Stuffed Pork Chops and Ask Chef Dennis

During my restaurant days, I would always look for different ways to prepare pork.  One of my favorites and my customers favorites was a stuffed pork chop.  I was listening to a friend talk about stuffed pork chops one day  and thought it sounded like a good idea.  Never having seen a stuffed pork chop before I didn’t have anything to go on, so I came up with this combination.  Now its not rocket science, and its not like I reinvented the wheel, but their was something magical about a stuffed pork chop…….especially when it filled the plate!
I like working with bone in chops, they just seem to have more flavor and it does help with the presentation.
You start by trimming away the fat from the outer edge of the chop, then split the meat in half to the bone.
Next take the chop and stand it up with the meat to the sides like flaps.  Pound each flap thin to make the chop bigger.   Now your stuffing can be whatever you like, I always started with a bread base, sauteed celery, onions and sweet sausage (taken out of the skin and cooked like ground meat).  The stuffing can be whatever you want it to be, I like spinach or broccoli rabe in mine too, be creative!

This gives you and idea of what it looks like pounded out and stuffed.

Set up a breading station, anything getting bread crumbs starts out the same
first dredge the chop in flour seasoned with salt and pepper (your last chance to season the meat)
next it goes in an egg wash (eggs beaten with either milk or water to thin it out some)
then into the seasoned bread crumbs, I used progresso but feel free to season your own!

Get your pan nice and hot, add some olive oil to the pan and saute both sides of the chop until you have some good color.  Now here is the real beauty of a dish like this.  You can make this up in the morning, refrigerate it and finish cooking it at dinner time.  It’s great for a dinner party, and is certainly a crowd pleaser, and makes a great presentation.
I love to serve this chop with a Mushroom Marsala wine sauce.  Now here’s the secret to a good Marsala.  My first choice is always Pellegrino, its more expensive but the flavor is amazing.  If you can’t find Pellegrino, and the choice is between sweet or dry, but the sweet!!  Trust me on this one, everyone will tell you to use dry, but the flavor will be better with sweet, and its not really sweet, so don’t be worried it will affect the flavor.  Thank Mama Jeanette for that lesson!

Marsala Wine Sauce
To make a good Marsala sauce, start with mushrooms sauteed in olive oil (8 oz pack sliced)
then add your Marsala wine and allow the alcohol to burn off. (good 1/2 cup Marsala)
add in chicken stock and allow to reduce. (1 cup stock)
when the sauce has reduced by about half, add in about an ounce of heavy cream or Greek Yogurt
this will change the color and help the texture of the sauce.
if your sauce is still too thin, take a piece of butter , roll it in flour and add it to the sauce. This is a beurre manie, sort of a quick roux.   This will help thicken your sauce.

Serve the chop with your choice of sides and sit back and wait for the rave reviews!!

Ask Chef Dennis
the questions do always seem to come back to foodbuzz!   This week I had a few questions about submitting your post and pictures, so lets talk about that a bit.  It seems like we are getting bombarded with  so many items in our inbox, and it feels someday like its getting out of hand.  One of the reasons is from submitting too many images…Now perhaps I don’t understand so if there is a reason, please enlighten me, but I can’t quite figure out why anyone would submit more than 2 images.  I almost never share the image, when I post.  That was a question this week, the person didn’t want to add to anyones inbox, they were afraid since the blog post and image come up as two separate items in their activity that both would be sent.  Fear not, if you only share your blog post, only one item is sent to your friends inbox!  Now that being said, unless you really have another great image that you think the Foodbuzz Gods will smile upon, do not, let me repeat myself, do not submit so many images!!!!!!!  If there is a good reason, please someone let me know!   I don’t want to offend anyone, so if you feel you must submit all of your images, just please do not share them with us, I know I just delete, usually along with the post…….sigh.

since we are talking about images, lets move on to that subject.  I was asked about storing images.  I use a portable hard drive to store mine on, once their downloaded and edited, I transfer them to my portable hard drive.  There are online sites you can use as well, but I just don’t have the extra time to upload that many images…..I do shoot a lot, and have separation anxiety, so I almost never discard them.
But thats just my personal choice, but what ever you do, save them somewhere besides your computers hard drive, you don’t want to lose them all if your computer goes crazy!

