Zucchini Pops and Steak Scampi

Well I did it again, the farmer’s market called to me, whispered through the wind, beckoning me……come hither Chef Dennis…..Now, let me tell you that if I ever heard the wind calling come hither to me my first thought would be that somebody slipped something into my brownies…….sigh…..but seriously, this time of year my first thought Saturday morning after my coffee of course is that the farmer’s market is open!!!!  Yeah!!!!!  And then I wonder what new and wonderful things I might find.  Well this week I got a surprise!  While paying homage to the zucchini blossoms (we eat zucchini blossoms just about every week, while we can get them) I spied something new……could it be……oh no I must be seeing things…..but yes it was true.  I don’t even what to call them, but a wonder of nature.  And here my friends they are.

As I stood there transfixed by those gorgeous zucchini blossoms atop those sweet little baby squash, I realized I must have them!! Before I knew it I had became Gollum from Lord of the Rings……Must have my precious, those lovelies are mine!!!……….luckily they had more in the back, it could have gotten ugly if someone else had try to buy them ……
So off I went happy as could be, my treasure in tow!   I did buy quite a bit of other goodies,  Nectarines, Peaches and Plums…..oh my!  Mushrooms, herbs, fresh cage free eggs, lemons, and limes.  Why are lemons so expensive at the store, I just don’t know.  These big juicy lemons were only three for a dollar!
I got some regular blossoms too, I usually get 20 to stuff with my ricotta blend,  and when I asked for some fresh blossoms  from the truck he asked if I wanted the whole bunch for $5.00 (one dollar more than than I would have payed for 20 ) what could I say but yes!!
Now I couldn’t just stuff my precious with the same ricotta cheese mix, Oh No, something special my precious deserves……mmmmmm……..crab meat.   Not just crab meat, fresh lumps of blue claw crab meat blended with marscapone, and lightly seasoned……..that was an  ahhhhh  moment.  Now as luck would have it I had shopped that morning and had already purchased a pound of fresh Maryland Blue Claw jumbo lump, it was a sign from heaven above, (make them and they shall come).  So home I went salivating at the prospect of my new creation!  I kept the batter the same, it turns out that my wife does not like the lighter batter, so who am I to argue.

They really turned out well, I probably could have used more crab meat and less mascarpone, but they were light and delicious (and I had other plans for that crab meat).

Crabmeat Stuffing 
2 ounces of crabmeat
2 ounces of Mascarpone (cream cheese may be used instead)
1 egg lightly whipped
salt and pepper to taste
pinch of sugar (just a hint of sweetness)
pinch of old bay (not to much just a hint for flavor)

blend everything together and use a pastry bag (or baggie with the end snipped off to pipe the mixture into your flowers.  Lightly batter and sauté till golden brown (1-2 minutes per side), these may be held in a 200 degree oven till you are ready to serve everything…Normally I serve my zucchini blossoms room temperature, but if you like them warmer then hold them in the oven.

Flower Batter
2 eggs whipped
1/4 cup of flour
1/4 cup of Grated Romano Cheese
black pepper to taste
1 Tablespoon chopped basil
mix all your ingredients together it should be the consistency of pancake batter, add more flour if yours is too thin.

Every now and then I would mention a special dish that I would make when I was a restaurant chef, and it always elicited the same response…”you never made that for me”.   So as a surprise I was making Steak Scampi for dinner for my carnivorous better half, (I don’t eat beef, so I had a chicken burger), this was why I bought the crab meat.  I had a gorgeous little porterhouse that would be perfect for this dish (just a regular sirloin is fine, or if you want to kick it up do fillet medallions).   So I got my steak out to let it come to room temperature before cooking, I wanted the steak to be nice and juicy, fired up the grill, and prepped the ingredients for my steak.  When the meat was ready I seasoned it with a salt and pepper, I put it on the grill to cook.  Then I started my shrimp and crab meat scampi.  When the steak was ready it got topped with my scampi, a little bit of mozzarella cheese and  then under the broiler to let the cheese melt.  Needless to say it was a huge success, the intermingling of all those flavors just danced across the taste buds….I can always tell when its a great success, sometimes you here little moans and other times the knife and fork never stop and there is no conversation……this was one of those moments, she didn’t come up for air till the steak was almost done.  My delicate little flower had eaten with the voracity of a starving lumberjack.  My job was done!

Steak Scampi 
14 oz Porterhouse or steak of your choice
2-3 Shrimp depending on size
1 oz  Crab meat
2 oz mushrooms sliced
2  artichoke hearts sliced (canned in brine)
1 Tablespoon of marinara or fresh chopped tomatoes (optional)
1 Teaspoon Fresh Basil or Italian Parsley chopped
1 large Garlic Clove
1 oz shredded Mozzarella cheese
1 Teaspoon Grated Romano Cheese
pinch of black pepper
tablespoon of butter
splash of white wine

Grill your steak to your liking, and while the steak is cooking begin the scampi topping.
In a sauté pan add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and begin to cook your garlic, when it has started to cook through add your mushrooms and shrimp and continue to cook. You want to be careful of overcooking your shrimp, once they are almost completely cooked pull the shrimp from the pan and set aside.  Now add in splash of white wine, marinara, artichoke hearts, grated cheese and black pepper.
Continue to sauté until it has all blended together.  If your sauce looks too thick or starts to separate, add in a little bit of chicken stock or water, add in your crab meat and return the shrimp to the pan and remove from the heat.  Do not over mix, it will break up the crab meat, just gently mix it together.
When your steak is done return your scampi to the stove and reheat adding in your butter at this time (always add the butter in at the end of the sauce so you can taste the flavor it imparts). I then placed my finished steak in my sauté pan and spooned the scampi mixture over the steak and topped it with the shredded mozzarella cheese.   It went under the broiler, sauté pan and all until the cheese had melted (if you don’t have all metal pans using a baking dish or pie plate).   Plate up your steak with a spatula, spooning any of your scampi mix that was left in the sauté pan onto your steak .  Garnish with Parsley or Basil and serve immediately!
Now this is a great dish to make for a larger group, you can get a beautiful Tuscan cut porterhouse, say an inch and a half thick or two inches thick ( just grill it slowly, or even finish it up in the oven), two shrimp per person is good and increase your other ingredients proportionally………when you serve it slice your steak down and include some of the topping, and get ready for a lull in the conversation!


