from there.
    Thanks so much for such valuable information, you are always the biggest supporter and it doesnt go unnoticed. Thanks again for 1+ my posts I appreciate it, and your A #1 in my book all the time!

    • I love Pinterest Claudia, they usually come in 3rd or 4th in rankings of hits I receive. Google searches are #1. Pinterest is a lot of fun, and I have gotten a lot of new readers from it, and G+ has really gotten me moving in the search engines, so I think both are very valuable. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for Twitter or facebook, but they just don’t produce the same results.

      I do appreciate all you do as well, we have such a wonderful community, and I’m proud to be part of it!

      • Dennis, this is an “aha” moment for me! Most of my blog visitors are now coming from google searches, too, and I had no idea how that happened. It must be from my use of google+.

        Claudia, I really enjoy using Pinterest, too. I like it most for organizing recipes that I want to try, but I do get a fair number of visitors to my blog through Pinterest.

      • Thank you for your very insightful post. I think you have moved me off the fence about wanting to do a brand a my own personal page. I almost think for me twitter is a very poor source of real traffic. I get some, but it is very marginal.

        • I’m glad you found my post helpful Stephanie, If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d be happy to help!

  2. OMG you have a heck of a lot of information here! I’m bookmarking this so I can let it all sink in! I thought I knew a lot about G+ but I was obviously wrong! Great post!

  3. Great post! I was eagerly anticipating this since you mentioned you were writing this on facebook. I’ve been pretty clueless about what to do on google+, but this helps!

    • Thanks Winnie, I started writing it and there was just so much to say. I feel like I could have kept writing, but that was an awful lot of information for one post…lol….have to do a part 2 later!

  4. I have been intrigued by Google + for a while but haven’t taken the time to look into it at all. I am normally slow to these things…I only added Twitter a few months ago. Thanks for the easy how to and explanation. Joining will be moving to the top of my to do list.

  5. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    You spent a lot of time putting together this post and it’s full of great info on Google Plus. I still need to use it. I finally started to get SU and really love pinning. Twitter’s been fun too. There’s so many choices for people looking to network their ideas:)

    • thanks Lora! there certainly are a lot of choices out there for social media, and I do love pinterest also! But the only one that will get you more notice on Googles search engine is G+. They seem to have no qualms about rewarding there users, which is one of the biggest gripes that facebook and twitter has with G+. That’s the biggest difference and its a major one!

  6. This has been an enlightening read! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it.
    I have a G+ acct since I started blogging (5 months ago) but it was pure luck that it has many posts and a picture in the header! I really thought it was something that just didn´t appeal much to users, and it turns out it is new and growing! I was absolutely a virgin in social media and now my head is overflowing with so much info about how to grow with my blog that it´s hard sometimes to know what to do.

  7. Great info as always my friend. I need to take a peek at mine and see how I stack up.

  8. The mom chef says:

    I admit that I know nothing about google+ even though I’m a member. I get at least 20 people connecting with me every day and I don’t do anything about it because so many are obviously not interested in food. This was so helpful. I need to back and re-read it though.

    • You’ll find that they’re pretty much harmless, and while you may not want to follow them, there is usually no problem with letting them follow you. Remember that you’re trying to attract real people, and they don’t have to be foodies. In fact those without skills may become better followers as you teach them how to cook.

  9. Thanks for the info Dennis. I will print your post and follow the advice.

  10. Candace says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this very informative post, Chef! I’m saving this one as a reference. I have wanted to understand and use Google+ more consistently but just did not know how. This has helped so much. Thank you again!

    • your welcome Candace, this post turned out to be a lot more than I imagined as I begin writing it, and I had to cut myself short. There is so much more about G+, and its only the beginning.

  11. I share all my posts on G+ thanks to your encouragement! I need to beef up my user skills though…thanks for all the tips!

  12. If you lived in Denver I’d treat you to the best lunch in town … thank you for taking the time to write this up for us. I’m one of those “posted a few times” and then vanished on Google+. I now understand. I’m going to make an effort very soon to become a good little plusser. See you on Google+. Thanks Dennis.

    • Thanks Lea Ann, I do hope to get out that way sometime in the near future. I have so many friends in that area now. If you need any help with G+ don’t hesitate to ask.

  13. Great post Dennis! I have been so out of the loop with google+ and do not use mine enough or to it’s full potential.

    • you’re not alone Carrie. I keep telling everyone about it, because it does help increase your hits from Google’s search engine, they really do reward their users.

  14. This is a perfect post and you are so right about everything you say. I’ve bookmarked this so I can re-read it until I get it right. Thanks so much, Dennis!

  15. Peter @Feed Your Soul says:

    once again you show both a compassion for your fellow bloggers and keen insight into what we do. thx for sharing.

  16. Dennis, This is one of the most comprehensive overviews I’ve read in awhile regarding G+. It maps the basics in an easy-to-navigate fashion with thought provoking options to consider when presenting yourself to the world. It seems new features have been added since my initial foray as a plusser—it’s enough to bring me back. I’ll be circling you soon!

