Chicken Teriyaki and Ask Chef Dennis

I have gotten a few emails lately asking if dinner at my house is always an event.  Well I hate to disappoint everyone but it certainly isn’t, but I do try to have one really special dinner a week.

We have also been trying to eat more seafood, which can be difficult with prices of seafood as high as they are.  We do eat Clams and Linguine once a week, thanks to those wonderful little farm raised clams that are almost always available where I shop.   We eat different types of pasta a couple days a week, and somehow chicken finds its way onto our menu on a regular basis.

Now here’s another secret…shhhh, don’t tell anyone…..promise?  When I get home from 10-12 hours of work at school the last thing I want to do is cook!  Can you believe it?

So what do you do?  Well I do freeze some meals, when I do cook I try to cook more than one portion so I can freeze some for another day.  The other option is making do with a few ready to use items.

Yes I said it the chef does buy some convenience items, I have to say I hate making salad dressings, I don’t know why its just one of those things.  In your wildest dreams you will never find jarred marinara in my house (and I’m not judging if you do), but I do have a nice assortment of oriental sauces that are ready to use.   Throw some in a bowl with some chicken, let it marinate for awhile (overnight if you can)  and throw it on the grill or roast it in the oven.

The trick is to add some fun items to the plate, we do eat with our eyes and if it looks appealing its going to taste even better.  That’s exactly what I did with dinner last night, I through some boneless chicken breasts in a bottled (gasp) Teriyaki sauce let it marinate for about an hour, then turned on the grill, started my rice, prepped my vegetable, and much to my surprise (especially since I bought it), I found a pineapple squirreled away in the fridge…….grilled pineapple now if thats not a great way to liven up the plate, I don’t know what is.

So my message for today is, you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen every day, or even hours.  I know it’s fun to go outside of your comfort zone and create new dishes, or to make that extra special meal….but some days you just have to do what you have time for, and let me tell you it sure beats going out and spending 3 times what it costs to make dinner at home.

Here’s your assignment, next time you go shopping look for a couple of items that could serve as quick fixes, it’s getting warmer out so think about using your grill too, if your marinating chicken do it the night before it will taste much better (it works well with pork too).  If your not into oriental flavors, salad dressing make wonderful marinades, when I was in business dining feeding 4000 hungry people everyday, I had to find ways to make good tasty food without killing myself or my staff, and one of our staples was different flavors of roasted chicken everyday, and oriental sauces and salad dressing were my marinades of choice.

So have fun when you have time, but have a plan for when you don’t.  There is no recipe for this, because it was as simple as opening a bottle and turning on the grill, but it was delicious!

Ask Chef Dennis


I have gotten a few questions regarding Google’s new recipe search.  I’ve talked to a few people and while it seems like in the long run it will help bloggers, getting on board with it is going to be a slow painful transition for most of us.  The problem is with how our recipes must be set up to qualify for this search program…..ah ha, you didn’t think they were going to make it easy did you?  The problem seems to be in not only the format but the code that goes along with it.  I believe it’s called an H code that gets embedded with our recipes.  What’s an H code… point exactly.

So while all the big recipe houses have there codes in place so they are first on googles list when they search, we are left standing in the rain, trying to figure out how to open our umbrella, because it didn’t come with directions and there are no buttons to push…..well, ok I may be a tad over dramatic here, but no one is coming up with a quick fix for us, and I’m sure if someone does it won’t be cheap.  

I’m sure there will be some plug ins, but lately the axiom has been coming to mind, you get what you pay for.

That brings me to my next dilemma, I feel that I have out grown blogger, and now the time comes to change to WordPress, and here is where the fun begins.  Some days I think I’m to old to go through these changes, stay with whats working and what I already know.  But I keep getting this nagging feeling that I need to have things work a little better, more seamlessly, and to be able to have more control.

Every blogger I talk to that has made the change has nothing but good things to say, the biggest plus being that your hits go up considerably after the initial period of readjustment is over.  Now I’m not saying this is something every blogger needs to do, its not.  I think blogger is a great vehicle, and it works for so many bloggers really well……..It just feels like its time for me, and that’s a personal decision that each of us gets to make.   I’ll let you know what I figure out, and if I do make the change you’ll all be around for the ride (at least I hope so).

you didn’t really think we could get through an Ask Chef Dennis without mentioning our love hate relationship with foodbuzz did you?   I get 3 or 4 emails a week asking if there is a delete all button for our mail boxes….sadly there is not.  I do understand how this could appeal to many of you, just remember that you are deleting your friends notes to you that they have posted, and this is about community, so think twice about that..  If you feel strongly about this send off a little message to the foodbuzz gods requesting they add a delete all button and they may listen.   You can also go into your friends and mark off the option that delivers there mail to you for anyone you think is abusing the posting system, and I think thats what it comes down to.