Toni from Boulder Locavore sent me this link from The Food in my Beard on how to build your own soft box.  Its a different approach to building one so check it out!
Toni also shared another photo site with us Tasteologie, another food porn site to send your images to.
It looks like Food Gawker and Taste Spotting are getting some competition!  Make sure you check it out, and don’t forget dishfolio too!
We need to support these new photo sites if we want them to stay around!

One last question was about submitting images to TS, because of the size requirement.  250 x 250, I have to admit I have troubles with this.  I have decided to change the way I shoot and leave more room to crop a square picture.  If anyone can offer any insights on this, please share them and I will post it next week.
As for FG, its just a image size thing so keep your images under 500k.  Again, any helpful hints or suggestions that would make submitting images easier, would be greatly appreciated and passed on!

I want to touch on this subject, because of an email that I received from Mariko at The Little Foodie she sent me a website that seems to be stealing our content, please check it out and see if your work is there.  They had actually taken last weeks guest post by Veronica, it’s on   Be careful with sites like this it  may be just trying to lure us in, to place bugs or viruses in our system!!  Make sure your anti virus is working and up to date!   Now that brings me to the point of content stealing, we all work very hard doing what we do, so please take the steps to protect your work.
It’s very easy to copyright your work, go to My Free Copyright and they will walk you through the process.  You can also check to see if anyone has used your work by going to Copyscapethey have a free version you can use.  You can always use google alert to notify you also, that will send you notices for what ever you set it up for, and its free!

In addition you should have a copyright statement at the bottom of your blog, check the bottom of my blog for an example.  This way you will have done everything you can do to let everyone know its not cool to steal your content!!  For more information please check out this great article by The Baking Barrister, to learn more about copyright infringement and your rights!

Well friends, that’s about it for this edition of Ask Chef Dennis. Please email your questions to me, or if you have something to share that will help our community please do so, I will be happy to give you credit and a shout out.  Remember my friends, were all in this together.  Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

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  1. UrMomCooks says:

    I haven't made a stuffed pork chop in too long…time to remedy that! Yours look delicious! Thanx for the Marsala advice… I have never been sure how to buy it, and it is expensive!

  2. Stuffed porked chop! Yum!

    Thank you for sharing, Dennis!

  3. lil @ sweetsbysillianah says:

    YUM-O, i love a good pork chop – never thought to stuff them… i'll have to try this for the next dinner party i throw.

    thanks for these foodbuzz 101 lessons, chef – as a newbie, i am finding it overwhelming when i get 20+ messages in my inbox, there should be another way of sharing…

  4. BakingWithoutABox says:

    I love stuffed pork chop! And I always love the sweet stuff in my wines. So it's nice to know I can go ahead with my faves.

    Thanks again for the Ask Chef Dennis section. I've started shooting "square" too. Sometimes it's really awkward. I am totally guilty of deleting my FB inbox when it gets unruly. Sad to see all that talented stuff just go into the trash bin.

  5. Chow and Chatter says:

    wow what amazing pork chops 🙂

  6. thecompletecookbook says:

    Heavenly – a stuffed pork chop AND it's crumbed! I cannot wait to get pork chops now.
    🙂 Mandy

  7. Thanks, this your post really made me think about copyrights and protection 🙂

  8. A little bit of everything says:

    reading your post I remembered something i wanted to ask about a while back; it's about FoodBuzz inbox.
    How do you manage to read all those emails when you have at 300+ friends? aren't they overwhelming?
    Now I'm very careful in selecting my foodbuzz friends, don't want to be stuck with tons of messages and miss my true friends posts.

    this is not a question just for you, your readers can share their thoughts too .

    have a wonderful day Chef

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, my mouth is watering over that stuffing…mmmmm so gooood!
    We served apple stuffed pork chops at my bridal shower and people were asking for seconds – it was delicious!

    Thank you for sharing your foodbuzz knowledge with us, Chef – I really appreciate it!

  10. Oooooh, those stuffed pork chops look AMAZING! Yum – so tasty! 🙂

  11. sara @ CaffeIna says:

    I really don't know why people submit so so so many photos on foodbuzz. I really don't think they get how annoying it is to everybody to receive 5-6 items from the same blogger in your inbox.
    Stuffed porked chop, huh? After the stomach flu…oh yeah! Have a great rest of the week, Chef!

  12. All That's Left Are The Crumbs says:

    Great recipes and great advice – what a winning combination. Thanks Chef!