  1. From the Kitchen says:

    I'm with you–first thought on Saturday morning–farmers' market and sometimes I just take my coffee along. And, sometimes there are zucchini with blossoms attached. And, oh to have that crab meat!! My first shock in a Chicago fish market was the cost of crab meat. We moved here from Charleston, S.C. where one could take some chicken necks, go out back and get some crab. Before Charleston? Northern Virginia and close to those Maryland Blues!!

    Great recipes today, Chef.


  2. Too much! Too much stuff to comment on! I was going to go all over the blossoms and the cute little squashies with their blossoms, and then I get to the steak WITH scampi. Too much!

  3. Wendy Irene says:

    Reading your blog makes me very hungry…in a fantastic way! I love your reference to Lord of the Rings! What a great movie! 😉 Have a good day!

  4. Betty Ray says:

    Steak scampi, steak scampi, steak scampi – oh what I wouldn't give to have that right now. What a beautiful dish!! Yummy.

  5. Amy Ricks says:

    You had me at "Maryland Blue Crab". Well, you really had me at the farmer's market, squash blossoms, and fruit, but the crab meat really perked me up. As a displaced Baltimorean, not a day goes by that I don't dream of crab. I think I might frame your crab stuffed blossom photo, hang it my home and sigh at it longingly everyday!

  6. Coffeebeans says:

    Dear Chef Dennis,

    Do you really want to get rid of me? Soon in off I'll die here!
    I'm so sorry that I can't have you as a teacher…but I'm glad that I have you as friend!
    Today's recipes are more than I expected. They are wonderful! You did a great job.

  7. Jess @ Bakericious says:

    I am drooling now, eyeing on the Steak Scampi and also, the cute zucchini pop yummy

  8. I agree…this is too much (in a very good way). The blossoms alone were beautiful, but then when you started to talk about crab meat…I floated up and away! Yum. Yum. Yum. I miss all the farmers markets on the East Coast, but thankfully I get to live vicariously through you. If only I could eat vicariously too!

  9. Dionne Baldwin says:

    Once again you make the blossoms look good enough to eat. The scampi looks amazing! And my family is looking over my shoulder telling me repeatedly, "Go back to the pictures! Will you make that please??"

    Nicely done, Chef.

  10. The Cilantropist says:

    Wow, I am truly salivating!!! The blossoms are just adorable and delicious at the same time, and then that scampi looks just to die for. 🙂

  11. the wicked noodle says:

    Hi Chef Dennis!
    I'm quite in awe of your blog! I visit very few blogs these days that have me looking for the subscription button, but yours is too fabulous not to return. Love the recipes, photos, writing…very nice! Thanks for visiting mine and I look forward to continuing to read more.
    (The Wicked Noodle)

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  13. We looked at the photos and both had the same question… What time is dinner? And, what can we bring 🙂 I just wish we were eating some of those incredible squash pops instead of fast food on the way to teach a Social Security class…

  14. Organic Warrior says:

    I think I have a few of those blossoms in may garden-my son didn't know they were edible. Boy is he in for a surprise! Thanks for the batter recipe-now I don't even have to search for one!

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  16. Allie and Pattie says:

    Oh Dennis! Isn't this time of year the best??! I mourn at the ned of Farmer's Market season. We just got back and I'm trying to catch up with my favorite blogs- I think you just gave me dinner for this weekend! Gorgeous!
    xoxo Pattie

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  19. Julie M. says:

    Look at those blossoms! I love how you just breaded the tops. They look absolutely delicious. I'm not a red meat either, but I might be able to make an exception for that steak scampi. Holy moly that looks good. My mouth is watering just from looking at it!

  20. A Thought For Food says:

    Another stunning recipe, Dennis! Those zucchini blossoms are just gorgeous! I hope that you open up a restaurant so all your fans can come visit and you can treat us to some of these delectable looking dishes.

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    This is my first visit to your blog and I had so much fun reading almost all of your posts. And the photo of the shrimp and crab meat scampi is absolutely mouth watering. Bravo!

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    Be well

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    I'm seeing zucchini everywhere! I love it! Great new use for yours 🙂

  44. baking.serendipity says:

    I'm seeing zucchini everywhere! I love it! Great new use for yours 🙂

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  116. Lauren Zabaneh says:

    those little squashes are so dang cute! I would be the same way…must have them! I don't know why lemons are so expensive either. What's the big deal?

  117. Clara Artschwager says:

    Your pictures are amazing! The colors are so bright. What type of camera are you using?

  118. Val and Mani says:

    Good lord these look spectacular! I wish we had a decent farmers' market here in Houston.

    And thank you, thank you for the congrats. I'm glad you enjoyed the post; it means a lot coming from you. We've enjoyed following your blog!

  119. Your creativity is absolutely amazing! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could hop over to your blog…I'm loving it so far!

  120. Well, I am allergic to the crabmeat but I can imagine that it would be marvelous for those who are not. What an idea! Oh and those squash..almost too lovely to eat. Isn't the farmer's market the best??

  121. Food Girl says:

    Those zucchini pops made my mouth water! I need to make them ASAP.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    xoxo Food Girl


  122. This looks amazing! A steak with crab? How can you go wrong?

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