I’ve also been asked why its so painfully slow loading sometimes, well almost all of the time….sigh….

I would have to guess from the incredible amount of bloggers that are using foodbuzz, I definitely think its time for a new server or many new servers or what ever will make it go faster……please!!!!  

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love them and when you love someone its ok to try and make them improve themselves (that’s what my wife tells me anyway). Foodbuzz is still the best social network for foodies going, so be thankful while you complain…lol


I did talk about the importance of copyrighting your blog, let everyone know up front it’s not ok to steal your content, or to even use it with a link back to you……not without your expressed written permission.
Now if one of my friends wants to use my recipe and make something I did that’s really cool and I love it, but if someone copies everything word for word and even uses your images, well that not cool.
I mention this because it happened to a friend of mine on Monday, she found another blogger posted her post exactly as written with her pictures, they did link back to her but never asked permission or even told her.   The content was pulled by the owner of the blog, but not until google had been informed of copyright infringement.  I have heard they do take that seriously.
Here’s my next question, does everyone know what google alerts are and do you use them?  If not you need to, that’s how you find out when your name is mentioned somewhere on the internet.  Its a good resource to use.  You don’t have to use blogger to get this service you just need to sign up for a google account, its free and then you can set up your google alerts, and not just for your blog but for anything specifically that you want to keep track of.  
And please if you see someone’s content on some other page, let that person know about it, were in this together and we need to look out for each other.  
We are still  working on our plans for the food blogger festival in Asheville, the dates are Friday Night July 8th for the welcome party, and all day Saturday July 9th.  We are doing our best to get everything finished on the website and are looking for sponsors to help keep the cost of the event down.  As more information comes to me I pass it on.  I hope to see everyone within driving distance there!
That’s it for today my friends, thanks for stopping by!   I would like to make one last announcement before I sign off,  The good folks at Blogher were kind enough to let me join their ranks, even though I am a Bloghim and I’m hoping to be going to their conference in Atlanta at the end of May.
Enjoy the rest of your week, get outside and take a walk the weather is getting better everyday, and as always remember….
Share Your Knowledge – Together We Are Stronger


  1. Great post, Dennis! Your chicken looks fantastic.

    I had to laugh, though. I'm kind of the opposite, when it comes to convenience foods. I don't use commercial salad dressings; I most often toss our salads with olive oil, salt, pepper, and white balsamic vinegar.

    But marinara? I have found one that really does taste homemade and it can be really handy to have on hand. Mezzetta Napa Valley Bistro Homemade Style Marinara is truly delicious and it has real ingredients. I love it!

    It just all goes to prove you are right – it's good to have a few tricks up your sleeve with some ready-to-use ingredients that work for you.


  2. A Thought For Food says:

    Another informative post, Chef Dennis!

    Now, to address one of the things you mention at the start of your post. All of my friends ask us if we cook "like this" all the time. To which I tell them yes. Because really it's not that difficult or time consuming. But everyone is so daunted by the process of cooking a meal. If only they could see what we see.

  3. Boulder Locavore says:

    Bravo! Usually I'm 59th in line, feeling lucky. Love the recipe and the photos are to die for. I live for this weekly post. Always so many tidbits you have the pulse on. Glad to rely on you to keep us current and focused! Cheers, Toni

  4. The Mom Chef says:

    Fantastic looking chicken, Chef. You know me; if it's grilled, I'm going to love it.

    I'm appalled that Google, who created blogger, doesn't have the hcode in place for it's own product to be recipe friendly. That's pretty irresponsible on their part.

    We'll miss you on blogger.

  5. thecompletecookbook says:

    As always Chef, a great post!
    I love quick and easy recipes but that does not mean they always have to have store bought ingredients though – few day to day ingredients can make a wonderful meal.
    I think WordPress is a great vehicle to host your blog.
    🙂 Mandy

  6. Kate @ says:

    Great post! I always look forward to the Ask Chef Dennis posts! 🙂 Thank you for all the information that you pass onto us… we all appreciate it … a lot!