  13. Thanks for the tips Chef! I thought that you had to post an image in addition to your blog post for it to "count" towards Top 9 selections. But I guess I was wrong, so I'll stop doing that! 🙂

  14. Georgia (The Comfort of Cooking) says:

    What a beautiful dish and a creative dinner idea! I will have to try this sometime soon. Thanks, Dennis!

  15. Stuffed anything is good but your pork chops look great 🙂

    I totally agree that we should all copyright our content. It really is sad that some people steal stuff 🙁

  16. Marcellina says:

    I have never made stuffed pork chops. I usually butterfly them and crumb them. When the children were little they named these butterflied pork chops,stingrays. That's exactly what they look like. But this sounds great. I have some the the freezer. That will be tomorrows dinner! Thank you! Also, Dennis, thank you for the copyright info. I actually had never thought of that! Much appreciated!!!

  17. Blackswan says:

    I love pork chops but this is something new. I've never eaten stuffed pork chops. When are you gonna cook for me, Dennis?

    Thks for the useful links! I think this is something that a lot of us are concerned about. I need an armour to protect myself. Hahaha!

    Thumbs-up to this post!

  18. Ana Powell says:

    Wow, I have never thought of stuffing pork chops. What a great suggestion.
    Outstanding post.
    Take care ♥

  19. Great post Chef!!! Thanks for the clarification re: pictures/posts on fb. I am totally getting inundated by my inbox! Especially because I LEGITIMATELY want to read all of the posts! 😀 Also, thanks for the info re: copyrighting our material. So helpful!

  20. Oh, those chops look fabulous…I haven't stuffed mine in a long time…I'm thinking bread, apples and celery…yummy!

    Thanks again for your Ask Dennis segment…I learn so much from you 🙂

  21. The Mom Chef says:

    The pork chops do look delicious. You were able to make them look so moist and tasty.

    Thanks for the other advice. I didn't see a link for that site that is stealing others' work. Can you send it on?

  22. Oh, Chef, those pork chops look amazing!! I'm gonna have to attempt to make these again with a different stuffing!!
    Good info on the copyright..I'm going to go look into that right now!

  23. the constant hunger says:

    Great advice on protecting your work. I definitely need to copyright my blog ASAP. Thanks!

  24. LaDivaCucina says:

    Hi Chef Dennis, thanks for all the info. The photos look great, as always. The stuffed pork chop is something I never think to make, thanks for the reminder and the step by step method. I had a friend in L.A. that offered these as part of her menu for a food service and I watched her make these: Stove top stuffing unceremoniously plopped on top of a pork chop. I KNEW something was missing! Thanks for the Marsala recipe too, I make that often.

    PS: Foodbuzz sounds like a lot of work…

  25. Chef Dennis,I have stuffed wings and drumsticks very often but have yet to try stuffing pork chop. Yours look good and that Marsala wine sauce must be good since you chosen to use tthe sweet wine for it . I can imagine how good it complement the chops.
    I love the way u explained abt posting too many
    images to foodbuzz. now I get a clearer picture of the whole thing;) yea ,I don't understand why people can just steal contents from other people's blog and claim it is theirs ;(

    I have to check very often now to see whether any of my blog's contents has been stolen. Thanks Piggy Chef Dennis and have a great day 😉


  26. Once again Dennis, really great question and answer post! I also really love stuffed pork chops but have never made them myself. I thing I need to try your recipe!

  27. Joy (The Herbed Kitchen) says:

    Dennis, seriously? You had to post this the day after I make pork chops!? These look simply divine and I love your "ask Chef Dennis" segment, it's super kind of you to share this advice.

  28. ravienomnoms says:

    Wow Dennis, that looks really amazing! I have never had a stuffed pork chop before but that just looks so mouthwatering!

  29. Treat and Trick says:

    It is indeed very important topic you've covered, copyright. Must constantly check whether our contents are stolen, thanks for sharing Dennis..

  30. Michael Toa says:

    Oh Chef… those pork chops look fiercely delicious. yum! I never cooked stuffed chops, but they'll on my table soon.

  31. Great recipe! I really enjoy eating pork chops, these look amazingly delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  32. whatsfordinneracrossstatelines says:

    Love stuffed pork chops, I like how yours are breaded, I've never had them that way. I'm seeing pork chops in the near future! Thanks for all your info. great advice as always. Hope you have a great week!

