Pina Colada Cake – My Guest Post at Savour the Senses


Now that was one tasty cake, and you can find it at Savour the Senses on Featured Foodie Friday with Chef Dennis!  I don’t get to do too many guest posts because of the time constraints of my job, my blog and well you get the picture….hectic is not the word!  So when Jenny asked me about guest posting and told me the date, I was overjoyed because it fell right into my spring break, let’s call it perfect timing!

When thinking about what I wanted to make for my guest post, I knew it had to be something to help transport me to warmer climate, or at least give me that feeling.   So I took a chance and made a dessert that felt  just a little tropical to me, a Pina Colada Cake!  It may not be Hawaii but it’ll have to do!

So head on over to Savour the Senses to see my Pina Colada Cake, and while you’re there Say hi to Jenny just don’t forget to tell her Chef Dennis sent you!


  1. Chef Dennis, Jenny is a wonderful hostess and your guest post was a tropical treat! The thing that piqued my interest (besides your cake) was the mascarpone frosting. I make homemade mascarpone with fresh lemon juice — was thinking of trying a batch with lime juice to give it an island twist. 🙂 Either way, I’m looking forward to making this. Thanks for taking time to do a guest post during your time off, too.

  2. Chef Dennis, this is a wonderful treat for us all;) thank you for taking your spring break to give us this pina colada cake …. Looks delicious! Congrats to you and Pola for #1 foodbuzz top 9 !
    have a nice day,

  3. Pina Colada cake definitely gives me a tropical vibe. It also gets that song…:If you like Pina Coladas, gettin’ caught in the rain…” stuck in my head! Does this make us even for the Dee Snyder moment?

  4. Whoa, this tells me it is time to get out the flip flops and the Coppertone…popping on over to Savor the senses now…

  5. You had me at coconut Mister! Off to check this out.

  6. This definitely looks like a great cake. Heading on over to check out the recipe.

  7. Ohhh, I love pina coladas! And in cake form? Even better!

  8. that cake is beautiful! that frosting? i am drooling!

  9. Gorgeous! You totally made the picture by adding limes. I am a huge coconut cake fan, but never thought about adding pineapple, genius. Great guest post!

  10. Gorgeous cake, Chef Dennis! Classic combination of flavors that can’t be beat.. I love the flavor of coconut but don’t like the texture. I think I will make this minus the coconut on the top! LOVE how moist the cake looks…Thanks for sharing!

  11. Looks light and perfect for summer! Off to check out your post!

  12. I’ll be heading right on over!

  13. What a gorgeous cake! I love how those coconut flakes are lazily draped over the big cake slice! Heading over to Savour the Senses now to have some more! Thanks for sharing, Chef Dennis!

  14. fabulous post Dennis – that frosting is off da hook! I was just commenting at savour the senses on how my husband hates coconut, and as I was telling him about this post last night and urging him to give coconut another try….he said mayyyyyyybe. maybe not…le sigh….what a tease. I always have to go on my coconut indulgences alone…but I still keep the faith he may come around…all things are possible!!! haha! have a great week friend

  15. This looks so good, Chef! My husband can’t deal with coconut…unless it’s in cake. (He’s the weirdest sometimes.) Coconut pound cake is a total favorite at my house…and now I want to give this one a try too!


  1. […] (adapted from Pina Colada Cake by Chef Dennis) […]

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