  7. whatsfordinneracrossstatelines says:

    Great advice as always, I think you were reading my mind about the H code. One more thing for all of us to figure out. I hope the transition goes well, maybe you can walk all of us through it. Hope you have a great week.

  8. Blackswan says:

    Love everything about your post here, Dennis! It's interesting to learn that you like to cook even at home. I know of Chefs who dislike cooking at home as they already cook all day at restaurants etc. Hahaha!

    This Chicken recipe is a great one-dish meal especially when I'm feeling lazy 🙂 Thumbs up! Dennis, I know u're one hell of a busy man but would really love to have your comments at my posts occasionally. Having a Chef's feedback means a lot to me 🙂 I thank u in advance & have a wonderful week!

  9. Chef – the wisdom you impart is always much appreciated! After hours in the kitchen, I can't imagine how you get the energy to write up these posts as frequently as you do.

  10. Great post and beautiful meal as always! I love making food ahead of the time and freezing it too 🙂 it really helps on busy days/evenings! And LOL about dressings, I'm the same way!

  11. Stefania says:

    Una bella ricetta piena di buoni sapori, ciao

  12. I hate unloading the dishwasher and making salad dressing. And those are the two easiest tasks in the kitchen! I do it, but I grumble all the way!
    Those long days at work demand an easy dinner, and it's always better to make something at home, than order in (we succumb sometimes, but I always regret it).

    I am glad you are coming to Atlanta! I bought my ticket and cannot wait:)

  13. Hester Casey - Alchemy says:

    Nice chicken! I keep a stock of asian sauces too as I don't know to make most of them. Salad dressing is fine tho – I've done it so often that I just pour the ingredients straight into a jar, put the lid on and shake, and that's it.

    About that delete button … Interacting with other bloggers is a major part of foodbuzz. If the delete button was there I guess most people would succumb to laziness or time-management issues and press it and there'd be a whole load of bloggers posting stuff but not reading anybody else's work. Just a thought.

  14. Hi, Dennis!

    As always, I learn so much from your posts…along with drooling over the delicious plate you feature! I always have pineapple in the fridge…what a great idea to grill a few slices as a side. Love that!

  15. Chef Dennis…I admire your energy…goes out towork at 4am, come back cook again for the Mrs., then write such a wonderful post to enlighten all your readers on blogging/foodbuzz and all those useful info…Kudos to you Chef. Keep them coming. I truly enjoy all your posts and your beautiful food photos 🙂 One word DROOLING !

    Have a nice day Chef,

  16. Lauren Zabaneh says:

    Nice info, Chef! I occasionally use bottled dressings too. Whole Foods brand has an awesome blue cheese dressing and I like Newman's Own dressings too.

    Anywho, love the new look of your blog. Very classy.

  17. I could eat that entire plate for breakfast! 🙂 Lately, I have been using garlic and olive oil as an overnight marinade for pork. It's delicious and so easy. Sometimes easy is just so nice..

  18. Oh my! That chicken looks like it is sitting right in front of me! I can TASTE it (well, I WISH I could anyway!)!! Simply gorgeous, Chef Dennis! Good luck with the switch to WordPress! 🙂 And I just want to say a personal word of thanks for all of your kind words on my blog. I consider your praise quite a compliment for little ol' me. ♥- Katrina

  19. Michael Toa says:

    Your secret is safe with me Chef. I never think it's wrong to use ready-made or bottled sauces because sometimes people just don't have the time. The chicken teriyaki looks wonderful Chef. The sugar snaps, mushrooms and grilled pineapple are such tasty addition to the meal. 🙂
    Have a nice day.

  20. Lots of great information, Chef Dennis. I worry all the time about whether I'm posting recipes that I use properly. I do my absolute best to ask and give credit and links. So, this helps.

    Lovely dish! I like the addition of pineapple which I love to grill too. With the weather warming up here it won't be long. I make salad dressings and marina by scratch all the time but we surely do have prepared ones on hand otherwise, with the way my kids eat, I wouldn't be able to keep up!

    Have a great day!

  21. It warms my heart to know that even you use bottled ingredients to help make life a little easier!
    I look forward to seeing what your site will be like when you make your move! As always, thanks for the facts and tips!!

  22. ravienomnoms says:

    Ooo yummy Dennis! I love the pineapple with the chicken. I am such a big fan of grilled fruit. It is so delicious. Your dish looks NomNomtastic!