  17. OK, so I just posted a link on G+ to this great post, and I mentioned you, +Chef Dennis Littley. How come the +Chef Dennis Littley isn’t showing as a hyperlink? What am I doing wrong?

    • I figured it out! 🙂 When I start to type +Chef… a window pops up and I can select Chef Dennis Littley. That did the trick!

      • sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but happy to see you figured it out. Every now and then it just doesn’t work, and you have to backspace and start typing again. I’m not sure why it happens but it happens to me too.

  18. Like Emily, Carrie and a few others above, G+ has been on my list but haven’t taken the leap. It’s wonderful that you take the time to share the wealth! The tips, especially basics on setting up your profile, pic, individual or brand, etc. are thought provoking. And come at a perfect time for me as I’m diving in this week. Also interesting to hear your feedback on Twitter and FB use versus G+ and Pinterest. Switching gears is in order. Thanks for the wake up call 😉

  19. Chef Dennis, one of the “to do’s” I’d written on my list (before I left for Minnesota) was to look into Google+ when I got home. (Yes, I was putting it off… I’m such a technological chicken, ha!) Your post was serendipitous and inspiring, not to mention easy to understand. Can’t thank you enough for this!

  20. Thank you for continuing to keep us up to date with social media. I confess, I don’t always know what to do with it; but I I keep picking up bits and pieces here and there. 🙂

    • if you have time for any this would be the one because of the added benefit of more presence on Googles search engines! If you ever have any specific questions feel free to email me!

  21. Thanks for posting this resource, Chef! Google + is something I have explored very little and these are great tips – bookmarking for future reference!

  22. This is definitely a lot of information to take in! I’m one of those lazy Google+-ers, but after reading this, I may have to get myself more active! You definitely put a lot of things into perspective! Thanks Dennis =)

  23. Thank you so much for the info! I love it♥ I have not joined G+ yet (I’m using Tumblr) but now you have me thinking of switching over.

    • Hi Sonya
      you can still use tumbler as your blog although using blogger or wordpress might give you more visibility on the search engines.

  24. What a great post, Chef Dennis! I read it all and I am convinced that I need to use Google + more often! With limited time, it’s always very difficult to juggle Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now Google + but I understand your point and I need to spend a little more time on G+ from now on. Thank you for such a detailed information, and I’m always impressed by how savvy you are on everything. You are an amazing leader among food bloggers! THANK YOU!

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! Just remember that of all the Social Media G+ is the only platform that will get you more exposure on the search engines, googles way of rewarding you for using it!

  25. The reason I haven’t used G+ is because I couldn’t figure out how to add a post and thanks to you I can now start using it. Awesome!

  26. This is such a wonderful article. I posted it on my g+ and I’m about to reblog it if I can onto my blog. Just great! I only accidentally discovered how to add a post – so I understand how difficult it can be. Thanks for making it easy!!

  27. Great post. I just added this to my favorites so I can sit down with my coffee in the morning and really read it all. I just skimmed it now. Thank you for posting.

    Yeah, I am about as technical as a turnip green. Being that I work full time and just do this as a sideline, I don’t have time to go out to all these different sites and post. Honestly, I don’t know how people who do so get any real work done during the day. I didn’t go to Google + for a long time for concerns over privacy issues. Then I thought… how dumb. I put myself out on the Internet all the time. I have you tube videos of my cooking. It’s kind of like someone who walks onto a room wearing a silly hat and then says, “Don’t look at me!” LOL.

    • Thanks Mary Kay, if you make time for any social media, I advise picking G+, it is the wave of the future, and the only social media that rewards you with more visibility in the Google Search Engine! I know how hard it is working full time and posting…some days I just wish I had a few extra hours to get caught up!

  28. An excellent post Chef!! Thank you for walking us through areas that are a little fuzzy!!!

  29. This is a great post Chef Dennis, I am glad I had the time to read it all. I have such an old computer, I have to wait to use my daughter’s so it doesn’t take me all day to do something that should take a half hour to do. Anyway I have a question on G+ I know I need to spend more time on it and am just happy I figured some of it out. I have 3 blogs and two of them show up automatically when I publish a new post, but my main blog doesn’t show up when I post. For some reason it is not connected to my google + any ideas on how I can connect it? It does post to my igoogle account, but not the other two. Does this make any sense?

  30. Thank you for the wealth of information. The link in your last response is particularly helpful! We are just getting started, so we appreciate the insight of those who have been at it for awhile! Thanks again.

  31. I was approached by an advertizer to put up a “guest post” in exchange for a Stumbleupon Campaign. I had to Google what this really means and if it seemed worthwhile.

    • hi Heather
      just so you know what they are offering, you would need about 50,000 page views to have it equate to about $100 , I haven’t heard much about stumble upon campaigns for quite awhile, but you use to be able to get them starting at $5.00. Make sure you ask before you write just how many views they are buying for you, otherwise it may not even pay for the ingredients you use let alone your time. Rates for writing posts start at $200 and can run as high as $750 depending upon how big the company using you is.

      just food for thought.