  33. foodies at home says:

    I absolutely love this recipe! The stuffing is so versatile and really it seems like you can throw in anything you have taking up room in your fridge! Your photos are looking great too!

  34. Nice job. I like the photography taken in phases of the cooking process. Good work.

  35. I have never made stuffed pork chops, but you're recipe is very tempting. The chops looks delicious with the crumb coating.

    I certainly appreciate all the insights on the photograph and copyright topics.I thought that you had to submit all of the pics on your post.

  36. anniebakes says:

    oh yum, thanks for sharing this!! anne

  37. I have never made pork chops, let alone stuffed them! Sounds like it is a winner though and if I were to pick a starting recipe, I definitely trust yours!

  38. I was already salivating when I got to the picture of the breaded chop, but when I read about the sauce, you took it over the top. What a wonderful sounding meal that is!

    I wish FB would let us look at one post after another. I get frustrated with the time it takes to go back to my inbox between reading each one…I am not missing anything, right?

  39. Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron says:

    Stuffed pork chop is definitely new to me. As you said this wasn't a rocket science but it was bomb! 😀 I like the masala sauce and bread coating! I really like your "ask Chef Dennis"! You're resourceful!

  40. Oh my – interesting. When I first joined Foobbuzz, someone e-mailed me to say that I needed to send a photo separately or it would not ever be considered for Top 9 (noy that it ever has but that's fine). Now I wonder if I have been spamming people the last year – because yes, the Inbox does get out of control. I will go back to just sending out the blog once a week. Thanks for that tip.

    I have never stuffed a pork chop but I certainly have enjoyed them. I love the sausage combination and the addition of spinach would do the trick. Heavenly!

  41. ladymorgiana says:

    Great post and lovely chops! Thank you for sharing!

  42. These pork chops look amazing! Thanks for all the great advice on the copyrighting! Definitely helped a lot!

  43. Jennifurla says:

    Oh I just love this recipe, something the husband would go ape over.

    I must link everything you posted here, must copyright! do I sign up for Guest Post Friday?

  44. Gourmet Gadget Gal says:

    Thank you for this post! It is really helpful information about protecting your work. I appreciate you.

  45. Stuffed pork chops always hit the spot. They look incredible.

  46. great chops, love a good stuffed pork chop and I agree, bone-in is much more flavorful – one of the best I remember having was a pecan cornbread stuffing that was just sweet enough to round out the pork… gonna have to try and recreate that one day – thanks for the tips too

  47. A multi-dimensional life says:

    I wasn't hungry but I am now! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the great tips as always – esp regarding copyright infringement. Unfortunately, we have to be wary!

  48. denise @ quickies on the dinner table says:

    I've never stuffed a pork chop before Dennis – but you so make me want to! I would have chosen dry Marsala but I'll remember your advice next time I make pork chops 🙂

    Thanks for all the foodbuzz tips – coming here is always an education!

  49. mywanderingspoon says:

    Lovely, what a great lunch:)
    love to prepare pork,
    Vienna schnitzel is my favorite and there is also rolled and stuffed type with prosciutto and provolone…..good stuff:)
    How do you like to prepare pork loin…do you have any secret ingredients?
    Thanks Irena


    The pork chops look incredible!

    About cropping, I've been using mac iphoto and it's really easy to crop squares and then export them in a smaller size. Mac users can check into it. Photograzing is another site to submit to!

  51. Angie's Recipes says:

    I have never had a stuffed pork chop…I am going to give it a try soon…as those look simply irresistible!
    I usually just send the post to friends in FB.

  52. Anna Johnston says:

    Now that really is dressing up a good old pork chop isn't it, sounds wonderful & the Marsala Sauce would make this a very rich dish fit for any dinner table. Thanks Chef, always appreciate your ideas.

  53. something good says:

    Ask Chef Dennis section is really useful, especially the part about copyrighting. We have such a huge problem with this over here, that we have chosen to place a huuuge watermark on our photos (though it looks ugly like hell).

  54. FOODalogue says:

    Lots of great blogging advice here to digest. Once, again, thanks for taking this on for the community.

    And, thanks, also for the beurre manie tip.

  55. 5 Star Foodie says:

    Those stuffed pork chops look totally awesome!