  23. Hey, Dennis! I understand not wanting to cook after cooking all day! It's the reason I don't want to become a chef, because I'd hate to get sick of something I love so much!
    And funny, 'cause you'll find jarred marinara sauce but I ALWAYS make my own marinades. 😉

    I'm moving on from blogger to wordpress, too! Annoyingly, wordpress did not import my posts correctly so I really am starting from scratch on there, so that's aggravating, but it's nice even then. 😛

  24. Lindsay @Eat, Knit, Grow says:

    That looks so delicious. I love the grill marks and the pineapple!

  25. Parsley Sage says:

    This is a lovely recipe! Perfect for someone like me who works all day, then goes to the gym and then comes home to a husband making the 'what's for dinner?' face. Thanks so much for sharing.

    The pineapple looks delish!

  26. I am not above using bottled salad dressing during my hectic work weeks. There are days when something has to give. Ands looking at your meal – I don't think any flavor was sacrificed. (And yay the pineapple) I remain appreciative of Foodbuzz. But there is a reality that I cannot visit and answer every post that lands in my box (about 150/day – I am sure you get more). Once a month – I will answer all. I don't think there are any "you should's" because we all have different days and we must making decisions according to our lives. I think what you wrte last week – that we wind up with 100-150 friends is about right – we tend to faithfully follow a grouping and then "play" with some others in order to discover more blogs that speak to us.

  27. K. Belfield says:

    Great post! It goes to show that we all have days when cooking is the last thing we feel like doing. I am actually making chicken teriyaki tonight (from a bottle)

    Good luck with your transition over to wordpress. Let us know how it goes!

  28. Rosemary says:

    There's certainly nothing wrong with shortcuts once in awhile. Especially not when the end result looks like your plate of chicken. And, as usual, your blogging is spot on; your enthusiasm and energy is contagious!

  29. Tanantha P. says:

    your secret's saved with me 😀
    I've heard a lot of chefs or those working in a food services industry that the last thing they want to do is cooking! I hear you Dennis!

    This teriyaki is a kick. It's different than teriyaki selling at restaurants and I like the pineapple.

  30. Your dish looks wonderful, and mouth watering!! Love the part about blogging, etc.! I've learned a few things!

  31. Evan @swEEts says:

    Your chicken sounds delicious.. We definitely cheat a good amount during the week especially after long days and add a little here a little there to make a dish slightly homemade, but come of the weekend its a whole different game!

    I need to look into the google alert and I'd love to know how the transition goes if you decide to switch!

  32. Treat and Trick says:

    Wonderful dish! Thanks for your valuable input about blogging, have a nice day Dennis!

  33. something good says:

    chicken teriyaki looks great!
    And, again, great Ask Dennis info ! Moving to WordPress might be quite great – I like WP a lot; I use it for my blog but also for other sites that we have. WP has great features that come handy for a blog.

  34. Susie Bee on Maui says:

    Thanks for the info on google alerts.

    I'll be in Atlanta at the conference too-looking forward to the conference and hopefully meeting some blogging buddies in person.

    I've been contemplating the switch to WP also, just read some good info this morning on Our Mommyhood (Aug 2010); I have no experience with code etc so am nervous about thought of losing content or subscribers. Will continue to contemplate so I await your decision/results!

    Glad to see so many folks comfortable sharing their quick shortcuts to get dinner on the table easily. Once a little up front work is done checking ingredients of ready made stuff (making sure there is healthy stuff and little to no "bad" stuff in there), it sure is helpful to have some go to products to keep on hand.

    Chicken photos are fantastic, as usual!

  35. Yet another informative post! I've been considering switching to wordpress for a while now but I think I'll wait another few months first.

    That chicken looks delicious! I love the grilled pineapple! It's nice to know that even a talented chef takes the easy way from time to time. I hope you enjoy the rest of this week!

  36. Le (from the old Le's Little Kitchen) says:

    Fntastic post! The chicken looks delish! Thanks for the tips on dinner too. I think my time in Korea greatly affected my cooking skills in the kitchen, seeing as I ate out for the majority of my time there.

    P.S I'm back 🙂

  37. Torviewtoronto says:

    I like teriyaki looks delicious
    lovely picture Dennis

  38. Julia @ DimpleArts says:

    Thank you so much for all the information. I didn't know about Google alerts.

  39. briarrose says:

    Mmm….lovely chicken. The grill marks are just so pretty.

  40. bunkycooks says:

    Maybe I will get to see you in May in Atlanta! WP is a great option if you decide to go that way. BTW, your dish looks great!