  32. Excellent information Chef Dennis, thank you for helping me tweak my G+. I’ll definitely be rereading this post again and checking it against what I have set up. Knowing what’s going on and how to be professional makes everything much easier, takes a little stress off also. Kudos!

  33. Considering the inevitable demise of Foodbuzz, this is very timely.

  34. Very interesting and informative post! I had no idea that Google+ was such a valuable tool. I’ll have to re-active my presence there! Hope that you’re having a lovely summer.

  35. Thank you so much for this article. I have just started using Goggle Plus, still figuring out the ins and outs. Cheers, Tara from NoshingWithTheNolands

  36. Amazing post … I’m still trying to figure out G+ and you helped answer a lot of my questions … Happy Sunday 🙂

  37. Dennis, G+ offers pages for business, just like FB does but when you post everything on G+ you do it as your personal acct. Can I ask why you haven’t set up a page? Just curious, I’ve seen different posts about this subject but those that do have pages, I don’t see them getting much response.

    • Hi Joan
      yes you’re right G+ does offer business pages, but as I talked about in my article, brands have a hard time getting followers. I think its due to G+ wanting to cut down spam, but unless an individual follows a brand, that brand can’t follow individuals. It limits there reach. I’m sure Google will eventually come up with a way to get more exposure for brands eventually but until then I don’t recommend brand pages, but rather a tagline telling everyone your blog name as well as under your image. Its also a good idea to add in all of your links to anywhere and everywhere you can be found. I am my brand so it didn’t make sense to have a brand page, and it seems to have worked out well so far.

      thanks for asking

  38. So I’ve had this post bookmarked for quite some time. I’ve even read it a few times over. Tonight I finally sat down and set up my G+ account. Thanks so much for helping me get started!

    One suggestion that I learned from Facebook is instead of posting your post link with a tiny thumbnail, post a photo instead with description of the post and the link. People react WAY more over a photo than a simple link. At least that is the case with Facebook.

    • You’re absolutely right Carla, and in fact I’ve started doing that on G+. The bigger pictures get so much more attention. See you soon on G+!

  39. That’s a nice write up about G+, have been using it for some time but am not consistent in my postings. This post of yours made me rethink my strategy. Thanks.

    • It really is the place to be, and the community is getting stronger all the time on G+. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  40. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been hesitant about G+ since it seems I have a hard time keeping up with something like Twitter, but you’ve convinced me it’s a worthwhile site!

    • it really isn’t too difficult and makes a lot more sense than twitter. You will start to see the benefits of more hits from the Google search engines after a few months, check out my tutorial it will really help you get started right, and not get frustrated! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  41. Giangin Townsend says:

    Thank you Chef Dennis for your in depht explanation on the workings of G+. I have been posting on G+ for months now without really understganding the mechanics of it. I have reworked my profile setting hopefully it will draw more readers to my site.

  42. Chef,
    Thank you so much for your in depth information on Google+. I learned so much, but I am bookmarking this post to read again. You have always been a great mentor and friend for the community. Thank you.

  43. Just getting to this post now but better late than never! Really the clearest, most informative post I’ve read on Google + so thanks so much! I’ve been using it, but have learned a lot from this and have already implemented a number of changes. Thanks!

    • I’m happy to hear that it helped Katherine,m the only change I recently made was to post full images with a link to the post, rather than just the link. The larger image makes more of an impact, and G+ is photo driven!

      if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask

  44. O.K. I’m joining! I’ve also bookmarked this so I can come back to it often! Thanks for taking the time to lay this out for the rest of us. Google+ should use it as the “how to…” manual. Thanks again! See you on Google+ I hope!

    • I’m glad it helped, and thank you! If you follow me after you sign up, I’ll refollow. The one change I made on this guide was that now I post full pictures instead of links, you get more impact with them.

      Just do a blurb about your post with a link to the post and upload an image, G+ loves foodporn!

  45. This is the best article about Google+ ever written. Just sayin. And I’m totally sorry about the oversharing. Can I be removed from the special circle? HEHE!!!

    • hi Aimee,

      don’t you worry about anything, just keep killing me sweetly with your baked goods! You’re in a very special circle!

  46. Gujrati Restaurants in Bangalore says:

    I learned Google + through your blog. I am feeling happy. Thanks

  47. A brilliant piece of work. Although I have been blogging for over a year, I have been struggling to increase viewership, not having fully realised the importance of networking with a more passive desire of being discovered. I’m so glad to have found this page and will implement your advice.

  48. This was really thorough and helpful. Thank you. I am building a new social media campaign for Costco Healthy Living with Diabetes magazine ( and will use your wise advice to build up some Google Hangouts/YouTube cooking/expert advice ‘classes’. If you are interested in leading any of these for Costco, please let us know, Chef Dennis!

  49. Thank you, Chef Dennis, for all this information. I started my blog several months ago and still don’t have it going real well yet. You have alot of tips that I’ll implement. Thank you so much!


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