  56. These stuffed porked chops look so great. Love the step by step photos. Your photos look even better every time I see them.

    The Foodbuzz inbox can definitely get a little crazy at times. I wish there was a way to delete more than one message at a time. Do you know if there is?

    Thanks Chef Dennis!

  57. Kim - Liv Life says:

    I laughed out loud at your separation anxiety comment!! I get it!!! I have my own issues in that area.
    Love your Marsala sauce… a wonderful sauce to have on hand, and once again your photos are amazing!
    Thanks for posting the new photo sites, I really enjoy perusing them. I like Dessert Stalking as well.
    I am having a very difficult time keeping up with my FB inbox… I had been feeling guilty not responding to each and every message, but I have two kids in various sports and on some days I'm lucky to actually check my regular email. After missing 2 or 3 days of the FB box, I'm inundated and overwhelmed. I'm trying to tell myself that it's OK not to comment on everything. I've been trying to do at least 15 a day. Some days I have a couple of hours to give, but others only 10 minutes. I guess it all balances out!
    Another excellent post filled with wonderful info. You are the best, Dennis!

  58. Sprinkled with Flour says:

    Great stuffed pork chop recipe! I love finding new ways to fix things. Thanks for the tips, and I'll have to check that new food porn site out. I try to shoot at least one picture in a way that i can crop it square for TS. I was having trouble with my resized photos loosing sharpness, until I learned I needed to resize first, then sharpen last. This has made a world of difference in my photos being accepted.

  59. vicki haley says:

    I love that you can make it up the night before or in the morning and finish cooking it at dinner time. I'm always looking for good recipes that I can do that with since I'm a busy mom! Thanks for sharing this!
    Have a great week, Chef Dennis!

  60. Dionne Baldwin says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I'll have to look into the copyright information furthur and I know we will all keep in touch if we see anyone elses images or content on another site.

    These stuffed pork chops look delicious!!!

  61. A Thought For Food says:

    As always, a thoughtful, informative post, Chef Dennis!

    I really need to get on making some lights (or buy them)… Right now I'm stuck with natural light for now… which seems to be working out. But I'm glad you posted the link on how to make your own lights.

    Great piece!!!

  62. Thanks for the heads up on Copyscape, Chef! I recently opted out of the Inbox feature on FoodBuzz. It was just too overwhelming and counter-productive. I've been working on organizing my reader and it's going to work out so much better.

    Chef, my mom makes milanesa – which is prepared like this with the egg and breaded part…but stuffing it is the ultimate surpise treat to your chops. I love this idea and will be making this! =)

  63. I've always heard about stuffed porkshops, but I had never actually tried one or seen one, so thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! I love Marsala sauce, and I imagine it is a perfect accompaniment.

    Thanks also for sharing your info, especially about that person stealing directly from sites – yikes! I'm definitely going to check out that free copyright.

    Have a great day, Chef Dennis!

  64. Hi Dennis, I've never made stuffed chops but would like to – when you are stuffing the chops do you use string or anything to keep the filling in?

    I am really enjoying your Ask Dennis section of your blog. I learned something new again today. Here forward I will only share my post. I don't know why but for some reason I didn't think you saw the pic, really silly now that I'm thinking about it but if you hadn't pointed it out I would continue filling my friend's inboxes with repeat information.

  65. Nancy and Vijay says:

    Very useful information Chef Dennis..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  66. Hi sweet man. My mom loves pork chops (they are one of her favorite meals) and I can't wait to share this recipe with her. I only wish we lived closer so I could come over and make it! Thank you also for your great answers. I need to think about copyright issues…I haven't even thought about it! I hope you have a great weekend full of love and laughter. Hugs from Texas!

  67. scrambledhenfruit says:

    Mmmm…stuffed pork chops are making my mouth water. 🙂

  68. Those pork chops look exquisite! And you are just full of great information! Thanks for sharing!

  69. mangiabella says:

    such a fabulous post, tons of great info, esp. on the copyright stuff – I have not thought on that at all….you continue to charm Chef D!

  70. CAROL Michaels says:

    Can a left over stuffed porkchop be reheated later in the day or even the next day. Is it safe to leave the stuffing inside?

    • as long as it was handled properly after after cooking, it should be safe. Just make sure to reheat the chop to a temp of at least 165 degrees and to check the internal temp of the stuffing

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