  41. Thank you Chef, for a wonderful post as always. Your chicken looks so flavorful, and i love grilled pineapple. There are always such timely topics on Ask Dennis, and I always learn so much.

  42. Cake Duchess says:

    I had to giggle to the jarred sauce opinion. You must know how I feel about that;)This is one of my favorite quick chicken dishes full of sweet flavor. Great post w/all the WordPress info. Why are you switching? I will email you:)

  43. Wonderful post! We cooked a meal like this on vacation in Hawaii and now it has become a staple in our Seattle kitchen. Easy-peasy and so good!


    Love those grill marks on the pineapple! What a fantastic classic dish. Sometimes I'm so wrapped up with creating something new that I forget about perfectly wonderful dishes like this.

  45. mangiabella says:

    I'm with you, no jarred marinara for me, but I too fall back on bottled dressings and asian marinades 🙂 – I used to pick one day twice a month and do some "super cooking" – make large batches of favorites and different varieties to freeze so that on days when we are too tired or lazy we know we have good quality food to enjoy very easily….however, I have been known to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner once in a while….sigh…i know….some days even warming up a meal is more effort than I can squeeze out of my exhaustion…but thankfully "cereal days" aren't too often….this dish looks awesome…..and great info as always….praying for an easy transition to wordpress for you and continued success with each and every step you take dear friend…..

  46. A little bit of everything says:

    I found out about Google recipe a while back and was surprised to see that not even from recipes coming from blogger, which is a Google product, doesn't have the code. That's totally a downside.

    Congrats on Top 9 today!!

  47. All That's Left Are The Crumbs says:

    Congratulations on the Top 9! We love chicken teriyaki, and of course grilled pineapple.

  48. Such a great help you are! I can see why you're constantly on top 9, you're a clear favorite! I don't see why anyone should be snooty about ready made bottled stuff. They are such time and life savers in my books for those days when I'm just too exhausted to make things from scratch and there's a bunch of hungry folks who won't order take out. Sigh …. spoilt brats.

  49. Congrats on Top 9!

  50. Emily Malloy says:

    You are continually PERFECTION!

  51. Jill Colonna says:

    I love how you sound so HUMAN, Dennis. Great looking tender chicken and lovely colours on the plate. Thanks for sharing your great tips on the blogging world. It's always so helpful.

  52. Marguerite says:

    Great post! Love the grilled chicken and your photos have me craving it! And thanks for all of the great tips, Always learn so much, here.

  53. This looks wonderful!
    Congrats on Top 9!

  54. Yum! I love Teriyaki– one of my favourites.

    Thank you for continually sharing your wisdom for the blogging world. Admittedly, foodbuzz has greatly lost my interest in the past months. I'm not sure if others are feeling the same, as well.

  55. Mina @ Angellove's Cooking says:

    Great post again, Chef!! The chicken is lovely, but I do love the grilled pineapples :))

  56. Oh, I know what you mean about all the gobblety gook involved with the new Google search And changing to workpress. I have been privy to some conversations about the Google thing and it seems that there are some wordpress plug-ins already in the works. I have a new wordpress blog in the works, but am a little overwhelmed by learning HTML and all the other things involved. I have decided not only to move, but to rename my blog…it may be a mistake, but it's the direction I am heading.

  57. Kate From Scratch says:

    Oh my goodness, Chef Dennis. You're switching to wordpress? Do yourself a favor and go to not .com. I'm on .com (it's free)and I can't be featured….ANYWHERE. lol. So, for my birthday, I'm spending the money to move over to .org. (cue the parade).
    Good luck! And, I don't know why, but this is the first time I've visited your site! Great post, great blog! You and I have more in common than one might think! We have similar eating styles. Splurge on occasion, but make do otherwise. Get creative sometimes, stay comfortable others. All in moderation! Love it!

    Also , I love your take on foodbuzz. I've recently been finding myself getting so aggravated with it. You hit send once and you end up spamming everyone! UGH! Then you have to load, which takes forever, and then delete…blah. In addition, the whole "top 9" thing has me fixated. What's a girl gotta do to get in there!?! Anyway, Happy St. patty's. Great post!

  58. lostpastremembered says:

    As anyone knows who has read my blog… a lot of what I do is complicated, but for feeding my face… it's often things like your teriyaki chicken… simple and quick.

    Thanks for the info about google… I find it very confusing and would think if you were on their own blogger that it would be part of their software!!!!

  59. This chicken teriyaki it great Dennis! I definitely have been known to "cheat" a little bit and use the bottled stuff, but hey, if it works, it works, right?

    And just a sidenote. I've also been thinking about switching over to WordPress from blogger and was just wondering if you knew if I would have to switch to a new contract with Foodbuzz's Featured Publisher program or if it's just a seamless transition with them. Thanks for any help!

  60. It's always great reading your posts and getting your words of wisdom. Good luck with all that you have going on for yourself. For a quick meal, you're #1 on FoodBuzz!!!

  61. Cakewhiz says:

    Congrats on the top 9 Chef Dennis!It's truly well-deserved and as usual your wealth of information helps alot 🙂

  62. Hi Dennis, Great post! I love the challenge of a quick fix dinner. I often get home on a week night and we get home delivery, cos my planned meal is just too much for me to contemplate! I was thinking just this morning how I should have 10 min meal planned for a Thursday (instead of takeaway pizza!)

    Quick question on your comments about "stealing" others recipes – I am a big fan of using recipes, but often adapt them. I don't post recipes on my blog (I link to the original if I can find it), because I'm not sure at what point I can claim them as my own – how far does it need to be from the original to be something I can share as my own? Any tips would be welcome!

  63. Perfectly simple and quick weeknight meal! By the way, thanks for your support on my blog! I really appreciate it, Chef Dennis!

    And great advice on copywriting. I would be so upset if I found some random person just copied everything I wrote and claimed it as their own. I have a copyright on my blog and am signed up for Google alerts.

  64. sara @ CaffeIna says:

    Chef, I think we would forgive you anything just because you are amazing…even if you were buying frozen stuff from time to time! If I were to have a job that brings me to cook all day for so many hours I don't think I would feel like cooking dinner every night either. it is already amazing to me that you get to make linguine and clams 🙂
    As per the Chicken teriyaki: it's Wally's favorite so yay for having a recipe I can trust will work

  65. Kim - Liv Life says:

    Top 9 Congrats to you Dennis! Another gorgeous photo. I'm working on simple things this week as well and am feeling better about it after the positive response I got with our package for the chicken. This one is definitely a family pleaser for our house.
    When I started blogging I read about the wordpress v blogger issues. I have an account with both, and as a beginner, I couldn't figure out WordPress, so I just moved on with Blogger. I hear about the changes, and I guess I don't really see why, I'll have to do a bit more research about the differences. Didn't know about the traffic increase. Hmmm.
    Good luck to you in the change! I'll be curious to hear about your experience!

  66. I love my little quick fixes in the fridge, especially because I don't get home til near 9 a few nights a week. I actually used a pre-made marinade on a chicken I was smoking the other day just to see what would happen… It really was pretty tasty. Can't beat that.

    You'll have to give us more details about the blogher community and how it is beneficial to us (oooh goodness).
    Thanks Chef!

  67. Once again, I learned something from reading Ask Dennis!

    Dennis, you said, "I get 3 or 4 emails a week asking if there is a delete all button for our mail boxes….sadly there is not. I do understand how this could appeal to many of you, just remember that you are deleting your friends notes to you that they have posted, and this is about community, so think twice about that."

    I am one who has wanted this feature. If you are away and have hundreds of messages, there is just no way you can read them all. And I have found that a full inbox seems to make things a liitle more sluggish.

    I emailed foodbuzz and Dorian replied that this feature is available! Here's how to use it:

    Open your inbox. At the bottom of the list of messages, click on Sent Posts. Then, at the top of the list of messages, you'll be able to click on check all!

    I always click on friend requests and comments before deleting anything so I don't miss any personal messages. If you've been away for a bit, though, and have hundreds of unread messages, being able to delete them all quickly is very helpful.

  68. I enjoyed your post and look forward to following your blog! The Q&A is really helpful for a new blogger like me!! I see you are in Flourtown. I was born in FL but spent most of my childhood in the Lehigh Valley. Small world! 🙂

  69. Super informative as usual! And thanks for discussing the Google recipes topic. I had a feeling there was something I was missing and that it wasn't going to be as peachy keen as it seemed…. Hmmmmmmm….. 😀

  70. I’m in the mood for teriyaki and somehow this caught my eye! See, I cannot seem to get a grip on a good red sauce so I am sorry to say that pre-made is a must. However, with my oriental sauces and salad dressings pre-made is no bueno! I guess we all have our pre-made little shortcuts!

    Even with store bought teriyaki sauce your chicken looks beautiful!

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